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In Singapore...
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, sorry I sat out your case in Thailand. Apparently, adopting a kid is a lot of work. There were accommodations and tutors to arrange and... things.
Carmen (excited): Hunting for SOMBRA is much more straightforward! And I'm glad Singapore's a bustling business hub that never sleeps, because our investigation won't wait no matter how late the hour!
Carmen: The breadcrumb trail of SOMBRA's "next level" program for child recruits led us straight here.
Carmen: At least, our mysterious helper back in Thailand said we'd find information here. They told us to consult a lawyer called Michelle Zuria...
Carmen: I'm still not sure we can trust this X. They contacted us out of nowhere, knowing way too much about our investigation... But their first lead proved good, so we can't ignore this one.
Carmen (pondering): At least, it's true that a lot of money and information flows through Singapore. It's a very international city, a real melting pot of cultures - Chinese, Indian, Malay...
Carmen (determined): Let's pay this Ms. Zuria a visit then, <Name>. I hope she knows something about SOMBRA and won't just shout, "Objection!" when we show up!

Later, in Zuria & Lee LLP offices...
Michelle (confused): Who're you and what do you want?
(Carmen shows Michelle her Bureau badge.)
Carmen: Ms. Zuria, <Rank> <Name> requires some information which we're told you can provide.
Carmen (wondering): An international criminal organization's been recruiting children... and taking them to a "next level" program. Have you heard anything about this?
Michelle: Do you mean child labor? Why would I know anything about this?
(Michelle's phone starts ringing. She picks it up.)
Michelle: Zuria speaking. Anbu, is that you?
Michelle (shocked): Wait, calm down! What do you mean, she's dead? Who killed her?!
Michelle (assuringly): Where are you? In an observation wheel cabin? Don't move, I'm on my way!
(Michelle places her left hand on her forehead.)
Michelle: <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry, I must go. I have urgent business to attend to.
Carmen: We heard! Someone's been murdered, and one of your clients seems involved!
Carmen (determined): We're coming with you! Let's go to this cabin, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Observation Cabin.
Anbu Devanesan (crying): Constance! The light of my life, now gone!
Carmen (surprised): <Name>, this is a murder alright! Was the victim stabbed in the stomach? Look at all this blood!
(Carmen takes out a pen and a notepad.)
Carmen (interrogating): And who're you, Mr-
(Anbu, still crying, interrupts her.)
Anbu: Anbu Devanesan, <Rank>. Forgive me, I just can't... I can't believe that my Constance is-
(This time, Carmen interrupts Anbu.)
Carmen: Mr. Devanesan-
(Michelle interrupts Carmen and goes next to Anbu, who is rubbing his tears).
Michelle (holding her left hand out): <Rank> <Name>, I object to you badgering my client.
Michelle: And I know you wanted to talk to me earlier, but now I simply won't have time.
Carmen (annoyed): You mean, you'll use this investigation as an excuse to avoid other subjects! You won't have that excuse for long with <Rank> <Name> on the case!
Carmen: We'll need to talk to Mr. Devanesan soon. He can take a minute to compose himself, but neither of you should go far!
(Anbu and Michelle exit the Giant Wheel.)
Carmen (facepalming): Urgh, that woman, <Name>... Talk about a hostile witness!
Carmen: Anyway, I see you've already found a clue! The signature on this burned note says "Constance." That's our victim's name!
Carmen: The note's covered in weird... petals or something? You're right, we should vacuum them up!
Carmen (confidently): Let's go, <Name>! The sooner we solve this case and get back on SOMBRA's trail, the better!

Ask Anbu Devanesan about the victim.
Anbu (crying): I can't believe my Constance is dead!
Carmen: Mr. Devanesan, we're very sorry, but if you could answer a few-
Anbu: Constance said she had a romantic surprise for me! And then I find her dead! Who could've killed her? Constance was good, and honest, and-
Anbu: <Rank> <Name>, please find out who did this to Constance and bring them to justice! I can't live in a world where her killer walks free.
Carmen: We'll certainly do that, Mr. Devanesan. Is there anything that you can-
(Just like before, Michelle interrupts Carmen and goes next to Anbu, who is rubbing his tears.)
Michelle (holding her left hand out): Objection! I won't permit you to question my client any further!
Carmen (annoyed): I admit, he's in no condition to talk. But you, Ms. Zuria, can certainly answer some questions on his behalf!

Question Michelle Zuria about her client and the victim.
Carmen (annoyed): You were cagey with us earlier, Ms. Zuria, but if you want this murder solved, you'd better start talking! You knew the victim?
Michelle: I only knew Constance because she dated my client.
Michelle: Constance seemed like a principled person, a shrewd businesswoman. She was the CEO of a finance company and she ran it well.
Michelle: Anbu would say that she was an angel and had no enemies. I doubt that. Every person, having reached a position of power, will make enemies.
Carmen (confused): That's a cynical view, Ms. Zuria! What makes you say that?
Michelle: Knowledge of human nature. And now please excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, I must check on my client.

Examine Victim's Note.
Carmen (giving praise): <Name>, now that you've gathered those petals, we can see what the victim's note says!
Carmen (disturbed): Constance wrote, "...and now I've got proof... you won't get away with it." Proof of what? And who was she writing to?
Carmen (pondering): One thing is clear: the victim discovered someone's suspicious activity and let them know about it! Could she have been killed because of this?
Carmen (pumping her fist): You're right, <Name>, the petals from the note might tell us something! Let's stick them under the microscope!

