Abel Dreschner was the killer of AgriMeadows employee Christy Cole in A Pointy End (Case #45 of The Conspiracy).


Abel is a 51-year-old warehouse security supervisor working for AgriMeadows, an agribusiness company. He has short, unkempt brown hair and a mustache. He wears a white, open-collared buttoned-down shirt under a brown waistcoat with chest pockets. In his left pocket, he carries a gray calculator, and in his right, he carries a notepad and pen. Furthermore, he sports an AgriMeadows employee pin on his left lapel. It is known that Abel uses eye drops, wears work boots and eats cotton candy.

Height 5'7"
Age 51
Weight 159 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB+

Events of Criminal Case

Abel became a suspect after Gloria and the player learned that the victim worked in his warehouse. After being told about the murder, he explained that Christy was one of the girls responsible for watering the fledgling plants. He then said that they both had their own jobs to do and neither of them asked any questions.

Abel was spoken to again about his disturbing drawing of the victim. He explained that the victim over-watered and over-fertilized the plants, and that despite his instructions, she would not stop. He then revealed that only Julia Brine (the CEO) could fire Christy and he did not want to bother her with the matter.

In the end, it was proven that Abel was Christy's killer. Upon admitting to the murder, Abel said that after the death of Deputy Sherrif Gus McGuff, her fiancé, Christy had started investigating how the corn fields burned and why AgriMeadows was growing a secret stash of corn that could grow on charred soil. When Christy confronted Abel about "the truth about the corn", he filled a syringe with cyanide and injected her in the neck at the office lobby so he could not be the "fall guy". Refusing to disclose AgriMeadows' secret, Abel was sentenced by Judge Powell to 20 years in prison.

Post-trial, Abel was interrogated about AgriMeadows' Protozane-infused corn. When told that Protozane was a mind-altering drug, he told them that he knew the modifications were unethical, but thought they were just company secrets. He then confessed that Julia kept all the corn-related documents in a disguised safe at the headquarters, prompting Gloria and the player to reinvestigate the office.


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