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David Jones: <Name>, I still can't believe we've buried our colleague and friend, Rupert!
Jones: He volunteered to go to the dome undercover, to learn about the meteorite... But he was recognized by a DreamLife employee who knew him from college! We never could have foreseen this!
Chief Parker: Jones, now's not the time to grieve, unless you want Rupert to have died in vain!
Chief Parker: Rupert managed to steal an access card to the lab where the meteorite is being studied... and we also synthesized the lead researcher's DNA to fool the authentication system!
Chief Parker: It's the middle of the night, now's your best shot at going to that lab without anyone seeing you!
Jones: <Name>, you heard the Chief! Let's go to the dome and finally take a look at this mysterious meteorite!

In front of the meteorite lab...
Jones: Alright, <Name>, this is the lab where DreamLife keeps the meteorite! Now's our chance to get in, while everyone's asleep!
Jones: First we'll scan the badge...
Jones: "Scanning badge... Badge authorized. Please provide DNA sample."
Jones (sweating): I hope the "breath spray" Cathy made from Hoover's DNA will fool this security system!
Jones: "Breath analysis in progress..."
Jones: "Access granted."
Jones: It worked! Come on, <Name>, let's slip in and finally see that meteorite!

Chapter 1

Investigate Meteorite Analysis Lab.
David Jones: Oh, my God, <Name>! That woman's been beheaded!
Jones: And you're right, we know her! It's Barb Bellamy, the dome Chief of Security!
Jones: What was she doing here?! Do you think she was guarding the meteorite-
Rozetta: Stop right there!
Rozetta: Oh, my God, Barb's dead! You murdered her!
Jones: What?! We're the police! You're not seriously going to pin this on us, are you?!
Rozetta: Why else would you be here in the middle of the night?!
Jones: This is ridiculous! Calm down, Ms Pierre, let's just talk this through!

Talk to Rozetta.
Rozetta: <Rank> <Name>, I can't believe this! First you send spies into my dome, and now you're straight-up killing my employees!
Rozetta: Did Barb walk in on you while you were snooping around? That's why you killed her, isn't it?
Jones: Come on, you know we didn't kill her! We're police officers, not murderers!
Rozetta: You're trespassers, and I found you next to a dead body! I'm taking this to the Chief of Police, Detective Jones, and making sure you face punishment for your crimes!

Shortly after, in the Chief's office...
Chief Parker: <Name>, I'm not going to lie... this is bad.
Jones: Chief, everyone knows Rozetta's lying! Surely she can't actually accuse us of murder!
Chief Parker: You have to understand, the only way I can explain your presence here is by admitting we entered that lab with a stolen badge, which would not do us any favors.
Jones: So what are we gonna do?!
Chief Parker: Judge Powell has negotiated with Rozetta to give us twelve hours to investigate.
Chief Parker: Needless to say, this means we don't have time to investigate the meteorite. This murder couldn't have come at a worse time.
Chief Parker: Rozetta's particularly bent on accusing you, Jones. Which means you cannot go back to the dome with <Name>.
Jones: That's absurd! I didn't kill anyone!
Chief Parker: Yes, and that's why we will not bother interrogating you. But nevertheless, Gloria will investigate Bellamy's death with <Name>.
Chief Parker: <Name>, you only have twelve hours. You had better make the most of them! Go back to the lab and solve that murder!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Martine: Well, <Name>, this victim certainly didn't need much examination to determine the cause of death! Ms Bellamy's head was cut completely off!
Martine: The body was still warm when you brought it in. She couldn't have been dead more than five minutes when you found her.
Gloria: So the killer was in the lab just before we got there! Did the body hold any other important clues?
Martine: Yes! I found traces of baking soda on Ms Bellamy's chest, right where the killer knocked her down and cut off her head.
Martine: This means your killer uses baking soda!
Gloria: Well, <Name>, no amount of baking soda will clean the blood from this killer's hands!

Investigate Meteorite Analysis Lab again.
Gloria: I know this is a sorry business and all, but oh my God, look at that meteorite!
Gloria: I never expected it to be made out of crystals! What could DreamLife be doing with it?
Gloria: You're right - unfortunately, this will have to wait. We only have twelve hours to figure out who killed Bellamy!
Gloria: Our first step should be to figure out who else could have been here at such a late hour! The label on those geology tools should tell us, if you can recover it!
Gloria: And good point! There's only one other way out of this lab, which means whoever killed Bellamy HAD to exit through it! We need to have a look outside!

Examine Tool Set.
Gloria: <Name>, that geology toolkit belongs to an "E. Fuller." He must be working here researching the meteorite.
Gloria: Let's see if this E. Fuller can help us!