Examine Petals.
Carmen: The petals on the victim's note you found at the crime scene come from a plant called Tillandsia stricta.
Carmen (smiling): Apparently, Tillandsia stricta is native to South America... but it grows in one place in Singapore: the Gardens by the Bay!
Carmen (pumping her fist): This means either the victim or the killer must've gone there! Let's hit those gardens in search of clues, <Name>!

Investigate Bay Gardens.
Carmen (seriously): <Name>, that locket you found has the victim's photo in it! Let's dust it for prints!
Carmen: And you're right, that patch of soil looks freshly disturbed... something's probably buried in there! Let's search through it!

Examine Locket.
Carmen (giving praise): <Name>, let's run the fingerprints you lifted from the locket through the database! We need to know who carried the victim's picture around in their necklace!

Examine Fingerprints.
Carmen: Hm, the fingerprints from the locket you found in the gardens belong to one Ruby Armstrong.
Carmen (cluelessly): According to our files, Ruby's a volcanologist... fair enough, Singapore's in a volcanically active region, but it doesn't explain what Ruby was doing with the victim's photo in a locket. Let's ask her!

Ask Ruby Armstrong about her locket with the victim.
Carmen (with a pen and notepad): Ms. Armstrong, <Rank> <Name> found a locket of yours with a picture of Constance Tan in it. Seeing as Constance was murdered-
Ruby (with her left hand covering her mouth): What?! Constance, dead? That's... no!
Ruby (with her left hand out): No, that can't be! No!
(Carmen puts her pen and notepad away.)
Carmen (compassionately): How well did you know Constance, Ms. Armstrong?
Ruby: How well? She was my best friend! That locket is a friendship necklace. Constance had the same one of me!
Ruby: When I lost mine, I knew something bad would happen.
(Ruby starts crying.)
Ruby: I can't believe this... We've studied for years! We met here at university. Constance studied finance and I came from Australia to study volcanology. How can she be dead?
Carmen: We're sorry to bring you bad news, Ms Armstrong. But please don't leave the area in case in case we need to talk to you again.

Examine Pile of Dirt.
Carmen (shocked): There was a huge bloodstained knife buried in that pile of dirt?! What if it's the murder weapon? Let's send it to Jonah at once!

Analyze Knife.
Jonah (hysterically): <Name>, thanks for helping me with Marina last time we talked! Our dinner went well, and... I have all these feelings, you know?
Carmen (winking): Aw, look at you gone all gooey, pal! I've never seen you like this!
Carmen: Sorry to bring you down from cloud nine, but we're here about the knife <Name> found buried in the gardens...
Jonah (with his hand to his fist): That wasn't any knife, <Name>! It's called a parang, and it's definitely your murder weapon!
Jonah: Angela confirmed that the blood on the parang belongs to your victim. Constance was stabbed with this knife.
Jonah: But there's something else. The parang is a traditional weapon used in silat, a regional martial art!
Jonah: Silat really rocks, <Name>! I watched a silat competition once, and-
(Carmen facepalms.)
Carmen: Stay on track, Jonah, please!
Jonah (embarassedly): Right. What I meant to say is, if your killer had this weapon, they're a pesilat, or a silat practitioner!
Carmen (pumping her fist): Well, <Name>, soon this silat-loving killer will become a practitioner of being in prison!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Carmen, your ward popped by my lab recently. That kid has an inquisitive mind!
Carmen (facepalming): Sure, except when it comes to homework! Which is what he was supposed to be doing!
Angela: Keeping track of kids is a full-time job! I know it well from when my girls were here!
Carmen: One of these days, you and I will sit down and I'll pick your brain about the whole kid-at-the-office thing.
Angela: It'll be my pleasure! But now, I guess <Name> wants my opinion on the body you sent me.
Angela: Your victim died from a stab wound to the abdomen. The blade hit the aorta, and the victim bled out in minutes.
Angela: And you'll be interested to know that, on the victim's clothes, I found traces of durian fruit!
Carmen (confused): Isn't durian that stinky... I mean, very aromatic fruit? Why's this important?
Angela (pumping her fist): Because your victim didn't have any durian in her stomach, so the traces on her clothes must've come from the killer!
Carmen (excitedly): So the killer eats durian! <Name>, we'll sure smell them coming!

Carmen: <Name>, we came to Singapore because we were tipped off to ask Michelle Zuria about SOMBRA's "next level" program for child recruits...
Carmen: But she's pretty much refused to cooperate and dropped a murder investigation in our laps instead.
Carmen: The victim, Constance Tan, apparently was an upstanding citizen, the CEO of a finance firm. Nobody's said a bad word about her.
Carmen (pondering): It's possible that she'd found evidence of someone's suspicious activity and was killed for it... but that's only conjecture.
Carmen: Constance's best friend seems genuinely upset, and even the prickly Ms Zuria praises the victim's integrity.
Carmen: Not to mention the victim's inconsolable boyfriend, who is-
(Ingrid rushes into the room.)
Ingrid (shocked): <Name>, come quick! Your victim's boyfriend is on top of a building, prepared to jump!
Carmen (shocked): What?!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we came to Singapore because we were tipped off to ask Michelle Zuria about SOMBRA's "next level" program for child recruits...
Carmen: But she's pretty much refused to cooperate and dropped a murder investigation in our laps instead.
Carmen: The victim, Constance Tan, apparently was an upstanding citizen, the CEO of a finance firm.
Carmen (pondering): It's possible that she'd found evidence of someone's suspicious activity and was killed for it... but that's only conjecture.
(Ingrid rushes into the room.)
Ingrid (shocked): <Name>, come quick! Your victim's boyfriend is on top of a building, prepared to jump!
Carmen (shocked): What?!
Ingrid: He says he'd rather jump off a rooftop than live without Constance! You have to stop him!
Carmen: <Name>, I saw Anbu was upset, but I never thought he'd do this! Let's hurry to this rooftop!

