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Previously, on Criminal Case...
Amy Young: <Name>, there's a rogue time traveler who sabotaged our time machine back in Egypt, and we've been unable to return home ever since!
Amy: We tried contacting Chief Scott in 2029 for help, but no one came to our rescue.
Amy: Now, the only thing that'll show us how to fix our time machine so we can get back to the present is a treatise on time travel written by Leonardo da Vinci!
Jack: We tried to find this treatise in the 1960s, but the pages we needed were missing. They must've been torn out by the saboteur!
Amy: At least Kai was able to modify our time circuits so we can travel back in time, if not forward.
Amy: This means we can go to the Renaissance and get help from Da Vinci himself!
Amy: History states that the Italian genius was living in France in 1515, under the employ of the king, so that's where we've got to travel to!
Jack: I gotta say, meeting Da Vinci in person sounds pretty cool! Not to mention Renaissance kings and queens... and musketeers!
Amy: Well, <Name>, for now you need to hold on tight, because we're lifting off in 3...2...1...

In 1515...
Nebet: Wow, <Name>, the air is so fresh in the Renaissance compared to the 1960s!
Amy: <Name>, the air may be fresh, but... I think we miscalculated a bit! We've landed in England!
Nebet: But Leonardo da Vinci, the man we're after, was said to be living in France at the time, wasn't he?
Amy: I know! And now we'll need to wait for our machine to recharge after our time jump before we can travel anywhere else!
Nebet: <Name>, I have been studying up on Renaissance history. This country of England - it has a king, yes?
Orlando: Indeed! And not just any king! We've arrived in the heyday of Tudor England, and Henry VIII sits on the throne.
Orlando: Henry's infamous for being a pig-headed tyrant who loved to have his wives beheaded! He had six wives in total, but for now he's still married to his first - Catherine of Aragon!
(Orlando leaves.)
Nebet: He sounds almost as bloodthirsty as some of our Egyptian pharaohs!
Nebet: <Name>, do you hear someone screaming "murder"? We need to find out what's happening!
Amy: Yes, but you'd better get changed into period-appropriate clothes before you investigate! And be careful, <Name>!

A few minutes later...
(Nebet is seen wearing a Swiss guard uniform throughout the case.)
Nebet: <Name>, Orlando's dressed us up as "Swiss Guards," peacekeepers of the Catholic Church. Europe is mostly Catholic in 1515, so they were respected everywhere.
Nebet: Anyway, I think those screams of murder were coming from around here.
Peasant: Guards! Help! A great calamity has befallen us! At the royal palace!
Peasant: 'Tis Queen Catherine. She's been murdered!
Nebet: What? But Catherine wasn't meant to die like this-
Nebet: I mean, she was too young, wasn't she?
Peasant: Our poor queen! Found dead in the throne room! And the King's off hunting and don't even know yet! The Lord save us!
Nebet: Fear not, good sir! We shall go up to the palace at once and find out what happened to Queen Catherine!

Chapter 1

Investigate Throne Room.
Nebet: <Name>, the queen's face has been split apart like a rotten pomegranate! She's definitely dead!
Nebet: Who would dare to kill a queen, and so violently?!
Nebet: <Name>, it seems that dark deeds happen in the most opulent of places, no matter the time period. Let's get Catherine's body straight to Janis!
Nebet: And we're going to need leads if we're to solve this murder! Perhaps stitching this tapestry back together will give us one!

Examine Torn Tapestry.
Nebet: <Name>, this tapestry is labeled "The Hunt at Bushy Park"...
Nebet: And it's true, that person looks a lot like King Henry VIII, based on the portraits Orlando showed us!
Nebet: That peasant we bumped into told us the king was off hunting. Maybe he's in this Bushy Park!
Nebet: King Henry was known for getting his wives killed... do you think he might have had something to do with the queen's death?
Nebet: Whatever the case, we'd better find King Henry and break the bad news to him.

Inform King Henry VIII of the death of the queen.
Nebet: Your Royal Highness? We-
Henry: BLAST! You just ruined one's perfect shot at a deer!
Nebet: Apologies, Your Grace, but we are here to inform you that the Queen is dead. She has been murdered!
Henry: WHAT? Who had the impertinence to kill one's Queen?!
Henry: Granted, she wasn't the best wife. She couldn't even produce us a single male heir!
Henry: And now we will have to prove one's innocence to one's subjects, lest they believe we did it. What a drag!
Nebet: Well, Your Majesty, we-
Henry: Wait - You are Swiss Guards, are you not? You are unbiased, and therefore the people will trust your judgement. One commands you to determine who murdered our wife!
Nebet: Your wish is our command, Your Majesty! Could you assist us by telling us the Queen's movements earlier today?
Henry: Cathy was probably in grotty London feeding the destitute... She liked to frequent Houndsditch Passage, one particularly poverty-stricken street.
Nebet: Then we shall continue our investigation in Houndsditch Passage. We thank you for your help, Your Highness!

Investigate London Street.
Nebet: <Name>, I take back what I said about the fresh air. This street smells worse than the dirtiest alley in Alexandria!
Nebet: But look, you found a bloodstained handkerchief. Could this belong to our killer? Let's get a sample of the blood!
Nebet: And this piece of paper says "France Sea Tours" on it...
Nebet: I remember reading that France and England were at war in 1515, although it doesn't seem to have affected life in London.
Nebet: In any case, we should dust this note regarding France to see what it's about!
Nebet: And do you really think we should pick through that stinky heap of horse dung? After you, <Name>!