Talk to Emilio Fuller about the murder.
Emilio (yawning): It's the middle of the night. What's going on, Officers?
Gloria: Forgive us for walking you, Mr Fuller. The Chief of Security has just been found dead in the meteorite lab. We're investigating.
Emilio: What? Bellamy's dead?! ... Did they damage the meteorite?!
Gloria: The meteorite's fine, which is more than can be said for Bellamy. Do you have any idea who might have gone to the lab so late?
Emilio: Who WOULDN'T be at the lab? It's the coolest place under the dome! I would have been there, if only I didn't need to sleep sometimes!
Gloria: Yeah, that sounds pretty exciting. What kind of work are you doing, exactly?
Emilio: Oh, I can't tell you about it, of course. But believe me, it's AMAZING! Groundbreaking!
Gloria: Well, if you think of anything that might help us, please seek us out.

Investigate Laboratory Steps.
Gloria: This saw is covered in blood! This must be what the killer used to cut Bellamy's head off!
Gloria: So we've got our murder weapon! The killer must've dumped it here as they fled the lab!
Gloria: Let's get a sample of the blood on that saw!
Gloria: And let's piece this broken clipboard back together to see what we can learn from it!
Gloria: Rozetta's trying to pin Bellamy's murder on us, <Name>, but these clues will help us find the real killer!

Examine Broken Clipboard.
Gloria: <Name>, this looks like an employee file for a janitor.
Gloria: It says that he's got clearance everywhere. That means he'd be allowed in the meteorite lab, too.
Gloria: There's no name, but the photo should be enough to figure out who the guy is.

Examine Employee Photo.
Gloria: It looks like the janitor on the employee file is named Cyril Shelwater.
Gloria: If he had access to the meteorite lab, we definitely need to talk to him!

Talk to Cyril Shelwater about the murder.
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, the Chief of Security was murdered in the meteorite lab. We know you have clearance to enter. Did you see anything suspicious?
Cyril: Ms Bellamy was murdered?! Holy smokes!
Cyril: I was in the meteorite earlier. I like to clean at night, 'cause nobody's around. But I didn't see anyone.
Cyril: This is a crazy place, though, <Rank> <Name>. Lotsa secrets. Some hidden in plain sight, I'd imagine.
Gloria: Yeah, we know. Is there anything you can tell us?
Cyril: No, but I guess I have a pretty big mess to clean up. Better go!
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, the lab is currently our crime scene! Entry is forbidden until further notice!

Examine Bloody Saw.
Gloria: <Name>, let's get this sample of blood you took from the murder weapon to Amir for examination!

Analyze Blood.
Gloria: Amir, how are you holding up? It must feel strange to work alone in this lab.
Amir: I don't want to talk about it.
Amir: Let's get straight to the matter at hand. You're here about the victim's blood you collected from the murder weapon, right?
Amir: Well, it was very strange at first, because the blood was more acidic than it should have been.
Amir: And I discovered tiny globules that were not the congealed platelets I expected to find...
Amir: It turns out the increased acidity of the sample was because the blood got contaminated with orange juice!
Amir: The killer spilled orange juice on the murder weapon!
Gloria: <Name>, we're on our way to neutralizing this acidic killer!

Later, outside the meteorite lab...
Gloria: <Name>, our plan to sneak into the meteorite lab with the access card Rupert had stolen for us ended in disaster!
Gloria: ... we also have Rozetta blaming us for the murder! She's just trying to frame us so she can get rid of us!
Gloria: The Chief bought us twelve hours, three of which are already gone.
Gloria: So far, our suspect list includes a lab tech working on meteorite research...
Gloria: ... and a janitor who had access to the lab, and likes to stay up late.
Gloria: And with all of that, we're not any closer to figuring out what they're doing with that meteorite!
Gloria: All we know for know is that it's made of crystals, and-
Gloria: Did you hear that, <Name>? It sounded like it came from that utility building over there!
Gloria: Is someone hiding in there? <Name>, we're being spied on!

Chapter 2

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, thanks to Rupert's bravery, we finally managed to get into DreamLife's meteorite lab with a stolen access card...
Gloria: Only to find the dome Chief of Security with her head cut off!
Gloria: What's worse, Rozetta walked in just when you were standing over the body, and accused Jones of the murder!
Gloria: The Chief negotiated for some time to investigate, but now we've only got nine hours left to find-
Gloria: <Name>, did you hear that clanging sound? It came from that utility building over there!
Gloria: I think someone's hiding in there! Let's go check it out, but be real quiet!

Investigate Power Supply Room.
Gloria: <Name>, that clanking definitely came from here... But I can't see anyone!
Gloria: What IS this place, anyway? Look at all these pipes!
Gloria: You're right, maybe that storage bin could tell us who was hiding here in the middle of the night. Let's dig in!
Gloria: And this ticket book was Bellamy's! She must have used this to hand out infraction notices to DreamLife employees.
Gloria: I can see the impression of the last ticket she wrote. Let's try to recover the text!
Gloria: And you're right, Barb's name is also on this card!
Gloria: And there's a lipstick kiss on the plant pot too! Did Barb have a girlfriend?
Gloria: Bellamy didn't strike me as the romantic type, but people are full of surprises! That lipstick kiss should tell us who was smitten with her! Let's get a sample!
Gloria: Well, now we've got some clues to work with! Let's show Rozetta who's in charge here!