Investigate Rooftop Pool.
Anbu (crying): Why did you stop me from jumping, <Rank> <Name>? Without Constance, it's like there's a hole in my heart!
Carmen: Mr. Devanesan, we understand that her death was a blow to you, but this isn't the way! Constance wouldn't have wanted you to die.
Anbu: That''re right, she wouldn't. But I just...This pool was her favorite place in Singapore. It felt symbolic to end it here.
(Michelle enters the rooftop pool.)
Michelle (shocked): Anbu! I heard what happened!
Michelle: You shouldn't talk to officers in this state. You need rest, not an interrogation! Have some of my durian sweets, get your sugar levels up before you collapse, and let's go!
Anbu: Yes, I'll go. Thank you again for saving my life, <Rank> <Name>!
(Anbu and Michelle leave.)
Carmen: That interfering lawyer is starting to get on my nerves, <Name>! But you're right, the investigation must go on.
Carmen: I'm glad you've found some clues! This planner must belong to the victim- it's got her company badge inside.
Carmen: A page's been torn off, but an imprint of the writing remains...Dusting it will reveal what it says!
Carmen: And look, this hat's got the victim's name on the sweatband! There's an odd stain on the hat. Let's grab a sample.
Carmen: And what's with this box? It's the exact same color as the pool...If you put it in the water, it'd be invisible! Maybe someone wanted to hide it here!
Carmen: The box is locked, but I know you can crack the code! Let's get moving, <Name>!

Examine Locked Box.
Carmen (shocked): <Name>, what the heck is this device inside the box you unlocked?! There's blood all over it!
Carmen: You're right, there's no point in sending this gadget to Elliot until we know whose blood is this! Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Bloody Device.
Lars: <Name>, the device you sent me was covered in your victim's blood!
Carmen: So it must've been the killer who tried to hide this gadget by the pool! But what is it?
Elliot: Lars dragged me here to answer this, though I said I wasn't ready! <Name>, my best guess is that your gadget is a memory storage device.
Carmen (cluelessly): Your... guess? Kid, are you a technical genius or not?
Elliot: The device is heavily encrypted! Only someone with a decryption key can get in... or me, with my hacking skills. Because I am actually a genius. I'll keep trying, but it'll take time.
Carmen: Dang it, we need info NOW! The killer wanted to hide this device, and we have to know why!
Lars: I can't answer that, but listen: the victim's blood wasn't all there was on the device! Mixed in with it were also traces of Singapore Sling!
Carmen: As in, the cocktail?
Lars: Exactly. Before touching this device, the killer must've had a Singapore Sling or two!
Carmen: Well, the killer won't be boozing for long, <Name>! I hear prisons don't serve fancy cocktails!

Examine Victim's Hat.
Carmen: Nice work collecting that sample from the victim's hat, <Name>! Let's get it to Lars, quick!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Lars: Hey, Carmen! Look who's wandered into my lab!
Sanjay: It's fun here, <Name>! I'm learning lots!
Carmen: That's great, except I see you've learned the contents of Lars's pockets. Go on, give him his wallet back.
Lars: What? Sanjay hasn't done anyth- wait a second-
Sanjay: Here you go, Mr. Nice Lab Dude... I totally wasn't stealing it forever, honest!
Carmen: I know, kiddo, you just like keeping us on our toes. Now off you go, <Rank> <Name> needs to talk to Lars!
(Sanjay leaves.)
Lars: It's nice to see Sanjay so spirited even after his harrowing time with SOMBRA. You did a good thing taking him in, Carmen.
Carmen: I hope so. I feel like I'm bluffing my way through parenting so far. Anyway, what can you tell us about the blue stuff from the victim's hat <Name> found at the pool?
Lars: Your sample came from a mix containing potassium preoxymonosulfate... that is to say, a chemical used for cleaning swimming pools!
Lars: That stuff won't be just lying around for your victim to stumble onto, so I'd suggest talking to the hotel's pool boy.
Carmen: Great, then we'll track down the pool boy! Lead the way, <Name>!

Ask Brian Chua if he knew the victim.
Carmen: Mr. Chua, <Rank> <Name> is here about the murder of Constance Tan.
Brian: That lady's dead?!
Carmen: What can you tell us about her?
Brian: She often came to the swimming pool. Rich businesswoman, not a ya ya papaya... arrogant person!
Brian: Could be strict if you messed up her stuff, but a good customer, good tips. It's bad-bad that someone killed her!
Carmen: It sure is. Don't leave the area, Mr. Chua, in case <Rank> <Name> has more questions for you later!

Examine Victim's Planner.
Carmen: The note in the victim's planner says, "8:30 p.m.-meeting with Darren Hong." Pretty late for a business appointment!
Carmen: Good idea, <Name>, let's find this Darren and ask him about his meeting with the victim!