Examine Horse Dung.
Nebet (holding the necklace): The necklace you found in the horse dung looks very familiar, <Name>.
Nebet: We should see if there's any information about the necklace in the research Orlando provided about this era!

Examine Necklace.
Nebet: <Name>, I was right - I HAD seen this necklace before in one of Orlando's history books! It belongs to a woman named Anne Boleyn.
Nebet: According to history accounts, King Henry was supposed to divorce Catherine so he could marry Anne. That's meant to happen eighteen years from now!
Nebet: But for now, Anne is just a lady-in-waiting for the queen. That means they were close companions. We should speak to her!

Speak to Anne Boleyn about the victim.
Nebet: Lady Anne, we believe this necklace belongs to yo-
Anne (holding the necklace): Give it here! 'Tis my most treasured possession! Did you steal it?
Nebet: No, we found it in Houndsditch Passage down in London.
Anne: Ah, yes, I must have dropped it while feeding the poor souls this morning with my Queen. 
Nebet: The Queen is precisely why we are here, milady. She has been murdered!
Anne: Queen Catherine? Why would someone murder her? She was the most superlative person in the Royal Court!
Nebet: You seemed very close to the Queen. Do you know if she had any enemies?
Anne: Do you really dare to insinuate that the saintly Queen Catherine had enemies?
Nebet: Milady, we know all about court politics and intrigue. You can't expect us to believe that no one disliked the Queen?
Anne: Think as you wish. My dear queen was like a mother to me... I shall mourn her death for ALL eternity!

Examine Faded Parchment.
Nebet: <Name>, this is a ticket for a sea voyage from France!
Nebet: The person traveling is a musketeer called Alexandre Devereaux...
Nebet: A musketeer is a soldier of the French Royal Household. That means this Mr Devereaux must be working for King Francis I of France!
Nebet: There's a war between France and England, so what's a musketeer doing in enemy land just as a queen is killed? We'd better find him and ask him!

Find out what Alexandre Devereaux is doing in London.
Nebet: Excuse me, sir, we are <Name> and Nebet of the Swiss Guard.
Devereaux: Enchanté, Guard <Name>. A finer specimen of soldier I have yet to behold! How may I be of service?
Nebet: Mr Devereaux, we would like to know what a French musketeer is doing in London, especially on the day that we find the Queen of England
Devereaux: Ah yes, I heard about Catherine d'Aragon's tragic demise. But I had nothing to do with it, I promise you!
Devereaux: I am simply in England on official business! I have been sent here as King Francis' emissary, with an important message for King Henry!
Nebet: And what is this message?
Devereaux: It would be my dearest desire to tell you, but I'm afraid I have been sworn to secrecy!
Devereaux: Otherwise, I remain your most willing servant, Guard <Name>. À bientôt!

Examine Bloody Handkerchief.
Nebet: Let us deliver the blood sample from the handkerchief to Theo, <Name>!

Analyze Blood.
Theo: Hey, <Name>, someone ate the last of my Captain Spaceboy cereal. You don't know anything about that, do you?
Nebet: I don't, Theo, but I'm sure whoever took it didn't do it on purpose!
Theo: Yeah, I guess I'm not used to sharing my kitchen with so many people. Anyway, you must be here about the sample from the bloodstained handkerchief you found on the street in London...
Theo: First off, the blood is your victim's...
Nebet: So, this handkerchief belongs to our killer, correct? We found it in Houndsditch Passage, which means they went to this street after the murder!
Theo: Exactly! I suspect the killer used the handkerchief to wipe the victim's blood from their hands! Also, I found traces of polish that's used to clean lutes...
Theo: Orlando said that Queen Catherine was famously tone deaf, so it's your killer who plays this musical instrument!
Nebet: <Name>, our killer may know how to pluck a lute string, but we'll be the ones to pluck them out of hiding and straight to prison!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Janis: <Name>, I can't imagine who had the gall to murder the Queen of England in such a gruesome manner!
Nebet: We were wondering the same thing, Janis! But tell us, what do Queen Catherine's injuries reveal?
Janis: You don't need me to tell you that half her face was split apart. But did you notice that her right ear is missing? It's been hacked right off!
Nebet: By Osiris! A missing ear on top of her mess of a face? What kind of weapon could have caused such horrific injuries?
Janis: Well, I noticed deep, evenly-spaced perforations in the wounds. I consulted Orlando, and one weapon from this era fits the bill - a morning star!
Nebet: A morning star? That sounds pretty!
Janis: It certainly isn't! A morning star is a type of mace with a heavy metal spiked head. One blow would have been enough to fatally wound the queen!
Janis: Also, I found traces of leech slime on the victim...
Janis: When people were sick in this time period, they'd make cuts in their skin and use leeches to suck out their blood in order to balance their "humors." They called this "bloodletting".
Janis: Queen Catherine had no bloodletting wounds on her body, so it's your killer who has recently partaken in this pseudo-medical procedure!
Nebet: <Name>, it looks like our killer loves leeches, and their slimy trail will lead us straight to them!