Examine Storage Bin.
Gloria: <Name>, this weird little alien keychain in that storage bin is stained with blood! Do you think it could've come from our crime scene?
Gloria: You're right, the lab will tell us if it's the victim's blood on the keychain!

Analyze Bloody Keychain.
Jasper: Amir, this is ridiculous! Come here tonight. Please!
Amir: I told you, I don't want to see you right now! Just give me some space!
Jasper (sweating): Oh, <Name>... I hadn't seen you come in.
Amir: Leave us alone, Jasper. We've got work to do.
Jasper: Alright, I'll be home, if you want to come back.
(Jasper leaves.)
(Amir stands, speechless.)
Gloria: Amir, is there something you need to talk about?
Amir: Talk? Yes, let's talk about the clue you brought in. The blood on the keychain is your victim's.
Amir: Then I was curious about this weird alien, so I searched for a match online.
Amir: It turns out that the keychain is a free gift one receives upon subscribing to Wondrous Worlds, a science fiction magazine.
Amir: <Name>, your killer reads this magazine!
Gloria: So our killer reads Wondrous Worlds magazine! Thank you, Amir! And the offer to talk still stands. We're here for you if you need us.

Examine Romantic Gift.
Gloria: Excellent, <Name>, now let's get the lipstick sample from the plant to the lab for testing! It should tell us who gave this gift to our victim!

Analyze Lipstick Sample.
Martine: Oh, là là, <Name>, I heard you took this sample from a lipstick kiss on a lipstick kiss on a flower! How romantic!
Martine: What a beautiful gesture! Succulents' tolerance of harsh desert climates makes them symbolic of enduring and timeless love!
Gloria: That's nice... But did you get any good leads from the sample?
Martine: The kiss that left the lipstick was... emphatic, to say the least, which made it très simple to collect DNA from it for testing.
Martine: Lucky for us, DreamLife collects DNA from their employees, so it was easy to determine that the gift was from Wendy Stokes, a botanist in the dome!
Gloria: So Bellamy was dating one of the dome scientists?
Gloria: I didn't think that place would lend itself to romance, but we'd better talk to Wendy!

Talk to Wendy Stokes about her relationship with the victim.
Gloria: Ms Stokes, we're here investigating the murder of Barb Bellamy. We understand you were close.
Wendy (crying): Oh God, they told me about... the murder... I can't believe Barb's dead!
Gloria: How long had you been together? The dome doesn't seem like the type of environment where romance could... bloom.
Wendy (crying): Well, we kept our relationship on the down-low. But Barb was so funny and kind, we quickly hit it off.
Gloria: Bellamy was "funny and kind"? I don't think anyone's described her like that before!
Wendy (crying): Oh, she had to be tough as Chief of Security... but in private, she was lovely!
Wendy (crying): And now... she's dead!

Gloria: <Name>, Wendy was understandably upset... But with Rozetta's clock ticking, we need new leads and we need them fast! Where do you think we should go now?
Gloria: Good idea, let's have another look at the steps outside the crime scene!

Investigate Laboratory Walkway.
Gloria: <Name>, you found the victim's phone! Let's unlock it!
Gloria: And if someone tried to access the lab at this hour, we need to know who it was! Let's reassemble the badge, pronto!

Examine Broken Badge
Gloria: <Name>, that temporary access badge belonged to Philip Hoover!
Gloria: So he DID realize his original access badge to the meteorite lab had been stolen!
Gloria: He could have used this temporary badge to access the crime scene around the time of the murder! Let's go and question Hoover, <Name>!

Ask Philip Hoover if he's been at the crime scene.
Gloria: Dr Hoover, we found your access badge in front of the lab. There's been a murder, so we want to know if you can account for your movements.
Philip (sweating): I... erm... with all this chaos around here, I don't even know if I'm coming or going, <Rank> <Name>!
Philip: First, my original badge goes missing... then I break the second one...
Philip (sweating): All of this stress is wreaking havoc on my organism! Even orange juice and baking soda aren't helping anymore!
Gloria: It must be quite stressful, working with that big, glittery meteorite, huh?
Philip (pointing his finger): Do you think I'm naive? I've got nothing to say to you about the meteorite OR the murder! Good night!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Gloria: Great! Now that the victim's phone is unlocked, we can send it to Cathy to look through!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Cathy: Hello, <Name>! How are you holding up, with Rozetta breathing down your neck?
Gloria: It's stressful, but thankfully <Name>'s on top of things.
Cathy: Well, I think what I found on the victim's phone will interest you.
Cathy: The texts and emails didn't give me anything interesting. But the calendar app did!
Cathy: Rozetta had scheduled a meeting with Ms Bellamy in the meteorite lab a mere ten minutes before you got there!
Gloria: So that's why Barb was in the lab! And that's how Rozetta walked in on <Name> and Jones!
Gloria: Well, it appears the tables have turned, <Name>! It's time we drill Rozetta for answers!

