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Beijing, China...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, we've learned that SOMBRA is kidnapping orphans from all over Asia.
Chief Ripley: Their last major operation took place right here, in Beijing. So I want you and Archer to-
Jack (nervously): Uh, Chief? I hate to state the obvious but it's late, and I'm sure even the big bad SOMBRA doesn't work overtime!
Jack (innocently): How about <Name> and I check out the Great Wall before we get down to business? It'd be a shame to come all this way and miss it!
(Chief Ripley facepalms.)
Chief Ripley: Need I remind you that you're on a mission and not a vacation, Archer?
Chief Ripley: But I suppose I could spare you for one evening.
Chief Ripley (demanding): Enjoy the Great Wall, <Name>, but keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you're there!

Chapter 1

Investigate Great Wall.
Jack Archer (facepalming): <Name>, can't we do just one evening of sightseeing without you tripping over a dead body?!
Jack: You don't have to be a genius to figure out that this guy has been suffocated with a plastic bag. That means we've got another murder on our hands!
Jack: Chief Ripley won't be pleased. It feels like every time our investigation into SOMBRA progresses, another murder investigation gets in the way!
Jack (thinking): Anyway, this plastic bag is clearly our murder weapon... What a way to go!
Jack (confused): And well spotted! The victim's missing a glove. That's weird... why would anyone steal a glove?
Jack (proudly): You also picked up the victim's wallet? No doubt that'll give us an ID to work with. Let's look inside!

Examine Wallet.
Jack: What did you find in the victim's wallet, <Name>?
Jack: According to this ID, the victim's name is Fang Cheng. That doesn't ring any bells...
Jack (gladly): But these torn pieces from his wallet should tell us more about this Cheng guy. Let's tape 'em up!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack (wondering):That paper you found in the victim's wallet is from a restaurant nearby...
Jack (jokingly): Knowing the victim ate Peking duck just before his death is hardly a killer lead, <Name>!
Jack (nervously): Oh, you think someone from the restaurant might have been the last person to see him alive?
Jack: Well, according to this receipt, Cheng was served by a waitress named Chieko - and he gave her quite the tip!
Jack (excited): You think it's worth a shot having a chat with Chieko, <Name>? Then let's go!

Ask Tsukada Chieko if she knew the victim.
Jack: Ms Tsukada, <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about an individual you served named Fang Cheng - we've found him murdered!
Chieko: I'm hardly surprised, <Rank> <Name>. Everyone knew Cheng earned his money by dubious means.
Jack (confused): What do you mean by that?
Chieko: Cheng ran a gang of pickpockets. He took in kids and gave them shelter in exchange for the goods they stole from tourists.
Chieko: I'm guessing it was pretty lucrative - he never hesitated to splash the cash!
Chieko: Anyway, I'm afraid there's nothing more I can tell you, <Rank> <Name>. Cheng was just a regular here at the restaurant, I didn't know him on a personal level.
(After talking to Tsukada Chieko)
Jack: You're right, <Name>. Chieko said the victim ate here regularly, so we should take a look around!
Jack (gladly): Anyway, I'm always up for food! Let's investigate the restaurant terrace!

Investigate Restaurant Terrace.
(Jack holds a burnt scorpion on a stick.)
Jack: A scorpion kebab wasn't quite what I envisaged when you suggested we check out the food, <Name>!
Jack: You've been busy grabbing clues while I was ordering? Excuse me for wanting to sample the local cuisine!
(Jack puts the scorpion on a stick down.)
Jack (nervously): But uh, I'll pass on the kebab. So what've you found?
Jack (amazed): Dude! This watch must be worth a fortune!
Jack: There seems to be something written inside the lid. I'll grab your dusting kit so you can recover the writing!
Jack: And check out this old photo! That's our victim, but he looks at least ten years younger!
Jack: I wonder who the kid is... He must be much older by now! Perhaps you can find a match in the database, <Name>!
Jack (confused): But why'd you grab that glove?
Jack (shocked): You're right! The victim was missing a glove when we found his body - and this looks exactly like the one he was still wearing!
Jack (excited): We'd better vacuum up a sample of those petals on the glove - it could be just the clue we need!

Examine Expensive Watch.
Jack (curiously): What does the note on that watch you found say, <Name>?
Jack: The message reads, "To my dear wife Yun, may we continue to prosper." And it was signed by our victim!
Jack (adamantly): We'd better break the news of her husband's death to this Yun, <Name>.

Inform Fang Di Yun of her husband's murder.
Jack: Mrs Fang, I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> is here to inform you that your husband has been murdered.
Yun: My husband is dead?!
Yun: But... who'll fund my shopping trips now? It takes a lot of money to look this classy, <Rank> <Name>!
Yun (crying): I'll never be able to afford the Hollywood smile my dentist promised me!
Jack (confused): You do realize your husband was funding your lifestyle with the proceeds of crime?
Yun: A little pickpocketing never hurt anybody! These tourists can afford to lose a few valuables. Besides, it's all for a good cause - me!
Jack: I think Cheng's victims might disagree. Don't go far, Yun. <Rank> <Name> might want to talk to you again later.