Talk to Darren Hong about the victim.
Carmen: Mr. Hong, we'd like you to answer some questions relating to the murder of Constance Tan.
Darren: To the... what?! Are you saying Constance is dead?
Carmen: She was killed this evening, and <Rank> <Name> found evidence that you had a late meeting with her, which-
Darren (clueless): Late meetings were normal for us, <Rank> <Name>! We had them nearly every day! Constance was the CEO of our company, and I was her right-hand man!
Darren: I... I can't believe I'm talking about Constance in the past tense. Her death is a terrible tragedy for the company! What are we going to do now?!
Darren: I'm very sorry, <Rank> <Name>, but I have to go! I must cancel my silat practice and call the board of directors, alert everyone... This is a catastrophe...
(After talking to Darren Hong)
Carmen: This Darren only seems upset about Constance's death because it affects their company!
Carmen: Then again, this means Constance was more useful to him alive than dead.
Carmen: But <Name>, did you notice Darren's odor? He reeked of durian fruit! I agree, we'd better note this down!
Carmen: We're making progress on this case, <Name>, but it's slow going... There's got to be something we're missing!
Carmen: You're right, let's return to the crime scene and do another sweep for clues!

Investigate Private Cabin.
Carmen: <Name>, this could be the victim's handbag! Let's look through it!
Carmen: And I agree, we should piece this torn photo back together!

Examine Victim's Handbag.
Carmen: <Name>, what's this folded paper you found in the handbag?
Carmen: Hm, it seems like this paper was a printed out email... addressed to our victim!
Carmen: If only the email weren't written in Chinese... you're right, we need Dupont's help with this!

Analyze Email Printout.
Dupont: Bonsoir, mes amis! Did you know that Singapore has four official languages- English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil?
Carmen: Fascinating, but let's focus on Chinese! What was in the email printout <Name> found at the crime scene?
Dupont: The missive was from the victim's company's board of directors. They expressed concerns over a possible conflict of interest on her part...
Dupont: Because Ms. Tan was spending much time with the head of a competing company, one Mr. Devanesan!
Carmen: What? The victim's boyfriend was her business rival?!
Carmen: Anbu didn't mention that in between all the crying! Let's talk to him at once, <Name>!

Confront Anbu Devanesan about being the victim's competitor.
Anbu (holding a Singapore Sling): <Rank> <Name>! Care for a Singapore Sling? I know, I shouldn't have returned here to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but I have to drown them in something...
Carmen: We'll pass. Mr. Devanesan, when we talked, you didn't mention being Constance's business rival!
Anbu (putting the Singapore Sling down): Ah... yes, our companies were competitors. I didn't mention this because it was the last thing on my mind.
Anbu: Constance and I met through work. We butted heads! Sparks flew! And then we fell in love!
Anbu (affectionately): I won't lie, it was hard at first. She had her company, I had mine! We were lovers separated by fate! But we made it work.
Anbu (crying): <Rank> <Name>, I planned to propose to her. But now she's dead, and this will never be!
Carmen: I want to believe you didn't kill Constance to further your business interests, Mr. Devanesan! But, if you did, you'll conduct your next business transaction from a jail cell!

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen (cluelessly): Is that a picture of our victim kissing another woman?!
Carmen: You're right, we've seen this woman before! That's Ruby, the victim's so-called best friend!
Carmen: Ruby clearly left out a few details! We'd better have another word with her!

Question Ruby Armstrong about her kissing the victim.
Carmen: Ms. Armstrong, you claimed you and Constance were friends, but we found a photo of you that-
Ruby: Oh, no! Where did you get that, <Rank> <Name>?
Ruby: Yes, I lied to you. Constance and I weren't just friends. We dated for a few years... but it was a secret.
Carmen: You say "dated"... So the relationship was over?
Ruby: Yes, because Constance dumped me!
Ruby (infuriated): Constance chose that limp noodle over me! Of course, he fit her image better than I did. He's all rich and businessy and heteronormative, and I'm just... me.
Ruby: I don't dress formally. I'm nerdy. I love durian and smell like it too often... And I'm a girl so Constance wanted to hide our relationship. I guess she got tired of me and secrets.
Carmen: You sound pretty bitter about that, Ms. Armstrong! If you killed Constance for leaving you, there'll be a pair of handcuffs waiting with you name on them!

Later on...
Carmen: <Name>, it was a nice dream that we'd come to Singapore and immediately learn more about SOMBRA's "next level" program for child recruits. Clearly, that would be too easy.
Carmen: Instead, we're grappling with the murder of a finance company CEO... and a slew of suspects allegedly saddened by her death.
Carmen: Some unconnected pieces of evidence have cropped up too, like an encrypted device the killer tried to hide at the pool.
Elliot: <Name>! I've had a breakthrough with that device! The longer I spent hacking into it, the more I recognized the patterns. I dealt with this encryption style before!
Elliot: Your device was encrypted by SOMBRA!
Carmen: What?! But that means-
Elliot: That's right! We've got a SOMBRA agent on our hands- and they killed Constance Tan!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, after getting that tip to ask Michelle Zuria about SOMBRA's "next level" program for child recruits, we thought we'd come to Singapore and learn everything we need...
Carmen (hopeless): But it's not so easy. Ms. Zuria denies knowing anything, and we've got a murder to investigate!
Carmen: We have a dead finance company CEO and a slew of suspects allegedly saddened by her death...
Carmen: And some odd clues, like an encrypted device the killer tried to hide at the pool.
(Elliot then enters the room)
Elliot: <Name>! I've had a breakthrough with that device! The longer I spent hacking into it, the more I recognized the patterns. I've dealt with this encryption style before!
Elliot: Your device was encrypted by SOMBRA!
Carmen: What?! But if the device is linked both to the killer and to SOMBRA...
Elliot (angrily): That's right! We've got a SOMBRA agent on our hands- and they killed Constance Tan!
Carmen: Dang it, this changes everything!
Carmen: <Name>, do you think this is what Constance discovered about the killer? Could she have been murdered because she'd unmasked a SOMBRA agent?
Carmen: I agree, we won't get those answers from Ms Zuria, our would-be SOMBRA consultant... She'll just deny everything again! For all we know, she's the SOMBRA agent here!
Carmen: We need new leads, STAT! Elliot, what information was on SOMBRA's device?
Elliot: I wish I knew, but I'm still trying to hack into it! I'm working as fast as I can, <Name>!
Carmen: We can't sit around waiting! Good idea, <Name>, we found the device at the pool so we should return there! Maybe our SOMBRA killer left something else behind!