Interrogate Rozetta about her meeting with the victim.
Gloria: So, Ms Pierre, you thought accusing us of murder would take attention away from yourself as a suspect! But you can't fool <Rank> <Name> that easily!
Rozetta: What are you talking about? I walked in on Detective Jones with the dead body!
Gloria: You were the one who called Bellamy to that lab! You had a meeting with her just before the time of the murder!
Rozetta: Of course I had a meeting with Bellamy! It's been one breach of security after another lately! Who am I supposed to discuss it with but my Chief of Security?
Rozetta: But I was in such a rush that I spilled my orange juice on my shirt and had to leave it to soak in baking soda to get the stain out.
Rozetta: So I got to the meeting late, only to find your partner standing over Bellamy's dead body!
Rozetta: If he truly had nothing to do with it, <Rank> <Name>, you'd better hurry up and find the person who did. You don't have much time!

Examine Victim's Ticket Book.
Gloria: <Name>, the last ticket Bellamy wrote in her infraction book was to Cyril Shelwater, the janitor!
Gloria: And look, that clearly wasn't his first! Bellamy says it's his twelfth infraction, and that he was on "thin ice"!
Gloria: Clearly Mr Shelwater had gotten on our victim's bad side! Let's see what he has to say about it!

Ask Cyril Shelwater about his citation from the victim.
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, it appears you got into trouble with Agent Bellamy on numerous occasions.
Cyril: God, that woman was a nightmare!
Cyril: I worked ten years in a hospital before coming here! Strict environment, dangerous, cleanin' up stuff you never even knew existed in a human body!
Cyril: I even developed my own special recipe for cleaing the floors using baking soda and detergent. Got the ratio absolutely perfect.
Cyril: But none of that prepared me for Bellamy! What a psychopath! Her last ticket was for leaving my mop bucket in a "physically dangerous position"!
Cyril: It was on the floor, against the wall! How'm I supposed to mop if I can't have the bucket handy?
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, it's clear that you saw Agent Bellamy as your nemesis, but I hope you didn't kill her!
Cyril: No, no, SHE saw me as a rebel, but I'm an upstanding citizen. I drink my orange juice in the morning and do my job like anyone else!

Later, at the station...
Gloria: The clock is ticking, <Name>, and we've got to find Barb Bellamy's killer!
Gloria: We know Wendy Stokes was dating the victim; she insists that Barb was a warm and loving person in her private life.
Gloria: On the other hand, the janitor clearly had a grudge. Could twelve citations from Bellamy have pushed him over the edge?
Gloria: As for Hoover and Rozetta, they're infuriating, as usual!
Chief Parker: <Name>, what on earth did you do to Rozetta?!
Gloria: We were just doing our job? We found out-
Chief Parker: Whatever you did, it's not good! She's talked to Judge Powell!
Chief Parker: Now you've only got THREE HOURS to wrap up this case!

Chapter 3

Gloria Hayes: <Name>, it's the middle of the night, and we're still trying to figure out who decapitated the dome's Chief of Security in the meteorite lab.
Gloria: Unfortunately, Rozetta found you and Jones at the crime scene and tried to point the finger at Jones! And now-
Chief Parker: <Name>, WHAT did you say to Rozetta?!
Chief Parker: She talked to Judge Powell, and I don't know what strings she pulled, but now you've only got three hours to wrap up this case!
Gloria: Three hours to solve a murder?! Judge Powell knows what our job entails, right?
Chief Parker: Of course, but Rozetta's got the upper hand. She's hell-bent on pressing charges against Jones if you don't find the real killer soon!
Gloria: With only three hours to crack this case, we'd better search in all the right places! <Name>, let's start at the scene of the crime!

Investigate Meteorite Display.
Gloria: <Name>, this anonymous letter was addressed to our victim!
Gloria: The letter says, "Barb, if you don't leave, you'll die!"
Gloria: It's covered in some kind of powder... Vacuuming up a sample might tell us who sent this!
Gloria: And is that a stress ball with the victim's face printed on it?
Gloria: Someone clearly needed to release some pent-up anger against Bellamy! Let's get some fingerprints from the ball to find out who it was!
Gloria: And whose broken trophy is this? Let's reassemble it! With such limited time, we need every clue we can get!

Examine Broken Trophy.
Gloria: <Name>, that trophy belongs to Emilio Fuller! It's from MIT! That's like the topmost science college, pretty impressive!
Gloria: There's no way Emilio would've broken this. Let's get him to explain!

Talk to Emilio Fuller about his broken trophy.
Gloria: Mr Fuller, we found your trophy in pieces. Why would you have broken such a prestigious award?
Emilio: I didn't break it, that stupid Bellamy did!
Gloria: Bellamy broke it? Why would she do that?
Emilio: Because she had no respect for me or my achievements! She said the award was probably for a baking soda volcano! As if I couldn't do more impressive things with baking soda!
Emilio: She acted like I wasn't a top scientist from a prestigious university! She'd see me drinking orange juice and say, "Hey, kid, how's your juice box?"
Emilio: And one time, she saw me reading Wondrous Worlds, and asked me if I got my diploma from an ad in the back of the magazine! She had no respect for me!
Emilio: It's possible she got killed because she looked down her nose at someone else, and that someone couldn't stand it!