Examine Unknown Kid.
Jack: The kid in that picture with the victim is named Bai Bai... and he's 18 now.
Jack: But that's all we have on him!
(Dupont enters the room.)
Dupont: Luckily, Monsieur Archer, you can determine much from a name alone!
Dupont: Bai Bai's parents were most likely illiterate, suggesting he is from a very poor background.
Dupont: Indeed, the expression "Bai Bai" means "in vain" in Chinese. His parents probably did not see having an infant in such circumstances as a blessing.
(Dupont removes the pocket watch tucked in his vest, only to hold it.)
Dupont: Not only would Bai Bai have been an extra mouth to feed, a strict one-child policy was also enforced in China for many years, requiring parents to pay a fine if they had more than one child.
(Dupont tucks the pocket watch back in his vest.)
Dupont: Parents unable to afford these fines sometimes abandoned their children at a young age.
Dupont: If Bai Bai was photographed with your victim, I imagine this was the case... His only means of survival may have been joining a gang.
Jack: Sounds like the kid had a tough start in life. And I bet it didn't get any easier if he was recruited by Cheng!
Jack (determined): We'd better go ask Bai Bai about his relationship with our victim, <Name>!

Ask Bai Bai about his relationship with the victim.
Jack: Bai Bai, I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> is here to inform you that Fang Cheng has been killed. We gather you'd known him since you were young.
Bai Bai (surprised): Cheng is dead?!
Bai Bai: That means a lot of kids are gonna go hungry tonight. Cheng was the closest thing any of us ever had to a father - even if we did have to steal for him.
Jack: So you were really part of Cheng's gang?
Bai Bai: It was more like a family! It was better than anything I'd had before. Even when my "real" parents were alive, they wanted nothing to do with me. It wasn't like that with Cheng.
Bai Bai: For us street kids, there's nothing more valuable than someone having your back, no matter what you have to do in exchange!
Jack (sternly): Be that as it may, if <Rank> <Name> catches you stealing, we'll have no choice but to place you under arrest. We'll be keeping an eye on you, Bai Bai.

Examine Glove.
Jack (giving praise): You've vacuumed up those petals on the victim's glove, <Name>? Then let's send them to Lars!

Analyze Petals.
(April and June are also present in the lab.)
Lars: <Name>, April and June have a joke for you!
April and June: Knock, knock.
Jack (amused): Who's there?
April and June: Yell.
Jack: Yell who?
(April and June burst into a fit of laughter.)
April and June: Yellow petals! Hahaha! That's what <Name> sent us.
(Jack is confused and does not understand the joke.)
Lars: Okay, girls, you haven't quite perfected your knock knock jokes...
Lars: Anyway, <Name>, these yellow petals on the victim's glove come from the Chrysanthemum flower!
Lars: This type of flower is commonly used in East Asia to make Chrysanthemum tea!
April and June (surely): And as Mommy said the victim hadn't drunk any Ch... Chrys... Chrysanthemum Tea, it must've come from your killer!
Jack: (determined): So, our killer drinks Chrysanthemum tea! Well, you'll soon serve them a steaming hot cup of justice, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
(May is also present in the lab.)
Angela: Hello, <Name>! May has been helping me autopsy your victim. Tell <Name> what you've found, darling.
May (surely): <Name>, I can tell you that your victim was suffocated with a plastic bag!
Jack: Aren't you a little young to be doing this, kiddo? And besides, <Name> had already figured that out...
May (annoyed): I wasn't finished! Your victim was also poisoned before he was killed!
Jack (confused): He was poisoned?!
May: Yes! The victim smoked a cigar poisoned with camphor. It just like Mommy always tells us - smoking kills!
Angela: And that's exactly what I told Daddy and Uncle Jack when I caught them smo-
Jack (embarrassed): So! Camphor poisoning, you say? Why would someone poison the victim if they planned to suffocate them anyway, Angela?
Angela: In large doses, camphor causes lethargy and disorientation. My guess is that the killer poisoned the victim so he couldn't put up a fight!
Angela (surely): But for someone to know this, it means they must have studied traditional Chinese medicine!
Jack: So, our killer knows traditional Chinese medicine! Well, <Name> will soon be prescribing them a hefty prison sentence!

At the restaurant...
Jack: Let's recap, <Name>. We've got a gang leader who was poisoned and then suffocated.
Jack: His wife, Yun, didn't seem too distraught by his murder - she seemed more concerned about the impact on her finances!
Jack: The kid who was part of Cheng's gang of pickpockets, Bai Bai, seemed upset, though. The victim was apparently like a father to him!
Jack: Some kind of family that must have been-
(Sanjay Korrapati butts into the duo's conversation.)
Sanjay: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Fancy seeing you here!
Jack (surprised): Who... Sanjay?! How did you get here from Tibet?!
Sanjay: Sorry, can't stop and chat! There's something happening at the Summer Palace and I've gotta be there. See ya!
(Sanjay runs to the Summer Palace. Jack is still surprised.)
Jack: Kid, wait up!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: Let's recap, <Name>. We've got a gang leader who was poisoned and then suffocated.
Jack: We've met his wife, Yun, and his protégé, Bai Bai. But neither-
(Sanjay Korrapati butts into the duo's conversation.)
Sanjay (excitedly): Hello, <Rank> <Name>! Fancy seeing you here!
Jack (surprised): Who... Sanjay?! How did you get here from Tibet?!
Sanjay: Sorry, can't stop and chat! There's something happening at the Summer Palace and I've gotta be there. See ya!
(Sanjay runs to the Summer Palace. Jack is still surprised.)
Jack: Kid, wait up!
Jack: <Name>, what are the odds of us running into Sanjay here?
Jack: And he's certainly in a better mood than last time we saw him - he was totally devastated by Kesavan's death.
Jack: I wonder what's happening at the Summer Palace for him to be in such a rush?
Jack (impressed): You're right, <Name>! This could be SOMBRA related! We already know they're rounding up kids. What if Sanjay is caught up in it? Let's follow him!

