Aaliyah Banks was the victim in Spring Break Massacre (Case #38 of Grimsborough).


Aaliyah was a second year student at the Grimsborough University. She had brown eyes, tanned skin, and medium-length black hair. On top of that, Aaliyah wore a black shirt underneath a kiwi green sweater.

Murder details

The spring breakers partying near the lake found her floating in the lake half-eaten in a pool of blood. Jones and the player then sent her body to Nathan, who found that Aaliyah was knocked out and there was a cut on her leg, leading him to conclude that the death was intentional.

Relationship with suspects

Aaliyah was also campaigning for Prom Queen much like Madison Springer; however, Madison did not really take the competition too seriously. Aaliyah had threatened biology student Michael Fletcher that she would report his piranha experiments to the Dean as she thought he was "playing God". Aaliyah had also participated in environmental protests along Taylor Kirby, who thought that she did not really care for the cause and was just doing it to look good.

Killer and motives

Aaliyah's Prom Queen Campaign.

The killer turned out to be Taylor.

Taylor wanted to raise awareness of pollution in the lake, so she was planning to kill someone during the lake party both to scare the students and to get their attention. She then stole Fletcher's piranhas and transported them to the lake with a cooler. Knowing that Aaliyah only participated in protests to help her chances in getting elected Prom Queen, Taylor called her over and showed her the piranhas to see if she would help with the cause. However, after seeing that she was going to scream for help, Taylor knocked her out, drew blood from her leg, pushed her into the lake, and released the piranhas into the lake. Judge Hall sentenced her to 15 years in jail.

The team eventually found out that Taylor was one of the killers who were hypnotized by Tess Goodwin to kill against their own will by taking advantage of their insecurities.

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