Examine Victim's Face.
Gloria: Now that we've dusted the stress ball for fingerprints, let's get it to the lab!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Amir: You know, <Name>, I can't say I've ever seen a clue that was a stress ball with the victim's face printed on it!
Amir: I had joked with Rupert that I'd get a stress ball like this with his face printed on it, 'cause he really drove me nuts sometimes!
Amir: I wish he were still here to argue with me.
Gloria: So do we, Amir.
Amir: Anyway, you're here for the results. The fingerprints on the stress ball are Philip Hoover's!
Gloria: The stress ball is Hoover's? I guess that makes sense! That man is anxiety personified at this point!
Gloria: But did his stress lead him to murder? You're right, <Name>, the sooner we find out, the better! Let's question Hoover!

Ask Philip Hoover about his stress ball.
Gloria: Dr Hoover, what compelled you to make a stress ball with Bellamy's face printed on it?
Philip: Bellamy was absolutely useless and always in the way! It was infuriating!
Philip: She was supposed to make my work easier by keeping people OUT of my lab! Instead, she kept coming IN!
Philip: I like to work in the lab late at night, so I'm not disturbed. But Bellamy would always pop up, saying she was doing her rounds!
Philip: I'm the head of the meteorite department! I don't need any supervision!
Gloria: It mostly sounds like you don't want people to see what you do in there... enough to kill, perhaps?
Philip: If I were to kill anyone under this dome, it would be that janitor who tried to chum up with me because he saw me reading Wondrous Worlds! At least Bellamy served SOME use!
Gloria: Well, let's hope you didn't relieve some stress by cutting Bellamy's head off!

Examine Threatening Letter.
Gloria: We've collected the powder from the threat written to our victim! Let's put it under the microscope to see what it is!

Examine Colored Powder.
Gloria: <Name>, the powder on that threatening letter was fertilizer!
Gloria: Wait, does this mean the letter was sent by Wendy Stokes? She's a botanist, she's got her hands in fertilizer all day!
Gloria: Wendy said that she was madly in love with the victim! Why would she have sent her a death threat? You're right, we must talk to her! 

Interrogate Wendy Stokes about her threatening letter.
Gloria: Dr Stokes, we found your letter to your girlfriend, Barb. "If you don't leave, you'll die!" Is that your idea of romance?
Wendy (sweating): How did you know I wrote it? I specifically used bits from one of my copes of Wondrous Worlds so Barb wouldn't know it was from me!
Gloria: But why on earth would you write an anonymous death threat to your girlfriend?
Wendy (sweating): It wasn't a threat! It was a warning! I was afraid of what might happen to us if we stayed in here another day!
Wendy: Haven't you notice by now, <Rank> <Name>? This place is hell! Everyone is scared of Rozetta! If you knew some of the things I've heard...
Gloria: Well, tell us those things! We're the police, and we want to know!
Wendy: Are you crazy? After what happened to Barb?! I'm not saying anything! I'm leaving this place as soon as I can!

Later, outside the meteorite lab...
Gloria: Everyone around here is very on-edge, <Name>!
Gloria: The victim's girlfriend was so concerned for their safety that she wanted Barb to leave the dome with her... or so she claims.
Gloria: We also found out that Hoover resented the victim for her frequent "intrusions" on his work in the lab.
Gloria: All plausible motives, but no substantial proof just yet...
Gloria: Good thinking! We know the killer hid evidence in the utility building by the lab. Let's go take another look!

Investigate Supply Consoles.
Gloria (holding a fire extinguisher): <Name>, be careful! We need to extinguish that fire!
(Gloria extinguishes the fire.)
Gloria: Phew! The fire's out. What do you think started it?
Gloria: You think someone could've been trying to burn evidence? The only way to know is to dig through this trash can and see what we can find!
Gloria: And you found the victim's radio!
Gloria: Not only is it blood-stained, but there's also something caught in the grille. Let's collect it!
Gloria: We're getting close, <Name>! Our time's almost up, but Rozetta can't have the last laugh!

Examine Victim's Radio.
Gloria: Let's get the fiber sample you collected from the victim's radio to Amir!

Analyze Fibers.
Gloria: Amir, we need to find Bellamy's murderer before Rozetta's deadline, or she'll press charges against Jones! What can you tell us about the fiber sample we found on Bellamy's radio receiver?
Amir: The fibers probably got caught in the receiver when your killer held Bellamy down to... cut off her head.
Amir: And they're the type of silk thread commonly used for necktie liners, not the necktie fabric itself.
Amir: So while I can't tell you what color it is, your killer definitely wears a necktie!
Gloria: We'll have the killer by the scruff of their neck in no time, <Name>!

Examine Smoldering Trash Can.
Gloria: <Name>, the burning trash can contain a copy of Wondrous Worlds!
Gloria: Wondrous Worlds is the sci-fi magazine our killer reads! This can't be a coincidence! The killer was trying to get rid of evidence!
Gloria: Let's send this clue to the lab! I'm sure it'll tell us something about our killer!

