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Bureau Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, while in Korea, we learned that SOMBRA is brainwashing orphaned children.
Chief Ripley: We know they're moving the kids from Korea to Japan, but why they're brainwashing them, we have no idea!
Jack: We also found a photo of Ronin that places him in an arcade here in Tokyo surrounded by children. We have strong reason to believe he's a SOMBRA agent.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, we came here looking for him! Hopefully, he'll have some answers for us. We've got to get to the bottom of this before it's too late for those children!
Jack: If we want to uncover the truth behind SOMBRA's evil plan, we've got to go where the kids are: the arcade!
Jack: <Name>, it's time to take pole position when it comes to SOMBRA! We're off to the arcade!

Chapter 1

Investigate Game Center.
Jack Archer: <Name>, did that guy stab himself in the stomach? Is this what's called... hara-kiri?!
Jack: Wait, there's a gunshot to his head! And no gun to be found near the body. This isn't a suicide, <Name>! We've got ourselves another murder!
Jack: And our dead guy is none other than Yuto Watanabe, the oyabun or family boss of the Watanabe-gumi yakuza organization.
Jack: <Name>, we're in heavy yazuka territory and these Japanese gangsters don't play around. Maybe our victim got caught up in some gangland dispute...
Jack: Regardless, we need to find out what made it game over for this guy so we can continue with our investigation of SOMBRA! Did you find any clues?
Jack: A ripped up photo in an arcade full of photobooths isn't surprising, but what's on it could be a lead. I'll grab the tape!
Jack: Good idea, <Name>. That faded name badge could lead us to a witness or at least, an employee. Let's dust it!
Jack: You want to see what that digital keypad opens up? If you can unlock it, we'll solve that mystery.

Examine Locked Digital Keypad.
Jack: <Name>, you've decoded the combination for the keypad but I don't see what it did...
Jack: Wait, did that wall just swing open?!
Jack: Whoa... cool! You've unlocked an entrance to a secret room!
Jack: Let's search that secret room before anyone arrives!

Investigate Yakuza Office.
Jack: <Name>, this secret room connected to the arcade seems to be an office... and knowing that our victim was the head yakuza, I bet you this was HIS office!
Jack: We just walked into the lion's den, <Name>! Let's be quick, 'cause when there's one yakuza there are many!
Jack: That sake set is for two... and it's covered in blood. I'm sure a sample of that blood will give us some answers!
Jack: Who leaves envelopes stuffed with cash lying around? I thought it was only in movies...
Jack: <Name>, it does look like something's written on the envelope, but it's too faded to read. Probably from all the hands it's greased. Let's dust it!

Examine Sake Set.
Jack: Now that we've got that blood sample from the sake set, we should get it to Lars for analysis!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Lars: Saikin dou, <Name>!
Jack: Sake-do to you too, bro!
Lars: I didn't say sake, dude! I said saikin dou, it's "What's up?" in Japanese!
Jack: Ah right...! Saikin dou! Speaking of sake... any news on that blood sample <Name> pulled from the sake set?
Lars: Totes! With the sample, I created a DNA profile. The blood belongs to your victim!
Jack: Our victim's blood is on the sake set? But it wasn't at the crime scene...
Lars: I found that odd too, so I chatted with the wifey. Seems your victim was shot in the shoulder before receiving the fatal shot in the head.
Lars: The shot in the shoulder must've happened in the office while the one in the head happened in the arcade next door.
Lars: Now, about the sake, it's the national drink of Japan, often used for ceremonial purposes like yakuza initiation ceremonies.
Lars: As the sake serving was for two people, my guess is your victim was drinking sake with his killer.
Lars: <Name>, with that information, I know your killer drinks sake!
Jack: <Name>, for our victim's sake, let's hope we find that sake-drinking murderer before they kill again!

Examine Cash-Filled Envelope.
Jack: The note on the envelope reads: "Ozawa, take this for the children" and it's signed by our victim.
Jack: Ozawa! That's the last name of that suspected SOMBRA agent we've been looking for, Ronin Ozawa! We found him!
Jack: How does Ronin know Yuto? And what do SOMBRA and the yakuza have to do with each other? <Name>, I don't like the looks of this!
Jack: We knew Ronin was bad news. We just need to find out how bad he really is. Let's go grill him!

Question Ronin Ozawa about his connections to the victim.
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, what brings you to Tokyo?
Jack: We came looking for you... to ask you about the photo of you surrounded by children...
Jack: But now, we want to know why there was an envelope full of cash addressed to you on top of Yuto Watanabe's desk?
Ronin: Mr Watanabe was a good man. Always looking out for the needs of his community.
Jack: Does this mean the victim gave you money for the SOMBRA children? That's quite thoughtful for a yakuza kingpin...
Jack: Ronin, we know you're SOMBRA! So what does SOMBRA want with the yakuza? And what's in it for you?
Ronin: Still on about that, huh, <Rank> <Name>? Call it what you like. I'm just here to take care of the children.
Jack: Don't get too comfortable, Mr Ozawa. <Rank> <Name> and I are watching you like a Japanese Sparrowhawk... and we have ways of making people talk!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: That photo you taped together must've come from one of those photobooths around here. <Name>, let's take a photo together!
Jack: Oh... you're right. That man lurking in the back of the photo is Yuto. But who's that girl with him?
Jack: <Name>, let's stake out the arcade and see if we can talk to this girl with purple hair!

