Abner Milton was the victim in Stockbroken (Case #38 of Mysteries of the Past).


Abner had black curly hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt underneath a brown coat with a name tag stating "Abner Milton" and a red designed bow-tie. He also wore a pair of black glasses. Abner was known to play whist and have an ulcer in his stomach.

Murder details

Abner was found in the stock exchange hall with a puncture wound on the chest. Dick confirmed Abner's death by stabbing, and also found traces of chili dog on his suit. As there were no traces of chili dog in the victim's stomach, the coroner concluded that the killer ate chili dogs.

Next to the body, Maddie and the player found a dagger, immediately filing it as the murder weapon. Per Viola, there were traces of amphetamines on the handle, which meant that the killer used amphetamines.

Relationship with suspects

Abner was a pawnbroker for Ezra Bleak, but he quit for stockbroking, leaving him without employees. Investor Easton Belmont hired Abner as his stockbroker, but Abner had recently been placing Easton's money into bad stocks, losing him money. Frederick Wilson also swallowed his pride and tried to hire Abner, but Abner only took the check without working for him. Abner had pushed Deirdre Calhoun's hot dog cart into the streets (where it got rammed by a truck) after she refused to move it, destroying her livelihood. Lady Highmore had lost one of her heirlooms to Abner during a game of whist, and Abner refused to give it back despite her negotiations. Highmore then broke one of his belongings in retaliation.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Easton.

During his confession, Easton accidentally said that he stabbed Abner with a dagger because he had stumbled upon his bank bills. While it was assumed in court that the bank bills were counterfeit, Easton refused to say anything more. He was then sentenced to 25 years in prison by Judge Lawson for the murder and for obstruction of justice.

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