Analyze Burned Magazine.
Gloria: So, Amir, did you discover anything about our killer from their burned magazine?
Amir: It looks like the killer's penchant for science fiction has helped do them in!
Amir: On the edges of the pages I found a mixture of rubbing alcohol and glycerin, ingredients commonly found in mixtures for cleaning glasses.
Amir: Your killer had the substance on their fingers as they turned the pages of the magazine. They definitely wear glasses!
Gloria: Well, <Name>, our killer may wear glasses, but they won't see you coming!

After completing all the tasks...
Gloria: With minutes to spare, we've discovered the person behind Bellamy's murder! Rozetta's attempts to frame us for the crime have definitely failed!
Gloria: Come on, <Name>, let's go cuff our killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Gloria: Cyril Shelwater, you're under arrest for the murder of Barb Bellamy!
Cyril: What? You're blaming me for Bellamy's murder? You're as quick to point fingers as she was!
Gloria: Speaking of fingers, yours were still covered in baking soda when you held Bellamy down!
Cyril: This is a scientific facility! Everyone here uses baking soda!
Gloria: You know, for a janitor, you've been pretty sloppy. You've left blood-stained clues all over the place!
Cyril: I'd like to see you try to keep this place spotless yourself! In any case, littering doesn't make me a murderer.
Gloria: Stop lying! We know that you actively tried to get rid of evidence! But <Rank> <Name> found your magazine, and your glasses cleaner on it!
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, the jig is up! Just confess! What could possibly have compelled you to cut that woman's head off?!
Cyril: Okay, you got me! I confess! I cut off Bellamy's head!
Cyril: But this would never have happened if Bellamy hadn't interrupted my personal business with the meteorite!
Gloria: Your... "personal business" with the meteorite? What are you talking about?
Cyril: I wanted to absorb the meteorite's power!
Cyril: <Rank> <Name>, I KNOW that thing is powerful! Otherwise DreamLife wouldn't have built this whole place to study it!
Cyril: Ever since that meteorite fell in the forest a year ago, I just FELT like something amazing was going to happen!
Cyril: There was a short story in Wondrous Worlds about a crystal meteorite that gave a guy superpowers.
Cyril: When I first caught a glimpse of DreamLife's meteorite on my rounds, I knew it had to have magical properties too!
Cyril: I just had to wrap my arms around it and feel the energy zap through me! Then I wouldn't be the same Cyril Shelwater anymore! I would be transformed!
Gloria: Transformed? How was the meteorite supposed to "transform" you?
Cyril: Well, I didn't get to find out! Bellamy walked in on me just as I embraced it! There wasn't enough time to absorb its energy!
Cyril: She tried to pull me away from it! I couldn't let her get in the way, so I grabbed the nearest thing I could find...
Gloria: And you cut her head off?
Cyril: Yes, what else could I have done? The worst thing is that I don't even know if that brief contact with the meteorite was enough to transform me!
Gloria: Mr Shelwater, I think it's safe to say that the "worst thing" is the murder you committed! You're under arrest!

Judge Powell: Cyril Shelwater, you're charged with beheading DreamLife's Chief of Security, Agent Bellamy. How do you plead?
Cyril: Guilty, your honor. I take full responsiblity. But I'll warn you - don't be surprised when I transformed and zap myself outta jail!
Judge Powell: Well, you're not the first person to crack under the oppressive atmosphere of the dome...
Judge Powell: Mr Shelwater, this Court hereby sentences you to 20 years in prison with mandatory psychological counseling!
Cyril: I'll be out of there in no time! You'll see! The meteorite will save me!
Judge Powell: As Officer Jones' possible involvement in the murder, this Court hereby clears him of all charges. DreamLife's application to suspend him from active duty is dismissed. All rise!

Chief Parker: <Name>, this was a difficult investigation under a lot pressure, but you've pulled through! I'm extremely proud of you!
Chief Parker: Rozetta tried our patience and our abilities, but you rose to the occasion!
Gloria: It's definitely not the last time Rozetta is going to play dirty in order to keep us out of the dome!
Chief Parker: Which is why I want you to go back to the dome and finally have a good look at that meteorite! <Name>, I'm counting on you!

Under The Dome (3/6)

David Jones: <Name>, you've done an awesome job solving Bellamy's murder!
Jones: I still can't believe Rozetta tried to pin the murder on ME!
Gloria: I bet Rozetta's not happy about any of this. She really is hell-bent on keeping us away from that meteorite!
Chief Parker: Yes, which is why you need to make the most of the fact that you still have access to the meteorite lab.
Chief Parker: On that note, guess who's offered us unexpected help! Dr Pickering, the geologist Rupert had been impersonating under the dome, is ready to assist with whatever we need!
Gloria: <Name>, that means we should head back to the DreamLife lab and nab a sample of that meteorite! Then Dr Pickering can help us analyze it!
Jasper: Sorry to barge in, <Name>, but I don't know who else to turn to! I need to talk to you and Gabriel if you have a minute!
Gloria: Jasper, I'm afraid we need to hurry off, but we'll make sure to swing by later.
Gloria: <Name>, let's go to that lab and get some answers!