A few moments later, at the Summer Palace...
Jack (annoyed): Darn it, <Name>! We've missed whatever was happening... Nobody's here!
(Jack looks into the distance.)
Jack: At least I can see Sanjay over there. I hope he's not gotten himself into trouble.
Jack (inquiring): What should we do first, <Name>? Look around the Summer Palace, or talk to Sanjay?

Ask Sanjay Korrapati why he's in Beijing.
Jack: Sanjay, there you are! You ran straight past us earlier.
Sanjay: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>! Isn't it a lovely evening? It's just perfect for some chrysanthemum tea!
Jack (nervously): Uh, I guess. You've certainly cheered up since we saw you in Tibet. You were all alone without Kesa... I mean... You were pretty sad.
Sanjay: It's okay, you can say his name, <Rank> <Name>. I was sad after Kesavan died, but that's life! You have to pick yourself up and move on!
Jack (inquiring): Okay... Changing the subject... What were you doing at the Summer Palace?
(A bead of sweat drips from Sanjay's forehead.)
Sanjay: All us kids were supposed to gather there, but I arrived too late! I hope I didn't let the team down.
Jack: That "team" wouldn't have something to do with a guy named Fang Cheng, would it? 'Cause we found him murdered.
Sanjay (laughing): Another murder? Boy, they sure seem to follow you around, <Rank> <Name>!
Sanjay: I don't know anything about a guy named Cheng, though. But best of luck in your investigation!

Investigate Marble Boat.
Jack (interested): This paper you picked up is some kind of release warrant. And that's our victim's photo, <Name>!
Jack: I guess the long arm of the law caught up with Cheng after all... But I wonder why he was released. Only one way to find out - let's recover the faded info!
Jack: You also grabbed a wooden box, but it's locked? Then you'd better decipher the code, <Name>!

Examine Release Warrant.
Jack: According to this warrant, Cheng only spent 24 hours in prison. Then he was released due to lack of evidence.
Jack (excited): His release was authorized by some official named Hei Qian. Let's find out what he knows about our victim, <Name>!

Question Hei Qian about the release warrant.
(Qian is seen holding a cup of chrysanthemum tea.)
Qian: Good evening, <Rank> <Name>. Can I interest you in some chrysanthemum tea?
Jack: Let's cut to the chase, Mr Hei. You signed a release warrant approving Fang Cheng's release from prison after just 24 hours - why?
(Qian puts down the cup of tea and holds a cigar instead.)
Qian (sweating): It's like it says on the warrant, <Rank> <Name>. We didn't have enough evidence to press charges!
Qian: Truth be told, we've been trying to nail Cheng for years. But he's always too crafty for us!
Jack: The only thing anyone will be nailing now is his coffin - he's been murdered!
Qian (surprised): Cheng's been murdered?!
(Qian places the cigar in his mouth.)
Qian: Well, that's one less criminal for the police to worry about, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Locked Box.
Jack: That box you unlocked is actually a cigar box!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! We know our victim smoked a poisoned cigar just before his murder! Let's send this box to Lars before our killer goes up in a puff of smoke!

Analyze Box of Cigars.
Jack (smiling): Dude, what can you tell us about the cigars <Name> sent you?
Lars (confidently): These are the cigars which were used to poison your victim! They've been stuffed with a large amount of camphor - enough to disorient a small horse!
(May appears in the room and makes puppy eyes.)
May: Did somebody mention a horse? Are we getting a horse, daddy? Pleeeease tell me we're getting a horse!
Lars: I... uh... Ask your Mommy. Anyway, <Name>, the cigars themselves didn't tell us anything new...
Lars: But I did find a weird bamboo fragment hidden in the box! I couldn't decipher the Chinese characters, but luckily for us, Dupont speaks every language under the sun!
(Jack places his hand to his forehead.)
Jack: Couldn't you have just used an online dictionary-
(Armand enters the room.)
Dupont (confidently): Bonjour, <Name>! This bamboo fragment actually comes from a fan. The characters literally translate into "supreme ultimate fist," - more commonly known as Tai Chi Quan.
Dupont (touching his mustache): Thought to have originated in the 13th century, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced by young and old alike. Personally, I find it gives me a certain vigor in the-
Jack (sweating): Spare us the details, Dupont!
Dupont: As you wish, Monsieur Archer. Anyway, thanks to this fragment, I can confirm that your killer practices Tai Chi!
Jack (excitedly): So, our killer practices Tai Chi! They'll definitely need some good self-defense in front of the judge, <Name>!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack (hand to his forehead): <Name>, we've made no progress in solving this murder!
Jack: It feels like we hardly know anything about our victim, except that he had a gang of pickpockets. We need more leads!
Jack (excitedly): You think we should go back to the restaurant terrace, <Name>? Well, we know the victim went there regularly... Let's go!

Investigate Food Stall.
Jack: You've grabbed some torn paper, <Name>? You know what I'm going to say... Get taping it up!
Jack (nervously): Is that blood on the belt you found?! You'd better collect a sample so we can figure out who it belongs to, quick!

Examine Bloody Belt.
Jack (proudly): You've collected a sample of that blood on the belt you found, <Name>? Let's put it under the microscope!

Examine Blood.
Jack (shocked): According to the microscope report, the blood on the belt belongs to Bai Bai?!
Jack: I wonder how Bai Bai's blood ended up all over this belt... Let's go ask him!