Investigate Poolside Tables.
Carmen: This seems to be some award from the victim's company... There's faded text on it. Let's get your dusting brush, quick!
Carmen: That torn paper seems out of place, you're right... We can glue it back together!
Carmen: And good call grabbing that security camera, <Name>! Let's unlock it! If SOMBRA's involved in this murder, there's no time to lose!

Examine Faded Award.
Carmen: What the...! This award was apparently given to our victim for being an outstanding CEO, but Darren Hong scribbled his name on top of hers!
Carmen: Who does something like this? Well, Darren, obviously, but he told us he admired the victim's leadership! Was that a lie?
Carmen: I agree, it's time to demand answers from Darren, <Name>!

Confront Darren Hong about the victim's defaced award.
Carmen: Mr Hong, why did you deface Constance's CEO award?
Darren: Why do you think it was me, <Rank> <Name>? I'd never do that to dear Constance...
Carmen: Stop lying! You replaced her name with yours on that award!
Darren: Fine! I was upset and had a Singapore Sling too many and wrote my name on the award... But only because it should've been mine!
Darren: I should've been the head of the company! That girl was just a young upstart!
Darren: I deserved that position! I'd worked at that company longer but was passed up because Miss Perfect came along!
Carmen: So did you kill Constance to claim her spot?
Darren: Absolutely not! That's not how things work in the business world. But with me at the helm, the company will finally go in the right direction!
Carmen: You'll go straight in the direction of prison if <Rank> <Name> discovers that you murdered Constance to become CEO!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: So the victim wrote a check to a certain Brian Chua...
Carmen: Wait a second, isn't that the pool boy? Why would the victim give him a whopping 1500 Singapore Dollars?!
Carmen: I can't think of a good reason why Constance would hand all that money to Brian. We need to question him ASAP!

Interrogate Brian Chua about receiving money from the victim.
Carmen: Mr Chua, why did Constance Tan write you a check for 1500 Singapore Dollars?
Brian: Why you like that, <Rank> <Name>... I did nothing wrong... That lady just gave me money...
Carmen: If you haven't done anything wrong, you have no reason to be nervous, but you're clearly hiding something!
Brian: I'm not hiding things! It was that lady. She had a big secret. A couple of years ago, I saw her here... kissing a girl!
Brian: I was so shocked! And the lady didn't want a scandal. She gave me money so I'd keep quiet, lah!
Brian: Very good opportunity for me. I don't earn much money. Cleaning pools and teaching silat afterwards, it not a lot!
Carmen: Except, that check was recent, so you must've pressed Constance for money numerous times!
Carmen: But maybe Constance refused to pay now that she'd left her girlfriend... so she destroyed the last check!
Carmen: If we learn that you killed Constance, the next check you will get will be a medical one- in prison!

Examine Locked Security Camera.
Carmen: Let's send the security camera you unlocked to Elliot, quick! Maybe it'll help us find our SOMBRA killer.

Analyze Security Camera.
Elliot Clayton: There must be a weakness in this algorithm. If I decipher a collision in the keys-
Carmen: Kid, I know your work on this device is important for catching our SOMBRA killer...
Carmen: But we're also here about the security camera <Name> found at the pool.
Elliot: Oh, that. Yeah, your victim was on the feed... with another person. You'll see.

Start of recording...
Constance: I don't want Anbu to keep you as his lawyer! I know the kind of people you've defended in the past!
Michelle: It's not your call whom Anbu chooses as his lawyer, Ms Tan.
Michelle: Now, I've got a Singapore Sling to finish, and it's vastly more entertaining than you.
Constance: Just wait and see! I'll make sure Anbu fires you!

End of recording...
Carmen: What the heck! Here's Ms Zuria trading insults with the victim, even though she claimed she hardly knew her!
Carmen: <Name>, do you think Constance was serious about making Anbu fire Ms Zuria? That would've cost this lawyer a well-paying client! It gives her a motive for murder!
Carmen: Let's see Ms Zuria try to weasel out of this one, <Name>!

Confront Michelle Zuria about her fight with the victim.
Carmen: Ms Zuria, let's drop the pretense! We know Constance wanted her boyfriend to fire you as his lawyer!
Michelle: Where did you hear that, <Rank> <Name>? It's an unsubstantiated allegation. And now excuse me, Anbu's waiting for our silat practice....
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> found a recording of your fight with the victim, so you'd better start talking!
Michelle: Objection! There's nothing to talk about. Constance just learned who some of my old clients were and claimed I lacked ethics! Can you imagine it? Me, lacking ethics!
Michelle: Being a ridiculous do-gooder unable to see shades of grey, Constance immediately wanted Anbu to fire me. But I knew he wouldn't do it.
Carmen: And what did Constance learn about you that alarmed her so much?
Michelle: Nothing really. Constance claimed I'd defend anyone for money... but I don't think she understood how being a lawyer works.
Carmen: If you killed Constance, Ms Zuria, you'll gain a new understanding of how being in jail works.