Later, in Houndsditch Passage...
Nebet: <Name>, we wanted to go to Renaissance France to seek out Leonardo da Vinci...
Nebet: But we ended up in England instead - on the day someone killed Queen Catherine!
Nebet: Since we're waiting for our time machine to recharge, we've decided to investigate the murder.
Nebet: We spoke to the King and the victim's lady-in-waiting, who both seemed shocked to hear of the murder. But, given that they ended up married in actual history, they are both rather suspect.
Nebet: We also crossed paths with a French musketeer, who says he is here to deliver an important secret message from the French king to the English one.
Nebet: Whether any of these people had something to do with the Queen's murder, we have yet to-
Dudley: Guards! Guards!
Nebet: Um... hello there?
Dudley: My sincere apologies for the interruption, good soldiers... but I heards you're in search of information about the Queen?
Dudley: If so, I'm your man!

Chapter 2

On a street in Tudor London, 1515...
Nebet: <Name>, we wanted to go to Renaissance France to seek out Leonardo da Vinci, but we ended up in England instead!
Nebet: And here we stand on a London street, in search of the person who murdered the Queen of England herself! What-
Dudley: Guards! Guards!
Nebet: Um... hello, sir. Who might you be?
Dudley: Dudley's me name, and begging's me game!
Dudley: I heard you good soldiers are in search of information about the Queen? Because a beggar likes me sees more than you thinks...
Nebet: Alright, Dudley, please wait over there and Guard <Name> will speak with you shortly!

Hear what information Dudley has about the queen.
Nebet: Okay, Dudley, you say you have information about the Queen?
Dudley: Queen Catherine was a good person. She helped people who was down on their luck. Like me!
Dudley: Y'see, I was a successful peasant once, but I been beggin' here ever since I lost me potato farm to blight one cold winter!
Dudley: Anyhoo, the Queen were always kind. Sometimes she even treated us poor folk with food from the tavern!
Nebet: The Queen went to a tavern? Which one?
Dudley: If I tells you, will you give me some coin? Or if you ain't got coin, I'll accept some scrumptious wild boar meat!
Nebet: Dudley, rest assured that you shall be properly rewarded for your information!
Dudley: Alright! Queen Catherine took us to the Mangy Lion down the street!
Nebet: Thank you, Dudley, you've been very useful. We'll make our way now to this Mangy Lion tavern!

Inside the Mangy Lion...
Nebet: <Name>, this modest tavern doesn't look like the sort of establishment a queen would spend time in! Maybe traditions are different in Londo-
Agnes (holding a plate of pork pie and a pint of beer): Mornin', soldiers! Agnes Manners at yer service! You look hungry. How's about a pork pie and a pint o' bitter to wash it down?
Nebet: Actually, we're investigating the murder of Queen Catherine, and we believe she frequented your tavern! 
Agnes: Cor blimey! The Queen's been murdered?!
Agnes: But you must've heard wrong about Her majesty visiting me pub! She wouldn't be seen dead in a place like this - if you'll excuse the pun!
Nebet: Well, Ms Manners, I'm sure you won't mind if we search your establishment anyway!

Investigate London Tavern.
Nebet: I agree, <Name>, this ornate box looks out of place in this downtrodden tavern. Let's unlock it!
Nebet: And you think something might be hiding in that pile of dirty dishes? Alright, let's sift through it!

Examine Dirty Dishes.
Nebet: <Name>, someone dropped this brooch in the pile of dirty dishes.
Nebet: It has a coat of arms on it with lion and rooster symbols...
Nebet: I don't know what these animals represent, but they do look royal, I agree.
Nebet: Does this mean the brooch could have something to do with the Queen or her murder? Let's see if Orlando can help!

Analyze Brooch.
Orlando: <Name>, I heard that one of your suspects is a beggar, which reminded me of my humble beginnings!
Nebet: You were poor once, Orlando? Like me?
Orlando: Oh, darling, I wasn't always the fabulously fashionable diva you see before you! At one time, I barely had a shirt to my name!
Orlando: But that's a story for another day. You're here to talk about the coat of arms on that brooch you found, and it belongs to the Entente Cordiale Society!
Nebet: The Entente-what Society? I've never heard of it!
Orlando: Nor have most people! In a nutshell, the society was a clandestine group of French rebels trying to bring about a truce between England and France!
Orlando: That's why they created a new coat of arms intertwining the French symbol - a rooster, and the English symbol - a lion!
Orlando: It just goes to show that not everyone supported the war, even if the royals in power were hungry for it!
Nebet: But if the group was French, how did this brooch end up in England?
Orlando: Have you met a French musketeer? Could the brooch belong to him?
Nebet: If it does, this could mean Mr Devereaux was conspiring against the king and queen of England! We need another word with him, <Name>!

Ask Alexandre Devereaux about the truce brooch.
Devereaux (playing the lute, singing): Elle était belle comme une rose, et douce comme un... euh... une cirrhose...
Devereaux: Ah, bonjour, Guards! I was caught up in a rêverie musicale! It helps me forget the painful sores from my recent bout of bloodletting!
Nebet: Well, we need you to get "caught up" in this Entente Cordiale brooch we found. We suspect it belongs to you.
Devereaux: Ah well, as the English expression goes, the cat is out of the bag, so I had better be frank.
Devereaux: I told you I had come here as an official envoy for King Francis... but in fact, I am a messenger for the Entente Cordiale society! We want a truce between England and France once and for all!
Devereaux: But warmongering King Henry refused to even hear me out! So, I tried to get Queen Catherine on my side instead.
Devereaux: I approached the Queen at the Mangy Lion tavern, but she was outraged that I even dared to suggest she would go against her husband!
Nebet: Well, let us hope you didn't harm the Queen because she wouldn't cooperate with you!
Devereaux: Guard <Name>, I am all for peace. Killing the Queen would not have helped my cause!
Devereaux: Now, I must take your leave, but I wish you luck in uncovering the perpetrator!
(Devereaux leaves.)
Nebet: Well, <Name>, charming as Mr Devereaux is, I'm not sure I believe him! Let's see if we can find any more evidence about the queen's murder at the palace!