Ask Suzuki Sakura about the photobooth photo.
Jack: Miss, we're investigating the murder of Yuto Watanabe.
Sakura: Watanabe san is dead? I'm very sorry to hear that.
Jack: We found this photobooth picture you took. You don't look very pleased with him. What happened?
Sakura: I came here to take photos and play games. But Watanabe san was always making inappropriate comments to me. I was always very uncomfortable.
Sakura (clutching bag strap): This game center has the best games in Tokyo... but an old man like him shouldn't do such things to his customers!
Jack: I see.. Thank you for the information, Miss Suzuki. Please stay close by, we might need to ask you some more questions later.

Examine Faded Badge.
Jack: <Name>, does the name on that badge say Sanjay Korrapati? As in the Sanjay we just saw in Beijing? But I thought he was going to Seoul?
Jack: And it says he's an arcade assistant. What's Sanjay doing in Tokyo working at an arcade? That kid sure gets around!
Jack: Well, <Name>, a murder in his place of employment means we'll definitely need to talk to Sanjay!

Question Sanjay Korrapati about his job at the arcade.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>, what a surprise to see you! Welcome to the Kabuchiko Game Center!
Jack: Sanjay, what are you doing here? Weren't you headed to Seoul for a "brighter future"?
Sanjay: This IS my brighter future! I work here. I help run this place!
Sanjay: As I was leaving Beijing, I ran into one of the other kids. They told me of the opportunity to work here, so I came to Tokyo.
Sanjay: Here, I am important. I contribute and do my duty!
Jack: You keep using these words, "contribute" and "duty." Is it SOMBRA making you talk like this? Be careful. They're dangerous!
Sanjay: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name>! I'm not weak. I can fend for myself!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Konnichiwa, <Name>! This is quite the high profile case.
Jack: Tell me about it. What did you find out?
Angela (holding scalpel): I believe the murder is personal. Your victim was shot point blank in the head with .45 caliber pistol. It was the shot that killed him!
Angela: My examination of the self-inflicted stabbing indicates your victim knew his fate and tried to take matters into his own hands.
Angela: The Japanese suicide ritual of seppuku, also known as hara-kiri, is normally attempted when the person prefers to die an honorable death at their own hands instead of being disgraced.
Angela: Furthermore, I discovered that your killer has a hobby. There was an origami crane stuffed in the victim's suit jacket pocket with a message written on it: "This is #1000. Now you are dead."
Angela: Fun fact: a Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. Seems like your killer's wish came true.
Jack: A thousand origami cranes?! I guess that means the killer can hold a grudge... but it also means they know origami!
Jack: <Name>, no need to make a thousand cranes for our wish to come true. We'll find our paper-folding perpetrator before they can origami themselves another murder!

Back at Bureau headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, did you find Ronin?
Jack: We got him, Chief!
Jack: But we also got a dead yakuza boss and a motley list of suspects.
Chief Ripley: Get to it, Archer!
Jack: Right! To start, there's Sanjay... again. He's been innocent so far, but he might actually end up guilty soon enough...
Jack: And of course there's Ronin. A suspected SOMBRA agent colluding with the yakuza. Why? We don't know. But he's hiding something... possibly a murder.
Elliot: Konnichiwa, my fellow Bureau folk. Guess what I found?
Jack: Elliot, we don't have time for your riddles again!
Elliot: <Name>, I think I got your killer... and it's someone you've already met!
Jack: You found our killer?!

Chapter 2

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, did you find Ronin?
Jack: We got him, Chief!
Jack: But we also got a dead yakuza boss and a bunch of suspects.
Elliot: Konnichiwa, <Name>! Guess what? I think I found your killer... and it's someone you've already met!
Jack: Well... who is it?!
Elliot: Remember that orphan girl you met in Beijing, <Name>? The one looking for her brother...
Jack: You mean Chieko? The waitress?
Elliot: That's the one! Our satellite, BØB, picked up a security camera image of her. She was recently seen outside the crime scene... with a gun!
Jack: Chieko was outside the crime scene with a gun?! Maybe she found something out about her brother and went to seek her revenge!
Jack: <Name>, we've got to comb the streets ASAP and see if we can find any traces of her!

Investigate Tokyo Street.
Jack: <Name>, Chieko's nowhere to be found here! Let's see if she left behind any clues!
Jack: Trash? Really? Here's hoping there's something interesting in that trashcan, <Name>. Let's get to searching!
Jack: This diary is interesting! There's a photo of Chieko and her younger brother and some notes about his whereabouts. Chieko must've dropped it when she was casing the arcade.
Jack: What's that stuck on the page, <Name>? Is that an origami crane? Like the one we found on the victim?
Jack: There's also an entry that's faded. If it can give us information on Chieko or this crane, we need to dust it!