Ask Gabriel to help Jasper.
Jasper: Gabriel, I'm really concerned about Amir. He hasn't been home since Rupert's death, and he won't talk to me!
Jasper: I keep trying to tell him that I refused DreamLife's job offer, but he just won't listen! What more can I do?
Gabriel: I know this is hard, Jasper, but you have to understand. Amir's gone into self-preservation mode.
Gabriel: Losing his mentor, discovering that his boyfriend had lied to him... this is a lot for him to process.
Jasper: I understand. But he's totally isolated himself! That can't be good!
Gabriel: I agree. I think what Amir needs is proof that the job interview wasn't your idea. Something he can't simply refuse to listen to.
Jasper: Well, Hoover took notes during the interview, and I finished by telling him I refused to work for them; he must have written that down!
Gabriel: If Hoover took notes, they must still be inside the dome. Jasper, you shouldn't be seen there, but I'm sure <Name> can help me have a look around!
Jasper: Thank you so much, <Name>! Here, take some money, to help you out of a scrape!

Investigate Laboratory Steps.
Gabriel: So this is the famous dome... To think people have been living under here for a year... a fascinating endeavor, from a sociological point of view.
Gabriel: But I see you've found what we need! This file folder is labeled: "candidate profiles"!
Gabriel: We're lucky Hoover's so stressed out that he keeps dropping things!
Gabriel: If he took notes during Jasper's interview, they'll be in there! Let's get these back to the station and dig in!

Examine File Folder.
Gabriel: There's a file torn to pieces among the rest of these candidate profiles we bought back from the dome!
Gabriel: And look, that's Jasper's photo!
Gabriel: Let's reassemble the file to see what it says!

Examine Torn File.
Gabriel: <Name>, these are Hoover's notes on his job interview with Jasper!
Gabriel (reading the note): Let's see... "Far too loyal to police boyfriend to participate..."
Gabriel (reading the note): "Clearly only came to dome to gather intelligence for said boyfriend..."
Gabriel (reading the note): "Rejected offer. Keep an eye on this one!"
Gabriel: Well, <Name>, this definitely proves Jasper turned down DreamLife's job offer! They even assumed he was there to spy for us!
Gabriel: This should assure Amir of Jasper's loyalty. Let's go see him!

Show Amir the notes from Jasper's interview.
Amir: <Name>, if you're here to talk to me about Jasper again, you can save your breath.
Gabriel: Amir, listen. I know you feel betrayed, but Jasper truly thought accepting DreamLife's interview might help us gain information about their intentions.
Gabriel: And here's a document that proves that Jasper turned down DreamLife's offer.
(Amir reads the note.)
Amir (reading the note): Jasper really did turn them down! And they thought he was too loyal to me!
Amir (crying): I can't believe I've wasted all this time being angry at him, when he risked his life to get us intel on the dome, just like Rupert did!
Amir (crying): I need to talk to him!
Amir (crying): <Name>, thank you so much for everything!
Amir (crying): The lab was a cold place to sleep. But now that I'll be going home, I won't need this anymore! Here, it's yours.

Investigate Meteorite Display.
Gloria: Okay, <Name>, we've gotta be quiet and quick. We're lucky it's still night and no one's around! But you never know who could be watching...
Gloria: Thankfully, the crystals in this box you found are definitely shards taken from the meteorite!
Gloria: We don't have a warrant to take the whole box, of course, but hopefully no one will notice if we only take one piece!
Gloria: If we recover the text on the lid, we'll have a better idea of which piece we should take!

Examine Box of Crystals.
Gloria: The labels for the different samples show that there's a little bit of everything in here. "Outer rock, minor chips, extraneous pebbles..." But which one should we take?
Gloria: You're right, "core fragments" seem to be the most important. And there are some right here!
Gloria: It's a good thing Dr Pickering has volunteered to help us analyze this. But he's going to need equipment. Maybe Martine can lend him hers.
Gloria: Quick, let's get outta here with this fragment before someone sees us!

Analyze Meteorite Fragment.
Martine (with Mortimer): Hello, <Name>! You won't believe what Dr Pickering found out about the meteorite fragment you brought in! But I'll let him tell you about it.
Mortimer (with Martine): <Name>, this is the single greatest thing that has happened to me in my entire life! DreamLife's meteorite... it's composed of Berzelium!
Gloria: It's Brazil-what?
Mortimer: Berzelium! It is an element that, until now, was only theorized to exist! No trace of it has ever been found on Earth before!
Mortimer: This is an incredible discovery! And it's infuriating that DreamLife is keeping this a secret from the scientific world!
Gloria: Dr Pickering, can you explain to us what this Berzelium stuff... does, exactly?
Mortimer: Well, nobody knows! It doesn't exist on Earth, and we've never had the physical material to run any experiments!
Mortimer: Analyzing its properties myself could take years, but DreamLife has got to be running experiments.
Gloria: I bet they are! Except Rozetta's doing everything she can to hide those experiments from us!
Gloria: But you're right, <Name>, Emilio Fuller was less guarded and more enthusiastic than the others. Maybe there's a way to trick him into telling us something!