Investigate Banquet Table.
Nebet: <Name>, this piece of paper's entitled "An Ode To My Wife!"
Nebet: Could the king have written this ode about the victim? Let's recover the lyrics!
Nebet: And perhaps repairing this torn cloth will give us another lead!
Nebet: <Name>, when we found the queen's body, she was missing her headdress...
Nebet: And it looks like we might just have found it! We need to send the queen's headdress to Theo right away!

Examine Faded Sheet.
Nebet: <Name>, this is no ode from King Henry to our victim - it's a threat!
Nebet: Listen to the lyrics: "Catherine, my treacherous wife... a pox on you and your filthy lies... A pox on your sinful mornings of rumpy pumpy!"
Nebet: Henry then goes on to say that he'll catch the queen one day and "chop off her head!"
Nebet: So, Henry thought his wife was having an affair?
Nebet: We must request an audience with the king at once!

Find out why King Henry wrote a threatening ode about the queen.
Nebet: Your Majesty, we chanced upon one of your musical compositions-
Henry: Ah, yes! One is an accomplished songsmith, in particular on one's lute!
Nebet: Your grace, the lyrics you penned implied that you respected Queen Catherine of adultery!
Henry: Well, when one's spies reported that Catherine was meeting with a musketeer in a commoner's tavern, what was one supposed to think?
Henry: One endured hours of bloodletting and writing angry verses to quell one's fury, to no avail!
Henry: Finally, one confronted Catherine, who convinced us that the musketeer was just a silly envoy spouting rubbish about peace talks.
Henry: One should have known that one's wife would never have an affair with a garlic-breathed Frenchman of all people!
Nebet: So you had no reason to murder the Queen?
Henry: Watch what you say, Swiss Guard, otherwise we shall have YOU beheaded for your treacherous accusation!

Examine Torn Cloth.
Nebet: <Name>, when we found the queen's body, she was missing her headdress...
Nebet: And it looks like we might just have found it! We need to send the queen's headdress to Theo right away!

Analyze Queen's Headdress.
Theo: <Name>, I can't get over your Renaissance outfits. They really are quite something!
Nebet: I hope you're not laughing at us, Theo. We are highly respectable Swiss Guards!
Theo: Oh, don't get me wrong. You guys look... impressive. It's just that I'm going to need to take some photos before all this is over!
Nebet: Well, before you do that, how about confirming that the headdress <Name> found belonged to the queen?
Theo: It did indeed - her DNA was all over it! I believe her killer yanked the headdress off the victim's head and ripped it up in anger!
Theo: I also found traces of cooked wild boar on the headdress...
Theo: ... and these boar stains were on the areas that the killer would've had to handle in order to tear the headdress to pieces.
Nebet: Which means that it's our killer who eats wild boar! Nice one, Theo!
Nebet: Dudley told us he loved wild boar, didn't he, <Name>? I'll add it to his profile!

Examine Locked Box.
Nebet: <Name>, that is one very-expensive-looking goblet in this box...
Nebet: And the inscription reads "Property of the Queen of England!" 
Nebet: So, Agnes Manners was living - the queen DID come to this tavern, and clearly used her own drinking vessel when she was here!
Nebet: Ms Manners had better have a good answer for why she hid the truth from us!

Confront Agnes Manners about why she lied to us.
Nebet: Ms Manners! We found the Queen's personal goblet which proves that she came to your tavern! Why did you lie to us?
Agnes: Alright, you got me. It's just that I swore to my Queen that I would keep her visits a secret!
Agnes: You see, the Queen loved me tavern! And who wouldn't enjoy being entertained by my lute-playing while eating me famous hot across buns?
Agnes: Her Majesty thought the folks at the Mangy Lion was genuine, not like them fawning courtiers in the Royal court, who'd say only what she wanted to hear.
Agnes: That's why she didn't want anyone to know she were comin' here! She didn't want any of them posh lot following her and sullying the place with their false airs an' graces!
Nebet: I see. And did you know of anyone who wanted to harm the Queen? 
Agnes: Here, in my tavern? Heavens, no!
Agnes: But I'll tell you this for free - if you want to find the Queen's killer, look closer to home. I bet it were that heirless husband of hers who done it!

Later, outside the palace...
Nebet: <Name>, the English Court seems as full of politics and intrigue as any other royal household! Some things never change...
Nebet: We've now discovered that the French musketeer was trying to get the queen to secretly help his cause of peace...
Nebet: But King Henry said that neither he nor Catherine was interested in a truce with France!
Nebet: I have to say, I'm suspecting Henry more-
Nebet: Um, <Name>, there's a large group of angry-looking people coming towards us!
Angry Crowd: We wants justice! We wants blood!