Carmen: <Name>, we're no closer to unmasking the SOMBRA agent who killed Constance Tan, and we're racing against time! Who know what they might do next?
Carmen: Elliot's working non-stop on decrypting SOMBRA's device, but we can't just wait around for him to hack it...
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, you unearthed the murder weapon in the gardens, so we should return there! We'd better find something to break the case!

Investigate Garden Bridge.
Carmen: <Name>, that napkin has the giant wheel's logo on it! This means it came from our crime scene! It's got a weird stain on it... and some hair?! Let's get a sample, quick!
Carmen: And you're right, we should search through the trash. We've got no time to lose and a SOMBRA killer to catch! But I have a feeling they won't evade us for long!

Examine Stained Napkin.
Carmen: <Name>, let's take this sample you got from the napkin to Lars ASAP! There's no wasting time with a SOMBRA agent on the loose!

Analyze Hair.
Lars: <Name>, the hair from the napkin you found in the gardens was covered in durian juice!
Lars: Normally, this wouldn't be suspicious, but, since we know the killer eats durian...
Lars: And since the napkin clearly comes from your crime scene, the observation cabin...
Carmen: We get it, Lars! Given all that, the hair must be the killer's! What else can you tell us?
Lars: A few flimsy hairs aren't a lot to go on, but I analyzed the heck out of the DNA I could get from them...
Lars: And I know this: your killer is a man!
Lars: I'll sure enjoy it when you put this murdering SOMBRA man behind bars, <Name>!

Examine Trash Can.
Carmen: What the...! <Name>, there's blood on this sheath you found in the trash!
Carmen: And the sheath looks like it might fit a very large knife... like our murder weapon, maybe?! Let's send it to Lars, STAT! Maybe it'll reveal more about our SOMBRA killer!

Analyze Sheath.
Lars: <Name>, your instinct was right: the sheath from the garden trash matches your murder weapon!
Lars: It's the traditional sheath for the parang. Jonah told me so. At length. You know, Jonah talks a lot if you get him onto a subject he likes!
Carmen: Yes, Lars, I know! I've been friends with him for years! Try to stay on track - we've got a SOMBRA killer to catch! What else can you tell us?
Lars: I've analyzed the blood from the sheath, and it does not NOT match your victim... so it's got to be your killer's!
Carmen: The killer must've cut themselves when drawing the knife!
Lars: More importantly, this killer has the blood type A-!
Carmen: There's some bad A- blood between us and this killer, <Name>! But they won't escape justice now!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: <Name>, it's a great day when we can arrest a proven SOMBRA operative!
Carmen: Time to slap handcuffs on this agent who murdered Constance Tan! Let's not lose a minute more!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Anbu Devanesan, you're under arrest for the murder of Constance Tan!
Anbu: You think I killed the love of my life?!
Carmen: Whether you loved her or not, you left durian fruit stains on her corpse!
Anbu: I can't believe you're accusing me just because of something everyone here eats...
Carmen: We wouldn't have thought of you had we not found the sheath for your parang covered in you blood!
Anbu: I don't understand. I've never owned a parang.
Carmen: Your act is convincing, I'll give you that. But it's time to drop the mask. We know you're SOMBRA! <Rank> <Name> found your encrypted device!
Anbu: Device, what device?
(Elliot Clayton enters the room.)
Elliot: This device! <Name>, I've finally encrypted it! And there was a lot of information on it... about Mr Devanesan here!
Elliot: His main business in Singapore is laundering SOMBRA's money!
Anbu: No! How did you hack into that device? That encryption should've been unbreakable!
Carmen: So you were laundering money for SOMBRA!
Carmen: And I bet Constance found out! She told you she knew... And you killed her!
Anbu: Constance didn't know everything, but she learned I was doing something financially shady... and she stumbled onto the word "SOMBRA" without realizing what it meant.
Anbu: It was my own fault, really. I liked Constance too much, and let her get too close. She found my data device and stole it, hoping to expose me. I later took it off of her corpse.
Anbu: I tried to hide the evidence at the pool, but someone saw me... so I pretended to be suicidal. You even believed me! So touching! You thought the best of me, just like Constance did, for so long.
Anbu: Of course, as soon as Constance learned even the word "SOMBRA," I had to kill her. I was genuinely sad, by the way.
Elliot: Wow, you're one disgusting human being! <Name>, can I do this just once? Anbu Devanesan, you're under arrest for-
(Anbu pulls out a gun)
Anbu: I'm sorry, did everyone think I'd come quietly after <Rank> <Name> blew my cover?
Elliot: H-how did you get that gun into-
(Anbu takes Elliot hostage.)
Anbu: I'm getting out of here, kid! And you're coming with me!
Carmen: Drop your weapon!
Anbu: Make one wrong move, and I'll shoot him right in his clever little head. But he might live if I leave here unharmed... though I'll take him along as insurance, of course.
Anbu: May we never meet again, <Rank> <Name>!
(Anbu and Elliot leave.)
Carmen: Elliot! No!!

Shortly afterward...
Jonah: <Name>, I heard shouting! What happened?!
Carmen: It's a disaster! The SOMBRA agent took Elliot hostage and escaped with him!
Carmen: I didn't dare shoot in case he killed Elliot first! Damn it, if only you'd been there, Jonah-
Carmen: Never mind, no time for this now. We've got to find Elliot and rescue him, <Name>! We don't know what Anbu's doing to him as we speak!