Ask Bai Bai about his blood on the belt.
Jack: Bai Bai, <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you about this belt we found. How did your blood end up on it?
Bai Bai: There'e one condition of being in Cheng's gang, <Rank> <Name>. It's that you hand over everything you steal, to earn your keep.
Bai Bai: But... Cheng discovered that I'd been keeping some of it for myself!
Bai Bai: I was making chrysanthemum tea for Yun and the other kids one night, when Cheng came in... I knew immediately that he'd found out.
(Bai Bai starts crying about the memory.)
Bai Bai: I tried to use the few Tai Chi moves I know to protect myself, but he beat me with his belt until I could barely walk.
Jack: He beat you with his belt? That's terrible, Bai Bai...
Bai Bai: I applied Jianghuang every day to heal the wounds, but I still have the scars all over my back.
Bai Bai (infuriated): I'm glad Cheng's dead, <Rank> <Name>! He lures kids in on the pretense of caring about them, but all he ever really cared about was money!
Jack: Nobody should suffer like you did, Bai Bai. But nothing excuses murder, and <Rank> <Name> will get to the bottom of this crime!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: This newspaper article shows Cheng distracting a tourist while some kid picks his pockets!
Jack: This could be our chance to learn about Cheng's gang... But the text is all in Chinese!
Jack: We're going to have to send the article to Dupont, aren't we? Fine. Let's hope he doesn't ramble on for ages...

Analyze Newspaper Article.
Jack (inquiring): What can you tell us about the newspaper article <Name> sent you, Dupont?
Dupont: Eh bien! The article mostly just details the activities of Cheng's gang.
Dupont: However, it also includes a list of the known members of Cheng's gang. Bai Bai is on there, unsurprisingly, but there was also another name you're familiar with, <Name>...
Dupont (firmly): A certain Miss Tsukada, and her younger brother, Hiroshi!
Jack (annoyed): What?! Chieko conveniently forgot to mention that she was part of Cheng's little organization when we first questioned her.
Dupont: I had Elliot do a little digging, and he discovered that Chieko and Hiroshi are actually orphans from Japan.
Dupont: Their parents were killed in a car accident during a trip to China when Chieko was just ten, and they have remained here ever since.
Jack: You're right, <Name>. It sounds like Chieko's had a pretty tough life. We need to have another talk with her.

Question Tsukada Chieko about being in Cheng's gang.
Jack: Chieko, you didn't tell us you were part of Cheng's gang when we first spoke to you! Is your brother still working for him?
Chieko: No, he disappeared a while back... That's why I left the gang.
Jack (pondering): Your brother disappeared? What happened to him?
Chieko: That's none of your business. And I'd appreciate it if you stopped harassing me at work - you're scaring off my clients!
Chieko: I've worked hard to go straight. My waitressing job doesn't pay much, but it's more honorable than stealing. I even offer traditional Chinese medicine consultations in my free time to make ends meet!
Chieko: Juggling two jobs is stressful, but practicing Tai Chi helps me relax. And it distracts me from worrying about my brother.
Jack: It's too bad you don't trust us, Chieko. But let's hope you didn't kill Cheng, because if you did, <Rank> <Name> will find out!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: I don't know what to make of this case, <Name>.
Jack (cluelessly): Most of our suspects seem to be messed-up kids!
Jack: Sanjay actually seems okay, which is surprising, given everything he went through in Tibet...
Jack: Then there's Chieko. She's an orphan, and now she's lost her brother too! Could our victim have had something to do with it?
Jack: And what about Bai Bai? He clearly suffered at Cheng's hands. That's a pretty good motive to kill-
(Ingrid walks into the room.)
Ingrid (in confusion): <Rank> <Name>, whose bad side are you on now?!
Jack (confused): What are you talking about, Ingrid?
(Ingrid is now furious.)
Ingrid: The Beijing police have demanded that we cease our investigation and hand over all our evidence by the end of the day!
Jack (shocked): They want us to drop our investigation?!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: I don't know what to make of this case, <Name>. There's no end to the number of enemies a gang leader like Cheng could've made-
(Ingrid walks into the room.)
Ingrid (in confusion): <Rank> <Name>, whose bad side are you on now?!
Jack (confused): What are you talking about Ingrid?
(Ingrid is now furious.)
Ingrid: The Beijing police have demanded that we cease our investigation and hand over all our evidence by the end of the day!
Jack (shocked): The Beijing police?! But we haven't-
Ingrid: I don't want to hear any excuses, Archer. You need to wrap up this investigation, NOW!
Jack (panicking): What are we going to do, <Name>? We still have no idea who could've murdered Cheng!
Jack: You're right. We never figured out what was going on with Sanjay and the kids gathering at the Summer Palace. For all we know, it could be linked to our murder! Let's go back!

Investigate Water's Edge.
Jack: Quick, <Name>, we might not have much time before the Beijing police seize our evidence! What've you found?
Jack: A box? There's no time to lose - let's rummage through it!
Jack (confused): And that necklace is pretty fancy! Why would someone leave something so valuable lying around?
Jack: But well spotted - there's some hair on the necklace! I'll let you collect a sample.
Jack: And check out this bottle! I have no idea what it contains, but I bet it cost a few bucks.
Jack (smiling): If I sold all the clues we'd found so far, I'd be a rich man, <Name>!
Jack: Sorry, sorry. Anyway, you're right! There's a tag on the bottle! Good thing I've always got your dusting kit on hand.
Jack (determined): We need to solve this murder as quickly as possible, <Name>, so let's get cracking!

Examine Trinket Box.
Jack (confused): There was a... stone in that box you picked up, <Name>? That seems kinda out of place among these trinkets.
Jack: And there's something engraved on it! It reads, "Cheng, never forget where we came from." And it was signed by Yun!
Jack: When we spoke to her earlier, it seemed she was only interested in one thing - Cheng's money! But this message suggests otherwise... Let's talk to Yun!