Chapter 3

Outside King Henry's Palace...
Nebet: <Name>, the English Court seems full of politics, intrigue...
Nebet: ... and murder! The queen is dead and-
Angry Crowd: We wants justice! We wants blood! 
Nebet: Good peasants! What seems to be the matter?
Angry Crowd: Our queen's been murdered and we know it's King Henry who done her in!
Angry Crowd: It's no wonder we're losin' against the French with such a pig-headed brute on the throne!
Nebet: You people had better calm down, because if King Henry hears you, it'll be YOUR heads on the chopping block!
Nebet: And rest assured that whoever murdered Queen Catherine will be facing justice very soon!
(Angry Crowd leave.)
Nebet: <Name>, it's clear the peasants are in an uproar.  We need to find the queen's killer before we have an uprising and more potential deaths on our hands!
Nebet: We know that the queen frequented the Mangy Lion Tavern, so let's look for more clues about her murder there!

Investigate Tavern Booth.
Nebet: By Anubis' fangs! <Name>, this portrait of the queen has been vandalized!
Nebet: Perhaps collecting the brown powder left on the painting will help uncover the perpetrator!
Nebet: And this book must belong to the queen - her initials are on it. We'd better unlock it!
Nebet: Also, I am curious to know why someone tore up this document. Let's tape it back together!
Nebet: <Name>, tensions are running high and our time is running low to solve the queen's murder. So... what is it you always say? Let's do this!

Examine Torn Document.
Nebet: <Name>, this is a Punishment Order for Dudley, that beggar we met!
Nebet: It says, "Dudley of Houndsditch Passage has been sentenced to two days in the stocks"...
Nebet: ... "By order of the Queen of England!" So the queen wanted Dudley put in the stocks?
Nebet: What did Dudley do to warrant such a terrible punishment? We'd better ask him!

Find out why the queen wanted Dudley put in the stocks.
Dudley (holding his rat): Guard <Name>! Ratty McRatface here is hungry. You ain't got any crumbs I can gives him?
Nebet: I'm afraid not, but we do have your Punishment Order. Why did the queen want you to put in the stocks?
Dudley: I ain't got the slightest! All I did was tell 'er my cunning plan to make my fortune!
Dudley: Y'see, begging's alright an' all, but it was time for a career change. So I thought why not offer advisement on peasant affairs to the queen!
Dudley: I followed Queen Catherine to the tavern so I could tell 'er all about becoming her peasant liaison officer...
Dudley: But instead of being impressed, she blew 'er top and decided to have me punished!
Dudley: Have YOU ever been put in the stocks, Guard <Name>? I wouldn't wish it on me worst enemy!

Examine Victim's Portrait.
Nebet: Let's put that brown powder from the defaced portrait of the queen under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Brown Powder.
Nebet: <Name>, that powder we found on the vandalized portrait of the queen was hot cross bun crumbs!
Nebet: Didn't that tavern owner mention making hot cross buns? So she was the one who defaced the painting?
Nebet: But Agnes Manners claimed she loved Catherine! She'd better tell us the truth this time!

Ask Agnes Manners why she vandalized the victim's portrait.
Agnes (holding a wild boar): 'Ello again, Guards! Has the aroma of me delicious wild boar gravy lured you back into me tavern?
Nebet: Actually, it was your hot cross buns that lured us to this royal portrait you defaced!
(Agnes sweats, embarrassed.)
Nebet: Why would you ruin the painting of a queen you claimed to love?
Agnes: I DID love Queen Cath! But she wouldn't stop complaining all the bleedin' time!
Agnes: Suddenly, me tavern wasn't clean enough, me customers too smelly. All her moanin' started puttin' off the regulars!
Agnes: The last straw was the day she screamed at me to get me leeches out of her sight. That's when I disfigured her painting in a rage!
Agnes: No one bleedin' asked the queen to come to me tavern. We was doin' fine without her!
Nebet: Mrs Manners, we hope for your sake that your rage didn't lead you to disfigure the queen herself!

Examine Victim's Book.
Nebet: <Name>, this looks like the queen's prayer book, but everything's written in Latin!
Nebet: You know how terrible I am at reading Latin! Let's ask Penelope to take a look at the book!

Analyze Queen's Prayer Book.
Penelope: <Name>, I found you met an actual real-life musketeer!
Penelope: Is he dashing and brave and dreamy?
Nebet: Hmm, now that I think about it, he's definitely your type, Penelope!
Nebet: But we can talk about that later. For now, perhaps you could tell us about the queen's prayer book?
Penelope: Oh, yes, sorry about that! The most intriguing thing I found in the book was a passage - Proverbs 23:27-28 from the Bible...
Penelope: It translates as: "A harlot lies in wait like a robber, and increases the unfaithful among husbands."
Penelope: What's interesting is that the queen circled the word "harlot" and wrote Anne's name next to it! This must be referring to Anne Boleyn!
Nebet: Wait, so if I understand correctly, the queen was implying that Anne Boleyn was a prostitute making husbands cheat on their wives!
Penelope: Yes. And history does tell us that Henry was going to leave the queen for Anne, so there could be a legitimate reason for this slanderous comparison!
Nebet: <Name>, we need another conversation with Lady Anne!

Question Anne Boleyn why the queen compared her to a harlot.
Anne: You had better be quick, Guards. I'm already late for my bloodletting appointment with the Court physician!
Nebet: We shall take as long as we require, Lady Anne. Now, please tell us why the queen thought you were making husbands unfaithful.
Anne: How the devil do you know about that?
Anne: Listen, that silly old hag had got it into her silly old head that I was smitten by King Henry and was trying to seduce him!
Anne: Just because Henry and I recently enjoyed a supper of roasted wild boar together while I played him the latest lute melodies did not mean my bosoms heaved for the man!
Nebet: And what did you do when the queen accused you of having relations with her husband?
Anne: I denied it, obviously! How could she think I'd ever be interested in that hunting-obsesssed simpleton? I am far too sophistiquée for him!