The Next Level (2/6)

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, this case has taken a turn for the catastrophic! Not only has the SOMBRA agent escaped, but he's taken Elliot hostage!
Carmen: I's my fault, <Name>. If I'd acted quicker-
Marina: Don't blame yourself, Carmen. Anbu would've shot Elliot had you done anything!
Carmen: We've got to find them, <Name>! But where do we start?!
(Jack comes in, clutching his bleeding shoulder.)
Jack: <Name>! I... I saw... Elliot...
Jack: The... argh.... man... they went...
Carmen: Jack?! You've been shot! We have to take you to the infirmary! We'll patch you up and then you'll tell us where you saw Elliot!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, don't stop at Jack - you also need to question Michelle Zuria! Anbu was her client. She might know how track him down!
Chief Ripley: Carmen will take Jack to the infirmary. Go interrogate Michelle with Marina, and don't come back without answers! Elliot's life is on the line!

Interrogate Michelle Zuria about SOMBRA and her client.
Marina: Ms Zuria, it's time you gave us some answers! Your client's taken one of our colleagues hostage!
Michelle: What?!
Marina: I understand your concerns about client confidentiality, but Anbu belongs to a criminal organization... and surely you understand how crucial your help is!
Michelle: I... Fine, I had suspicions. I saw the word "SOMBRA" once in Anbu's files. I never asked, figuring I didn't want to know.
Marina: How oddly circumspect of you! Well, we can tell you that Anbu's real business in Singapore was laundering money for SOMBRA!
Michelle: He never told me that. I guess I just saw the good parts of him... I know he gave a lot of money to charity, to help raise orphaned kids to the "next level"...
Marina: The "next level"? Is that what he said? <Name>, you're right - this means Anbu was funding SOMBRA's recruit program! That's where he rerouted the laundered money!
Marina: Ms Zuria, you're clearly an intelligent person, someone who notices details that others miss... Surely, you can tell us more to help save our colleague!
Michelle: Well... the last we talked, Anbu mentioned having hidden something in the observation cabin. But he never had time to tell me what it was!
Marina: He hid something in the cabin? I agree, <Name>, we should definitely go find it! We're racing against the clock here!
Michelle: Before you leave... <Rank> <Name>, since I inadvertently hindered your investigation, let me make this contribution to your search!

Investigate Observation Cabin.
Marina: <Name>, Ms Zuria mentioned that Anbu hid something here...
Marina: And that basket you grabbed looks like the perfect hiding place! Let's search through it ASAP!

Examine Basket.
Marina: <Name>, this paper you found in the basket might be what the SOMBRA agent wanted to hide! We need to restore it! There's not a moment to lose!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Marina: What... <Name>, the young man on this document looks familiar... wasn't he murdered in Bangkok?!
Marina: That's right, the photo is of Thanid Tongproh... And you discovered that he was one of SOMBRA's recruits! This must be SOMBRA's file on him!
Marina: The terms here are very dehumanizing: "test subject," "experiment successful"... What experiment?
Marina: <Name>, I'm getting the eerie impression that SOMBRA's gone further than brainwashing kids. They also seem to be experimenting on them!
Marina: And these are the people who have Elliot hostage! We need to rescue him before he ends up as their test subject, too!
Marina: You're right, only one person here came close enough to SOMBRA to maybe have the answers we seek...
Marina: It's terrible to remind Sanjay of his SOMBRA days, but we can't avoid it. Let's go!

Ask Sanjay Korrapati about SOMBRA's experiments.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>, I heard about Elliot! SOMBRA took him! Will they take me back next?
Marina: No! Sanjay, you're safe here, we promise!
Marina: We wanted to ask you something, though. I know these are tough memories, but, while you were with SOMBRA, did you ever hear about them... experimenting on people?
Sanjay: I... There were whispers. About other kids, who'd done well, going away and returning... different. Or not returning ever.
Sanjay: But it was pretty scary, so I didn't want to believe it...
Marina: Thank you for telling us about this.
Sanjay: <Name>, I want to help you find Elliot somehow... here, SOMBRA will never see you coming if you're wearing this!

Check what Jack Archer knows about Elliot's location.
(Part of Jack's sleeve is ripped off now to make way for a bandage on his arm wound.)
Carmen: Jack, are you alright? What happened?
Jack: I heard a commotion at the headquarters... And then I saw someone marching Elliot out with a gun!
Jack: I didn't know what was happening, but I quickly followed them!
Jack: I tailed them all the way to the garden, but then the guy saw me and fired at me!
Carmen: You're lucky to be alive! That "guy" was a SOMBRA agent!
Jack: You mean it's a SOMBRA agent who's got Elliot?! <Name>, we have to hurry! What if this maniac decides to shoot Elliot next?
Carmen: You've done good Jack, but now sit tight and leave the gardens to us! If there's any trace of Elliot, we'll find it! Let's go, <Name!>

Investigate Bay Gardens.
Carmen: <Name>, you're right, I recognize this tie! Anbu was wearing it!
Carmen: There are blood stains on the tie.... Do you think... maybe Elliot managed to knock Anbu out?
Carmen: <Name>, if anything happens to Elliot-
Carmen: You're right, we have to focus! Let's get a sample of this blood, quick!

Examine Killer's Tie.
Carmen: Let's send the blood you found on Anbu's tie to Lars, STAT! We need to know what happened here!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: <Name>, I'm afraid I've got some bad news...
Lars: The blood you found on Anbu's tie was a match for Elliot's!
Carmen: So Elliot's injured!
Carmen: That SOMBRA scum will pay for hurting him!
Lars: What's more, I found some saliva mixed in with the blood.
Lars: In plain words, the tie was used to gag Elliot.
Carmen: That poor kid... Hurt and gagged and-
Carmen: Wait a second, but <Name> found the gag. What happened to Elliot that the SOMBRA agent no longer needs to gag him?
Lars: I can think of two obvious choices... He could be unconscious or dea-
Carmen: Don't say it! <Name>, we need to talk to Jonah! He's an expert on hostage situations, he'll know what to do!