Ask Fang Di Yun about the message to the victim.
Jack: Yun, can you explain the engraving on this stone <Rank> <Name> found?
Yun: This stone had special significance for Cheng and I. We were so poor when we were young, we didn't even have toys! We had to make do with skipping stones across the water by the Summer Palace.
Jack: Aww, how sweet! So that's why you wrote, "Never forget where we came from." You wanted to remind Cheng that money didn't matter because you had each other.
Yun: Ha! Don't be ridiculous. I wanted to remind him how terrible it was to be poor!
Yun (angry): Cheng was threatening everything we'd worked for with his recklessness! Everyone in Beijing knew about his crimes!
Yun: I won't give up being rich without a fight, <Rank> <Name>. There are certain necessities a woman needs, like my personal Tai Chi trainer!
Yun (panicking): Not to mention those frankincense oil massages I get to boost my circulation! I simply couldn't live without them! I love this lifestyle too much to see it torn apart!
Jack: Well, if <Rank> <Name> discovers that you murdered Cheng to avoid your criminal empire being brought down, then we'll be taking you down!

Examine Necklace.
Jack: Good job collecting a sample of that hair from the necklace you picked up, <Name>! Let's look for a match in the database, quick!

Examine Hair.
Jack (shocked): The hair on that necklace you found belongs to Sanjay?!
Jack: There's no way Sanjay could've afforded a necklace like that - he must've stolen it!
Jack: I know he said he wasn't part of Cheng's gang, but somehow, I don't believe him. Let's go question Sanjay again!

Question Sanjay Korrapati about the fancy necklace.
Jack: Sanjay, how did this necklace come into your possession? Did you steal it for Cheng?
Sanjay (sweating): Oh... Where did you find that, <Rank> <Name>?
Sanjay (angry): Alright - I admit it! I stole the necklace. A kid's gotta make a living! But it wasn't for Cheng!
Sanjay: Cheng just saw me steal the necklace... And said he could use skills like mine in his gang!
Sanjay (smiling): But I'd already had a better offer. I've got a brighter future than being a petty criminal, <Rank> <Name>! I can be useful!
Jack: Let's hope your brighter future isn't tainted by a murder conviction, Sanjay.

Examine Fancy Bottle.
Jack: The tag attached to that bottle you found reads, "Consider this payment" - and its signed by our victim!
Jack (confused): But it's not addressed to anyone! How are we supposed to figure out who this "payment" was for?!
Jack: You want to send the bottle to Lars? Well, he should be able to tell us what it contains, at least. Let's do this!

Analyze Bottle Tag.
Jack: What can you tell us about the bottle <Name> sent you, bro?
Lars: Well, the bottle contained a rather expensive Cognac...
Lars: But there was nothing on it which could've given me more information about the recipient!
Lars: (thinking) Dupont seemed to have an idea, though. So I passed the bottle on to him. You'll find him in his office, <Name>!

In Dupont's office...
Jack: Dupont, Lars said you had something to tell us about that Cognac bottle <Name> found?
(Dupont is holding a glass of Cognac.)
Dupont: <Name>! I didn't expect you so soon.
Jack (surprised): Is that our evidence you're drinking?!
Dupont (embarrassed): This Cognac is simply too good to waste, <Name>! I thought a little tipple... ou trois... wouldn't hurt...
Jack (facepalm): Tell me you've at least figured out who the bottle was meant for, rather than just getting drunk!
Dupont (shocked): Drunk! Please, Monsieur Archer, I am merely tipsy! C'est tout.
Dupont: And I can tell you that, despite an extensive government crackdown on corruption, expensive Cognac is often used to bribe officials in China.
Dupont: Cheng must've meant this bottle for someone in a position of power!
Jack (determined): Someone like a government official, maybe? If Mr. Hei was taking bribes from our victim, I bet he was also behind the police trying to stop our investigation! We need to question him, NOW!

Question Hei Qian about the bribe Cheng offered to him.
Qian (sweating): <Rank> <Name>! What a surprise to see you still here...
Jack: Would that be because you instructed the police to halt our investigation?
Jack (angry): Perhaps we should've brought you a bottle of Cognac as a bribe, just like Cheng did! What was he offering you "payment" for?
Qian: Okay, you got me, <Rank> <Name>! Maybe I turned a blind eye to his dealings in exchange for a new gift!
Qian: But really, Cheng was doing those kids a favor! He gave them and food - all they had to do was a little work in exchange!
Qian: Now please stop bothering me, <Rank> <Name>' you're raising my blood pressure with your pesky questions! I already have to take Danshen and practice Tai Chi every every morning to keep it under control.
Jack: There's no way <Rank> <Name> will give up on catching a killer. And if we discover you killed Cheng, the only Tai Chi you'll be doing is in a prison yard!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack (worried): We've gotta get to the bottom of this, <Name>!
Jack: We have quite the line-up of suspects. There's the victim's wife, who thought Cheng was putting her luxurious lifestyle at risk...
Jack: Then there's Sanjay. He hardly seems capable of murder, but I can't stop wondering what the "better offer" he mentioned was.
Jack (wondering): Could a rival gang have ordered him to kill Cheng as some sort of initiation?
Jack: And what about Hei Qian? He obviously didn't see anything wrong with taking bribes from the victim. Maybe their dodgey deal went sour!
Jack (fist clenched): You're right, <Name>. If we want to wrap this up, we should head to the scene of the crime - the Great Wall!