Back on the time machine...
Nebet: <Name>, we thought that Queen Catherine liked to mingle with the lower classes by visiting taverns and talking to beggars...
Nebet: ... But actually, she wasn't as kind to them as it seemed!
Nebet: The queen not only wanted Dudley put in the stocks after he tried to get her to employ him, but she also riled up Agnes Manners with her incessant complaints about her tavern!
Nebet: And she made enemies in her own palace too, including Anne Boleyn, who wasn't best pleased that Catherine suspected her of having carnal relations with the king!
Nebet: I agree that we're only a few steps away from uncovering who beat the queen to death with a mace, so let's take one final look around the London Street, <Name>!

Investigate Dingy Passage.
Nebet: <Name>, you found a morning star dripping in blood! Could it be our murder weapon? Let's get a sample of the gore left on it!
Nebet: But why did you pick up this foul-smelling bucket of food scraps? Oh, you want to look through it?
Nebet: Alright, let's get our hands dirty for the sake of our investigation, <Name>!

Examine Morning Star.
Nebet: We'd better send that sample of blood and gore from the morning star to Theo right away, <Name>!

Analyze Bloody Gore.
Theo: Guess what, <Name>! The Tudors were really into archery, so Zara wants me and Kai to join her in taking some lessons!
Theo: But what she doesn't know is that my mom enrolled me in archery classes when I was five. I'm practically William Tell!
Nebet: Well then I'm sure that Zara's going to be suitably impressed with your skills, Theo!
Nebet: Now, maybe you could impress us too by telling us if the gore from the morning star <Name> found came from our victim?
Theo: It did! That morning star is definitely your murder weapon!
Nebet: Excellent! And did the sample we sent you reveal anything about the killer?
Theo: Well, as you know, your victim was blonde. However, I found strands of distinctly red hairs caught in the gore... which means your killer is a redhead!
Nebet: <Name>, our killer's face will be as red as their hair when we catch them!

Examine Food Scraps.
Nebet: Holy pharaoh! There was a human ear in the bucket of food slop!
Nebet: Janis told us the queen was missing an ear... and the earring matches those our victim was wearing!
Nebet: This ear has got to be the queen's! Let's send it straight to Theo!

Analyze Human Ear.
Theo: <Name>, please warn me next time before you send me a human body part! I haven't got the stomach for it like Janis does!
Nebet: Sorry, Theo! But I hope the queen's severed ear gave us some useful evidence to catch her killer?
Theo: It did! I found traces of an ointment on the ear, which I identified as a blend of apple cider vinegar, onions and honey.
Theo: I shared the components of the ointment with Orlando, and he told me it was used in Tudor times to treat smallpox scars...
Theo: The queen never had smallpox, so her severed ear shows that it's your killer who is a survivor of this deadly disease, and has the scars to show it.
Nebet: Well, our killer may have survived smallpox, but they're not going to survive getting arrested by us, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Nebet: <Name>, we now have enough evidence to pinpoint Catherine of Aragon's face-bashing murderer. So let's go arrest our queen-killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Nebet: Agnes Manners, you're under arrest for the murder of Queen Catherine of Aragon!
Agnes (laughing): Are you havin' a laugh?!
Nebet: Ms Manners, the facts are as clear as day. We found the morning star you used to destroy the queen's face, and it was covered with your red hair!
Agnes: Oh, I know, I'm just a lowly tavern maid. It's easy to accuse the likes of me of murder!
Nebet: When you hit her, you ripped her right ear off! We discovered this ear in the street right outside your tavern. Care to explain how it got here?
Agnes (sweating): I... er...
Nebet: We also found the handkerchief you used to clean your hands of royal blood after you killed the queen. But it wasn't able to clean away your guilt, was it?
Agnes: Aaaaooowwwww... you got me, Guard <Name>. I murdered Her Majesty! But I did it for England's sake!
Nebet: How would killing the queen help England?
Agnes: Because Catherine were a dirty traitor! She were havin' secret meetings with a French musketeer in me tavern, whispering about a truce and such nonsense!
Agnes: Guard <Name>, I lost two sons at the hands of French soldiers, and she was talking about forgiving them?
Agnes: My dead sons deserved more respect from their queen is what I told her, when I made me hot cross bun delivery to the palace this mornin'!
Agnes: And then - I just knew what to do! I grabbed a morning star that were lyin' in the throne room, and bashed her with it!
Agnes (crying): Before dying, she denied plotting with that Frenchie. But I knew it were all lies! She were going to betray my boys. My boys who DIED for their country!
Nebet: In actual fact, the queen was not lying. She rejected the truce offer, so you killed her for nothing! And you'll have to explain that to the king!
Agnes: Noooooo, anyone but King Henry!

At King Henry's palace...
Henry: YOU, peasant woman! How DARE you murder one's wife?
Henry: Only one person in the land has the right to have a queen murdered, and it is I, King Henry!
Agnes (sweating): Your Majesty, I... I know now I were wrong! But I done it because I thought the queen were betrayin' England!
Henry: Even so, it wouldn't have been your business to sentence her to death!
Henry: One shall have you tossed into the darkest dungeon in the Tower of London until one sees fit to deal with you!