Try to get information from Emilio about the meteorite experiments.
Gloria: Mr Fuller, we understand the discovery of this meteorite is pretty important to the scientific community!
Emilio: Oh, incredibly so! It's really too bad I can't talk about it. It kills me to keep something secret when it's this amazing!
Gloria: Well, we already heard a little bit through the grapevine. Is it true that the meteorite is made of Berzelium?
Emilio: An element that, until now, has never been found on Earth!
Emilio: And I wish I could tell you about the effects of Berzelium on that rabbit that we injected with it!
Gloria: A... rabbit? You injected a rabbit with this element from the meteorite?
Emilio (sweating): Uh, no, no, that's not what I meant! There was no rabbit at all, no, not at all!
Emilio: Hey, <Rank> <Name>, if I give you this burger, would you please not tell anyone about what I just said? I'd really appreciate it.

Gloria: <Name>, we're lucky that young Emilio is so excited about his meteorite research that he accidentally revealed something!
Gloria: Apparently, DreamLife injected a rabbit with that extraterrestrial element they extracted from the meteorite!
Gloria: Emilio said the results of the experiment were fascinating... But how could we find out more?
Gloria: You're right, we need to find that rabbit! It's almost dawn, but if we're quick... let's go back into the lab!

Investigate Meteorite Analysis Lab.
Gloria: Oh, God, <Name>, this is clearly the rabbit Fuller was talking about! He looks terrible! What in the world have they done to him?
Gloria: Well, first thing's first, let's open that cage!

Examine Rabbit Cage.
Gloria: You got the rabbit cage unlocked! Be careful with him, <Name>, we don't want to hurt him even more.
Gloria: Whatever DreamLife has done to this rabbit, it may help us understand what they're doing with the Berzelium from the meteorite!
Gloria: Let's get the rabbit back to Martine's lab so she and Pickering can examine him!

Analyze Test Rabbit.
Martine (with Mortimer): <Name>, I can honestly say I've never seen such a thing as this rabbit before!
Gloria: Yes, this rabbit looks pretty bad. Can you tell us why?
Mortimer: Well, the poor creature was injected with Berzelium, the extraterrestrial element extracted from the meteorite.
Mortimer: The rabbit looks poorly because the Berzelium suppressed his immune system. His natural healing processes are blocked.
Gloria: So Berzelium is harmful? It causes sickness?
Mortimer: Well, it's not that simple. We also look at Amir's plant that got better after exposure to Berzelium radiation.
Gloria: Oh, yeah! The plant got better, not worse!
Mortimer: Precisely! In that case, the Berzelium accelerated the healing process!
Mortimer: All this to say that Berzelium has two opposing effects! It can enhance or suppress, heal or harm! So it can be used for good or for bad!
Gloria: Well, from what we know about DreamLife so far, I'm afraid they are probably more interested in the harmful effects of Berzelium!
Gloria: But until we know for sure what they're intending to do with Berzelium, we just need to investigate more!

Later, at the station...
Amir (with Jasper): <Name>, thank you for making me see that pushing Jasper away was a mistake.
Amir (with Jasper): I was blinded by my sadness over Rupert's death, and I cut myself off from everyone who could help!
Amir (with Jasper): But I realize now that I can't shut out the people who genuinely love me just because I think they made a mistake.
Chief Parker: Amir, I'm really happy that you're feeling better. Especially as we're going to need you more than ever!
Chief Parker: This was the first investigation in which you didn't have Rupert to help you. But you've proven yourself. I'm officially appointing you as Lab Chief. Make Rupert proud!
Amir: I will always miss Rupert. But I will do my best to help you in the lab, <Name>!
Gloria: Good, 'cause we have our work cut out for us. We've discovered that the meteorite is made of an element that doesn't exist on Earth: Berzelium!
Gloria: Our tests have shown that Berzelium can have two opposing effects when it comes into contact with living things: enhance or suppress processes in the body.
Mortimer: Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, but you've got the gist of it. And the enhancement or suppression can be either beneficial or harmful to the exposed organism.
Gloria: I don't like the idea of DreamLife possessing such a thing! Knowing them, they aren't interested in the beneficial effects of Berzelium!
Gloria: God knows what else they're working on!
Jones: We've got to go shut 'em down!
Chief Parker: Not so fast, Detective! We need concrete proof of ill intent. For now, we know that they're testing, but we don't know what for.
Jones: Well, we at least have to take this to the press! The world needs to know how evil DreamLife is!
Chief Parker: No! The last thing we want is the press meddling with an ongoing investigation.
Chief Parker: I've discussed this with the interim mayor, and we concluded it's best not to alarm the population!
Chief Parker: <Name>, we know by now that DreamLife will not go down easily! But we won't stop until we bring them down!

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