Investigate Stairs.
Jack: That cellphone you picked up is locked, but I know you'll crack it in seconds, <Name>!
Jack (pointing to his watch): And you want to look through that box of junk? Then get sifting - there's not a moment to lose!

Examine Cellphone.
Jack (surprised): Look at all these video files you unlocked, <Name>! They're all from the Great Wall...
Jack: You think someone might've gotten our killer on tape, <Name>? Well, there's no time to waste - let's send the phone to Elliot!

Analyze Cellphone.
Jack: Tell us you whiz kid skills found something on that phone which will help <Name> catch this killer, Elliot!
Elliot: Easier said than done with a keyboard full of sticky keys!
Elliot (scratching his head): The triplets have been running riot in the office! One of them spilled their orange juice all over my laptop!
Elliot: Luckily I managed to keep the phone you sent me out of their grasp. It was obviously dropped by a tourist visiting the Great Wall.
Elliot (yawning): Why anyone felt the need to film several hours of bricks, I don't know. But I sat through all of it for you, <Name>...
Elliot (excited): And I found a partial video image of someone carrying a plastic bag not far from your crime scene, just moment before the murder!
Elliot: Unfortunately, the individual was stuck in a crowd of people trying to leave before closing time, so the owner of the phone didn't get a shot of their face...
Elliot: But I did determine one distinguishing feature from the footage - your killer was wearing a dragon brooch!
Jack: So our killer wears a dragon brooch! You'll soon have them pinned down, <Name>!

Examine Box of Junk.
Jack (confused): You found a... tool in the box of junk, <Name>? Why'd you picked that up? Angela didn't say our victim was missing any teeth!
Jack (pointing to his watch): You're right, sorry, there's no time to speculate - let's send the tooth to Lars!

Analyze Tooth.
May (crying): But Daddyyyy, it's... not... faiiiiir!
Lars (serious): May, you cannot steal things from the lab!
Jack: I sense we've come at a bad time, <Name>...
Lars: <Name>, I'm sorry for the commotion, but I caught May trying to pocket the tooth you sent me!
Jack (confused): What the heck would you want with a tooth, May?
May: Do you know what the going rate is for a tooth, Uncle Jack? The tooth fairy pays out almost three dollars these days!
Jack: Three dollars? Talk about inflation!
Jack: Anyway, what can you tell us about the tooth, bro?
Lars: Well, the wifey confirmed that your victim had a full set of gnashers... But as the root of the tooth was missing, I couldn't get enough DNA to determine the owner.
Lars: However, I discovered your victim's DNA on the surface of the tooth!
Lars: So the victim must've knocked it out during the struggle with his killer!
Jack: Which means the tooth comes from our killer!
Jack (determined): So, our killer is missing a tooth! They'll also be missing their freedom once you have them behind bars, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: This is it, <Name>. You've collected all the evidence you need to arrest Fang Cheng's killer! Grab your handcuffs, and let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Fang Di Yun, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Fang Cheng. Why would you kill your own husband?
Yun (smirking): Why indeed? Cheng was my only source of income!
Jack: Then why did <Rank> <Name> find part of your Tai Chi fan in the box of cigars used to poison him?
Yun: You're in China, <Rank> <Name>. Everybody practices Tai Chi!
Jack: Come on, Yun. What about the fact your dragon brooch was caught on film at the scene of the crime?
Yun (sweating): The dragon is a good luck symbol in Chinese culture - you can buy those brooches anywhere!
Jack (fist clenched angrily): Quit lying! We also found your tooth which Cheng knocked out when he tried to fight you off! Why'd you do it, Yun? Did he stop bankrolling your shopping trips?
Yun (pleading): You don't understand anything, <Rank> <Name>. I did it for the children!
Yun: When Cheng and I first set up the gang, all I cared about was the money. I told myself that the kids benefitted as much as we did - that giving them food and shelter made up for the stealing.
Yun: I mean, it wasn't so long ago that Cheng and I were children ourselves, doing everything we could to survive. I know how hard it is to grow up on the streets, <Rank> <Name>.
Yun: But as the years went by, Cheng became increasingly brutal with the kids when they displeased him.
Yun (angry): When I learned what he'd done to Bai Bai... How he'd nearly beat him to death... I couldn't take it! I had to protect the children - even if it meant killing my husband!
Jack: I understand wanting to protect the kids, but two wrongs never make a right, Yun. You're under arrest for the murder of Fang Cheng!

Judge Adaku: Fang Di Yun, you stand accused of murdering your husband, Fang Cheng. How do you plead?
Yun (pleading): Guilty, Your Honor! But I only did it to protect the children!
Yun: I tried to talk some sense into Cheng - to convince him the children didn't deserve to be exploited and beaten, but it was useless!
Judge Adaku: Regardless, you were still complicit in luring numerous children into a life of crime, Mrs Fang.
Judge Adaku: And worse still, you dispensed your own justice by taking a man's life.
Judge Adaku: I've seen too many children exploited by unscrupulous adults during my years as a judge. There is never any excuse for it...
Judge Adaku: And nor is there for murder. The International Court hereby sentences you to ten years in prison!
Yun (angry): So be it! Ten years is a small price to pay for knowing that Cheng can't hurt anyone else!

Chief Ripley: Congratulations on putting Fang Cheng's killer behind bars, <Rank> <Name>.
Chief Ripley: It seems like children really have it tough around her, what with ruthless gang leaders recruiting them on one hand and SOMBRA kidnapping them on the other!
Chief Ripley: We know that SOMBRA's last major operation took place right here in Beijing. It's not hard to see why a big city like this would be a prime target... There's desperate children on every corner!
Chief Ripley: But what we need to figure out now is what SOMBRA intends to do with these children.
Chief Ripley: It'll be hard work, <Name>, but the future of a generation depends on you! You need to keep investigating!