Back on the time machine...
Nebet: <Name>, I thought Cleopatra was bad, but King Henry is an even bigger tyrant!
Amy: Yes, and considering Agnes killed the queen of England, I worry the king won't show much mercy...
Nebet: These are dangerous times, <Name>, we must keep our wits about us if we're to survive!
Amy: You're not wrong, Nebet. And what's more, the queen's untimely death shows that history continues to be derailed!
Amy: In any case, <Name>, we came to the Renaissance to track down Leonardo da Vinci and fix our machine...
Amy: ... So let's find him as fast as we can!

A Stroke of Genius (1/5)

Amy Young: <Name>, we've entered the 1500s with a bang!
Jack: Yeah, not much tops solving the murder of the queen of England! Nice work, <Name>!
Amy: And I must also say that Nebet has once again proved herself to be an awesome partner. She's learned so much I sometimes forget she hasn't always been with us!
Amy: But let's not forget the reason we came to the Renaissance - to find Leonardo da Vinci!
Amy: He's the only one who can help us repair our time machine and fix the mess the time traveling saboteur made of it!
Jack: Da Vinci is supposed to be in France under the employ of King Francis I...
Jack: But with the continuous glitches in history, such as Queen Catherine dying early, who knows whether this is still the case!
Amy: You know what - that French musketeer <Name> met also works for Francis I. Surely he must know of Da Vinci's whereabouts!
Penelope: About that, Amy... I've read SO many books about musketeers, and I've ALWAYS wanted to meet one in real life!
Penelope: And I've been cooped up in this tiny time machine for just ages. Pleeeeeease can I go with <Name> to speak to Monsieur Devereaux?
Amy: ... Alright, Penelope, I'm sure a bit of fresh air will do you good!
Amy: Also, <Name>, Nebet asked to have a word with the two of us...
Amy: So, you decide who you'd like to talk to first: Nebet or the musketeer!

Ask Alexandre Devereaux if he knows where Leonardo da Vinci is.
Devereaux: Guard <Name>! Who is this ravishing creature you have brought with you?
Penelope (being kissed on the hand by Devereaux): I... um... I'm Pelenope... I mean Penelope Sage!
Devereaux: Enchanté, Mademoiselle! To what do I owe the pleasure?
Penelope: Well, um... we're looking for Leonardo da Vinci. As you work for King Francis, we thought you might know where he is...
Devereaux: Ah oui, Monsieur Da Vinci, He paints the most marvelous portraits, although none can compete with your beauty, Mademoiselle Penelope!
Devereaux: Da Vinci was expected at the French royal court two months ago, but he never arrived!
Devereaux: King Francis suspects English meddling. He thinks King Henry wants to steal the Italian genius from us!
Penelope: Even if King Henry knows where Da Vinci is, he's unlikely to tell us! What will we do?
Devereaux: Well, the King receives reports from his spies around this hour every day. Perhaps if you intercept these communications, you will discover the whereabouts of Monsieur Da Vinci!
Penelope: Oh, this is highly useful. We shall go and search the King's palace for this information. Thank you, Mr Devereaux!
Devereaux: Please, call me Alexandre!

Investigate Throne Room.
Penelope: Goodness me, <Name>. That musketeer was more dashing and handsome than in even my wildest dreams!
Penelope: Sorry, here I am wittering on while you're over there dealing with a live pigeon!
Penelope: Oh, I see! It's a carrier pigeon and it has a note attached to it. Let's unroll it...
Penelope: Hmm, the message looks like a code of some sort... Could it be secret intelligence for King Henry about Leonardo da Vinci?
Penelope: Let's recover the rest of the message!

Examine Pigeon Message.
Penelope: <Name>, Orlando's fastest at decrypting codes. He'll tell us if this carrier pigeon note has any information about Leonardo da Vinci in it!

Analyze Coded Message.
Orlando: This is an utter catastrophe!
Penelope: Orlando? Don't tell me you weren't able to decipher the coded missive for King Henry?
Orlando: Really, Penelope? That code was child's play for me!
Orlando: What I was exclaiming about is that the note states that Leonardo da Vinci is in Spain...
Orlando: The poor fellow's been arrested by the Spanish Inquisition!
Penelope: The Spanish Inquisition? Wasn't that a Catholic tribunal which prosecuted people they suspected of heresy and witchcraft?
Orlando: Yes! The Spanish Inquisition was known for using violent measures, including torture, to get prisoners to "confess"!
Orlando: So, if they've arrested Da Vinci, it means he could be in real danger! With history changing so much, we can't trust that he'll survive!
Penelope: <Name>, we have to go to Spain and save Da Vinci!
Penelope: But first we need to go and tell Alexandre what's happened - it's only fair since he helped us locate the genius!
Orlando: I'm sure that's the only reason you want to speak to the handsome Monsieur Devereaux, Penelope!

Tell Alexandre Devereaux that Da Vinci has been arrested.
Devereaux: Ah, la belle Penelope! I knew fate would bring us together once again!
Penelope: Alexandre, I'm afraid I come with the bad news...
Penelope: It's Leonardo da Vinci. He's been arrested by the Spanish Inquisition!
Devereaux: Quelle horreur! Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition to be behind Da Vinci's disappearance!
Devereaux: And we French have no authority whatsoever in Spain, so I will not even be able to save him!
Penelope: But we Swiss Guards do have authority - all over Europe! Guard <Name> and I will go to Spain and rescue the genius!
Devereaux: Ah, but you are as courageous as you are beautiful, Mademoiselle. Please, take my hat as a keepsake until we meet again!