Ask Jonah Karam's advice on tracking Anbu down.
Carmen: Jonah, we're running out of time! Elliot's in SOMBRA's hands and <Name> found a gag with his blood on it... What if he's dead?!
Jonah: Carmen, think rationally. The SOMBRA agent grabbed Elliot to use him as a body shield. He won't get rid of this useful hostage while he knows we're looking for him.
Jonah: This agent also knows he's messed up big, now <Name>'s blown his cover. But, if he brings them Elliot, SOMBRA might be more forgiving...
Carmen: Yes, I'm sure SOMBRA would like to get their hands on a genius hacker! But how can we find him before they do?
Jonah: You should hurry back to the gardens, <Name>! There must be other traces of Elliot, something that'll give you a lead on his location!
Jonah: But grab a snack or something to get a boost before you go, <Name>! You won't help Elliot by collapsing on the job!

Investigate Garden Bridge.
Carmen: <Name>, I recognized this phone! It belongs to Elliot! It looks like someone's stepped on it...
Carmen: But I think the phone's still functioning. I hope you can unlock it! It could be the key to saving Elliot!

Examine Elliot's Phone.
Carmen: Only you could've bypassed Elliot's defenses and unlocked his phone, <Name>! And...look, he was writing a message!
Carmen: The message says, "u2x;;i,, docks." The first part looks like nonsense, as if he'd typed without looking... But what about the last word, "docks"? Was that on purpose?
Carmen: I don't know if Elliot's message was for us, <Name>, but you're right, we'd better better alert the others!

Shortly afterward...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, report at once! Have you learned where the SOMBRA agent took Elliot?
Carmen: <Name> found Elliot's phone in the gardens. Elliot seemed to be writing a message... something about the docks?
Jonah: The docks! Of course! The agent must be planning to escape by ship!
Marina: Then we should rush there, because it's worse than you think! We've got proof that SOMBRA's experimenting on people!
Marina: We don't know exactly what they're doing, but we need to find Elliot before he becomes their test subject!
Jonah: Then we must move out NOW! Carmen and I will go to the docks with you, <Name>! Let's gear up!

At the docks...
(Anbu is holding Elliot at gunpoint.)
Anbu: You again, <Rank> <Name>! How did you find me?
Anbu: Don't come a step closer!
Jonah: You've got nowhere to run! Freeze and drop your weapon, or I'll shoot!
Anbu: Before you do that, I'll pull the trigger and your little tech genius will-
(Jonah fires a shot, wounding Anbu's hand and forcing him to release Elliot.)
Anbu: My hand!
Jonah: There you are, kid, come here!
Anbu: No... this can't be happening... I can't have failed SOMBRA...
Elliot: Yeah, you've failed! You're under arrest!
Anbu: Don't think you've won! Maybe I've failed, but SOMBRA never will!
Carmen: Never mind him, Elliot. You're safe now!
Elliot: Don't look at me like that, Carmen. I'm... I'm fine!
Carmen (hugging Elliot): Of course you aren't fine, but it's alright. We've got you now.
Carmen: And <Name> is taking Anbu straight to the Courthouse!

At the Courthouse...
Judge Adaku: Anbu Devanesan, you stand accused of murdering Constance Tan...
Judge Adaku: Engaging in financial fraud on behalf of SOMBRA, whose schemes you helped fund...
Judge Adaku: And taking a member of an international law enforcement agency hostage!
Judge Adaku: Your guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but if you choose to cooperate with the Court and answer questions about SOMBRA's plans-
Anbu: Cooperate with the Court? Are you stupid? I killed Constance, a woman I genuinely liked, just because she happened to hear the word "SOMBRA" in connection with me.
Anbu: You want me to answer for my crimes- fine. I plead guilty. I murdered Constance. I took your clever colleague hostage. But I'm not giving you no information on SOMBRA, whatever you do!
Judge Adaku: Your loyalty to that organization does you no credit! This Court sentences you to life in prison!
Anbu: Let's see if your prison can hold me that long!

Elliot: <Name>, please tell everyone to stop fussing over me. I'm fine. Absolutely fine. Really.
Marina: Elliot, its perfectly normal not to feel okay after your recent ordeal. If you ever need to talk-
Elliot: Sure. Whatever. I'm fine.
Sanjay: You're lucky to escape SOMBRA.
Elliot: I always knew I'd escaped. I knew <Name> would rescue me.
Jack: Here's something you didn't know: while looking for you, <Name> learned more about SOMBRA's "next level" program for their kids.
Jack: We've got evidence that this program involves experimenting on recruits!
Elliot: Tell me you're kidding...
Carmen: No, it's true! But Anbu refused to tell us anything! Somewhere, SOMBRA is experimenting on kids... And we don't know where to start looking!
Carmen: I'd almost hope to hear from X again - after all, Ms Zuria did turn out to know something, as they'd said... but they haven't contacted us, and we're completely out of leads!
Elliot: Actually, while I was... while I was away, at one point that idiot thought I was unconscious and he could talk freely. He called someone to arrange a boat...
Elliot: And he mentioned going to Indonesia!
Carmen: Indonesia? What's in Indonesia?
Chief Ripley: If it's a SOMBRA agent's first port of call, there must be something there worth investigating!
Chief Ripley: And I'd rather trust Elliot's intel than wait around for leads from that X.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, pack you bags! We're going to Indonesia!

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