Innocence Lost (3/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, you've done a good job discovering that SOMBRA is rounding up orphans from all over Asia...
Chief Ripley: But now you need to find out why! We know Beijing is a hotspot for their villainous activities-
(Carmen enters the room.)
Carmen: <Name>, Jack has just brought me up to speed on your investigation - I can't believe Sanjay's here in Beijing!
Carmen (scratching her head): What with SOMBRA targeting orphans, I want to see for myself that Sanjay's okay.
Chief Ripley: Going back to SOMBRA-
(Ingrid enters the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>, there's also a certain Chieko waiting to talk to you in the interrogation room. She says it's urgent!
Chief Ripley (hand on her forehead): <Name>, you'd better take care of these kids before tackling SOMBRA. Check up on Sanjay with Carmen, and find out what Chieko wants!

See what Chieko wants.
Chieko: I'm glad you agreed to see me, <Rank> <Name>. I saw how you refused to give up on finding Fang Cheng's killer, and I realized you can be trusted!
Chieko (pleading): So I'm here to ask for your help in finding my brother, Hiroshi!
Chieko: Before he left Cheng's gang, he told me some organization had taken an interest in him.
Chieko (thinking): He said the organization was offering orphans a brighter future. I figured it was some rival gang filling his head with pipe dreams, so I told him to ignore it.
Chieko (crying): We argued about it, and the next thing I knew, he was gone!
Chieko: I'm desperate to find Hiroshi again, but I don't know how. I don't even know the name of the organization which took him!
Jack: Don't worry, Chieko. <Rank> <Name> will do their best to find out what happened to your brother.
Chieko (pleading): Thank you, <Rank> <Name>. And please, take this money I saved from waitressing to help finance your investigation.

Jack (thinking): I don't like the sound of this organization Chieko mentioned, <Name>.
Jack: We already know SOMBRA operates in these parts and I dread to think what could've happened to her brother if they've gotten ahold of him...
Jack (pointing to his watch): Good thinking, <Name>. We know there was some kind of gathering at the Summer Palace earlier! What if it was SOMBRA rounding up more kids? Let's head there, quick!

Investigate Marble Boat.
Jack (confused): You've picked up some kind of student admission form, <Name>?
Jack: Whatever it was for, the applicant was clearly rejected! And I agree... It can't hurt to recover the faded information. Let's get dusting!

Examine Recruitment Form.
Jack: Let's see who this admission form belongs to...
Jack: Wait, that's weird! There's no name - just an applicant number!
Jack: And besides, what kind of admission form asks whether an applicant's parents are alive or dead?!
Jack: You're right, this form might be linked to Chieko's brother! Let's see if Elliot can figure out who it belongs to!

Analyze Form Answers.
Jack: Did you manage to establish the owner of the admission form, Elliot? Did it belong to Hiroshi?
Elliot: When have I ever let you down, <Name>? The fingerprints on the form belonged to Bai Bai!
Jack (shocked): Bai Bai? You mean that kid who was part of Cheng's gang? Did you figure out what he was applying for?
Elliot: That's where things get interesting I put the form under a black light...
Elliot: And discovered it had a SOMBRA watermark!
Jack (surprised): What?! So SOMBRA's been handing out these forms to orphans?
Jack (fist clenched): We need to see if Bai Bai can tell us more about this, NOW!

Ask Bai Bai about the SOMBRA admission form.
Jack: Bai Bai, can you tell us about this admission form <Rank> <Name> found? What were you applying for?
Bai Bai: Oh, you found that. I don't know exactly what the program was, and I don't care. They rejected me!
Jack: You applied for something you knew nothing about?
Bai Bai: I'd heard the other kids talking about some program for orphans. They claimed the organization was offering a brighter future.
Bai Bai (saddened): You can't blame me for applying, <Rank> <Name>! I was desperate to escape Cheng's gang!
Bai Bai (crying): But the organization said I was too old! I begged them to reconsider, but they escorted the successful applicants to the Great Wall and left me behind.
Jack: I know it's hard to believe, but you've might've had a lucky escape, Bai Bai. Now please, let <Rank> <Name> treat us all to a burger to thank you for your help.

Jack (worried): So it appears SOMBRA aren't kidnapping kids - they're recruiting them! But for what purpose?
Jack: And how is this connected to Chieko's brother?
Jack (fist clenched): You're right, <Name>. Bai Bai mentioned that SOMBRA takes the successful recruits to the Great Wall. We've gotta get there and see if we can find out more, STAT!

Investigate Great Wall. 
Jack: This tablet you found is password protected, <Name>... But nobody deciphers these things like you! Let's do this!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jack: What does it say on that tablet, <Name>?
Jack: It's some kind of criteria list for applicants! "Cooperative, impressionable, loyal..."
Jack: These must be admission criteria for the SOMBRA program Bai Bai told us about!
Jack: This could be the perfect opportunity to learn more about what SOMBRA's looking for in the children they're recruiting!
Jack: Good idea, let's send the list to Marina to see if she can establish some kind of profile!