A few minutes later...
Penelope: <Name>, I know it's silly, but I really hope I get to see Alexandre again!
Penelope: But, more importantly, I'd better go write up the report on our findings about Leonardo da Vinci!

See what Nebet wants.
Nebet: <Name>, Amy, I've just been in our pantry, and we're running really low on food!
Amy: Nebet, I admire how dedicated you are to both our investigations as well as the welfare of the team! You've really become an invaluable asset to us!
Amy: And you're right - with all the drama involving the saboteur and getting back home, we really haven't been looking after ourselves, have we?
Nebet: Yes, but I noticed plenty of provisions in the Mangy Lion tavern! <Name> and I should go back there and stock up on everything we need!
Nebet: The only thing is, we haven't got any money to pay for them.
Amy: That's a great idea! As for money, take these English sovereigns to pay for whatever food you take from the tavern!

Investigate London Tavern.
Nebet: <Name>, this cupboard's labelled "Victuals." I looked it up and it's an Old English word for food!
Nebet: Let's unlock the cupboard and see what delicious treats lie inside!

Examine Cupboard.
Nebet: <Name>, as they said in Las Vegas, we've hit the jackpot! There's enough food in the cupboard to keep our team fed for weeks!
Nebet: I'll collect what we need and pay at the counter.
Nebet: After that, Janis has a special recipe she wants to show me. So, why don't you meet us in a few hours and we'll have "cooked up" a surprise for you!

Analyze Food Supplies.
Nebet: Hey, <Name>! You got here just in time!
Janis: You see, we realized everyone's been feeling a little homesick recently. So, Nebet and I decided to use the ingredients you picked up from the tavern and prepare you...
Nebet (with Janis, holding an apple pie): A GOOD OL' AMERICAN APPLE PIE!
Janis: Doesn't it smell just like home, <Name>?
Janis: But, before we slice into it, Nebet has a request that she's been feeling too shy to ask! Come on, Nebet!
Nebet: <Name>... the thing is... I know what it's like to be poor and starving. I remember once I went for two days with only half a fig to eat!
Nebet: And it was Dudley, that beggar we met, who reminded me of those difficult times. So I thought we could share some of this pie with the poor fellow?
Nebet: Oh, you think it's a good idea, <Name>? You're the best! Let's go find Dudley!

Share some apple pie with Dudley.
In Houndsditch Passage...
Nebet: Okay, <Name>, we're on the street where Dudley begs, but I don't see him anywhere!
Nebet: His apple pie's going to get cold-
Nebet: <Name>... isn't that Dudley's voice? He's shouting for help! Let's follow his voice and find him!

Dudley (locked up in the stocks): Have mercy on poor Dudders! HELP!
Nebet: Dudley! What's going on? Why are you in the stocks?
Dudley (locked up in the stocks): Oh, Guards! The queen might be dead, but they still executed her punishment order!
Dudley (locked up in the stocks): People have been peltin' me with rotten eggs all day. Woe is me!
Nebet: Don't worry, Dudley, we're going to get you out of these stocks!
Nebet: If only we could find the key to unlock them!
Dudley (locked up in the stocks): Well, the nasty soldier who locked me up went into the Mangy Lion tavern, probably to get drunk! Maybe you'll finds the key in there!
Nebet: Alright, Dudley, we'll search the tavern for the key, and after that we'll have a delicious treat for you. We could all do with some food!

Investigate Tavern Booth.
Nebet: <Name>, I don't see any soldiers anywhere, but the lion insignia on this pouch looks pretty regal to me. It must belong to one of the king's soldiers!
Nebet: Let's see if we can find the key that'll free Dudley in the pouch!

Examine Soldier's Pouch.
Nebet: Our hunch was right, <Name>! There WAS a key in the soldier's pouch!
Nebet: Could it be the key that'll unlock poor Dudley from the stocks? Let's find out!

A few minutes later...
Nebet: The key worked, Dudley - you're free to go! And here's a slice of apple pie to warm you up.
Dudley (holding the apple pie): So you saves me from the stocks and feeds me too?
Nebet: Well, Dudley, I was once poor too, and endured nasty punishments from my masters.
Dudley: Guards, you've given me hope that my luck will change one day. I'll never forgets your kindness! Adieu!
(Dudley leaves.)
Nebet: <Name>, thank you so much for helping Dudley with me. It looks like he really appreciated it!
Nebet: I'll head back to the time machine now and cook some dinner for us!

Amy: Nebet, what a great idea you had stocking up our larder and baking us an apple pie. It's nice to know we won't be starving any time soon!
Amy: And everyone's been a bit on edge lately, so it's even lovelier to see you taking care of us!
Nebet: It is my pleasure, Amy! And I'm pleased we were able to feed that beggar Dudley - and save him from spending the night in the stocks!
Amy: Yes! But I'm afraid we have a more pressing issue at hand...
Amy: Penelope told me about Leonardo da Vinci being arrested by the Spanish Inquisition on suspicion of heresy! He's probably being interrogated, or even tortured, as we speak!
Amy: <Name>, it's clear that history has been completely altered, and we are well and truly on our own.
Amy: But whatever the case, we've got to save Da Vinci from the hands of these people for his own sake, and not just so he can help us fix our time machine!
Amy: <Name>, we're going to Renaissance Spain!

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