Analyze Tablet.
Marina: The criteria list for SOMBRA's recruitment program doesn't tell us much by itself, <Name>.
Marina: However, considered alongside the fact SOMBRA only recruits orphans...
Marina: And the fact that, judging from what Bai Bai said, they're only interested in children of a young age...
Marina: It shows that SOMBRA's specifically looking for candidates who'll grow up to believe in their ideology, and not question their motives.
Marina: To put it simply, SOMBRA appear to be looking for kids who can be easily brainwashed to believe that their goals are good.
Jack: So SOMBRA might be making an army of robots?! Should we be looking for kids who just repeats "SOMBRA" all the time?
Marina (worried): It's more insidious than that, I'm afraid. Brainwashed kids would appear normal, except for the fact they'd be entirely loyal to SOMBRA.
Jack: This doesn't bode well for Chieko's brother, <Name>. Even if we can't be sure he was recruited by SOMBRA, we have to tell her about this...

Inform Chieko about SOMBRA.
Jack: Chieko, I'm sorry to tell you this but we believe your brother has probably been taken in by a major criminal organization.
Chieko (saddened): So it's as I thought... The "brighter future" they promised him was just a scam!
Chieko: But it makes no sense, the worst crime Hiroshi ever committed was pickpocketing for Cheng. He wouldn't join a bunch of hardened criminals!
Jack: Unfortunately, we think that... the organization is... brainwashing the children to follow their criminal ideals. I'm sorry, Chieko.
Chieko (shocked): My brother has been brainwashed?! Then he needs rescuing now more than ever!
Chieko (crying): But I've already done everything I can to find him! I even got a tip-off that he was in Seoul, but when I went, he was nowhere to be found!
Chieko: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>. I need to compose myself. I appreciate that you tried, so please, take this leftover from my pickpocketing days. Perhaps you can put it to good use.

Check up on Sanjay.
Carmen: Hello, Sanjay. It's nice to see you looking so well, but we're concerned about you. There are a lot of dangerous people around...
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> could help you if you're in trouble, you know.
Sanjay: I don't need your help. That would be weak, <Rank> <Name>.
Sanjay (smiling): And I'm not weak! I make sure that I do my duty and contribute!
Sanjay: I come to the restaurant every day and make myself useful! It's important to be useful, <Rank> <Name>.
Carmen: Alright... that sounds... good, I guess. But we're here if you need us, Sanjay - let's keep in touch.

Carmen (concerned): <Name>. I thought talking to Sanjay would put my mind at rest, but it's done nothing to ease my concerns!
Carmen: He's become weirdly obsessed with making himself useful - but he's only a kid! I won't rest until we've figured out what's going on with him.
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. Sanjay did mention coming to the restaurant every day - we should take a look around!

Investigate Restaurant Terrace.
Carmen: You've picked up a broken DVD, <Name>? Let's piece it back together!

Examine Broken DVD. 
Carmen (thinking): Look at the label on this DVD, <Name>. It reads, "Security footage #362: Restaurant terrace."
Carmen: Good thinking! This footage could shed some light on what Sanjay has been doing at the restaurant! Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze Security Cam DVD.
Carmen: Kiddo, what can you tell us about that security footage from the restaurant <Name> sent you?
Elliot: I can do better than tell you - I can show you! Take a look at this recording, <Name>.

Start of footage...
Sanjay: Excuse me, sir. I didn't mean to bump into you.
Ronin: That's quite alright, young man. Just remember - be a good kid and keep doing your duty.
Sanjay: I will be a good kid ad keep doing my duty, sir.
Ronin: Then you will have a bright future ahead of you. Now, run along.
Sanjay: Yes, sir. I will have a bright future.

End of footage...
Carmen (shocked): That guy Sanjay's talking to is Ronin Ozawa, <Name>!
Carmen (angry): We met him in Yunnan... And we're pretty sure he's the SOMBRA contact Warren Goodfellow mentioned!
Carmen: This is worse than I could've imagined. The poor kid's already been through so much.

Carmen (determined): We need to talk to Sanjay about this Ronin guy, <Name>. I won't stop until we get to the bottom of this!

Ask Sanjay about the encounter with Ronin.
Carmen: Sanjay, <Rank> <Name> found this footage of you talking to a certain Ronin Ozawa.
Carmen: We believe he's bad news, Sanjay. You should steer clear of him.
Sanjay: You worry too much, <Rank> <Name>! He was just some random guy that I bumped into. I never saw him again after that!
Sanjay: Anyway, it's like I said earlier - I've got a bright future ahead of me! I won't let anything interfere with that. Not even you, <Rank> <Name>.
Sanjay (smiling): Now if you'll excuse me, I'm hitting the road again. Beijing just isn't for me... I have a feeling I'll find my brighter future in Seoul!
Carmen (surprised): You're leaving?
Carmen (concerned): Well, we can't stop you... But please take care, Sanjay. It's a dangerous world out there, and you're still just a kid!

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley (concerned): <Name>, our investigation into SOMBRA has taken another sinister turn. Not only are SOMBRA recruiting orphans...
Chief Ripley: Going by Marina's analysis, they might also be brainwashing them!
Carmen: Brainwashing them? Wait, <Name>, remember how Ronin kept telling Sanjay to make himself useful and do his duty in that video Elliot showed us?
Carmen: Could Sanjay's weird behavior be because he's been brainwashed?
Carmen (worried): I'm desperately worried about Sanjay, <Name>. But we can hardly keep an eye on him if he's off to Seoul!
Jack (thinking): Seoul, you say? That's weird. Cheek also told us that she'd had a tip-off that's where her brother might be.
Carmen: <Name>, what if that's the next step in SOMBRA's grand scheme? What if they're taking the kids to Seoul?
Chief Ripley: If there's even the slightest chance that SOMBRA is taking these children to South Korea, then we have to investigate. <Name>, we're putting you on the next flight to Seoul!

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