Examine Faded Diary.
Jack: <Name>, the diary has information about Chieko's brother. "Brother seen in Japan at Kabuchiko Game Center. Under yakuza control. MUST find him!"
Jack: If Chieko feared her brother had been kidnapped by the yakuza, she could've come here to rescue him and gunned down Yuto in the process...
Jack: <Name>, we need to get some answers from Chieko! She can't be far!

Question Tsukada Chieko about her quest diary.
Jack: Chieko, we weren't expecting to find you in Tokyo...
Chieko: I go wherever my brother is. While in Beijing, I discovered he'd been seen here. I got here as fast as I could.
Jack: We see that. We also see that you're quite skillful in the origami crane department.
Chieko: I've had some time as I've traveled searching for my brother. Origami has kept me focused.
Chieko: <Rank> <Name>, I know he's been here... and this is dangerous yakuza territory. I must find him soon!
Jack: Is that why you've got that gun of yours? Aren't you a little young to have one of those?
Chieko: I must do whatever it takes to get the answers I'm seeking. However, I no longer have the gun. Japanese laws are very strict.
Jack: If we find any trace of your brother, we'll let you know. But do us a favor, don't let us find you around here again.

Examine Trash Can.
Jack: I gotta hand it to the Japanese. They have some interesting looking trash...
Jack: <Name>, it looks like you found a flyer in the trash. It's all in Japanese except for a quote: "Language is power" and there's the Union Jack on it.
Jack: There's also a note written on it: "Meet me at the game center to discuss our arrangement" and it's signed, Yuto. At least, the note's in English...
Jack: <Name>, one person's trash is another person's treasure! Let's see if Dupont can translate this so we can find out who our victim met with!

Analyze Flyer.
Dupont: Bonjour, <Name>! I'm so pleased you've requested my translation services for this flyer!
Dupont: Did you know that Japanese is an agglutinative, mora-timed language with a pure vowel system and a lexically significant pitch-accent?
Jack: Uhm... what?
Dupont: Oh, Archer, you're such a monoglot.
Jack: Hey! Not true! I have many glots! Now, can you please tell us what's written on that flyer?
Dupont: As I'm sure <Name> has already guessed, your flyer is advertising English classes.
Dupont: The woman pictured on the flyer is the teacher or "kyoushi". Her name is Emily Wallace.
Jack: What would a head yakuza want with an English teacher?
Dupont: The message on the flyer mentions an "arrangement". Knowing the yakuza is a large organization with multinational contacts, perhaps your victim requested classes.
Dupont: I've translated this Emily's contact information, in case you'd like to have a word with her.
Jack: <Name>, we've got new leads now! Let's contact Emily to ask about her arrangement with Yuto... and knowing she met Yuto at the arcade, we should head back there for another sweep!

Ask Emily Wallace about her arrangement with the victim.
Jack: Emily Wallace, we'd like to ask you some questions about Yuto Watanabe. From the message he left you, we take it you knew him.
Emily: Mr Watanabe had hired me for private English classes.
Emily: He'd made some strategic international alliances and wanted to polish his conversational skills. Our classes consisted mostly of discussing world events over sake and sushi.
Jack: You weren't afraid of mingling with someone as dangerous as Yuto?
Emily: Mr Watanabe was always very respectful and paid well. What he did outside our class was his business.
Jack: Thanks for the information. We'll need to ask you some questions later, so please don't go too far.

Investigate Arcade Machines.
Jack: <Name>, looks like you've scored some new leads. Let's check them out!
Jack: A claw machine?! I love those things! Do you have a token, <Name>?
Jack: Yeah... I know. We can just search the machine... but it won't be as fun...
Jack: There's blood all over that pocketknife you grabbed, <Name>. Could it be the victim's blood? Let's get a sample of that!
Jack: You think a sparkly flip phone can help? It does have an origami star dangling from it. Let's unlock it!

Examine Claw Machine.
Jack: <Name>, I've never played a claw machine where the prize was a gun! I guess that's what happens in a yakuza arcade...
Jack (blushing): Oh... right... it's not an actual prize... I knew that.
Jack: Being that this gun was hidden at the crime scene, this could be our murder weapon!
Jack: And that means getting this gun over to our meathead in ballistics, Jonah.

Analyze Gun.
Jonah: <Name>, glad I can help out! I've come in contact with a few yakuza. Needless to say, they don't play around.
Jack: Well... we did find the gun in a claw machine, so that's kinda playing...
Jonah: Sure, Archer. Anyway, this is an M1911. A standard-issue sidearm for the U.S. military that became popular with civilians.
Jonah: I compared the bullet holes on the victim's body with the caliber of this gun. It's a match.
Jonah: While inspecting the gun, I discovered a faded serial number. I checked the registration on it and found its original owner. The only thing is, they're dead.
Jack: If the owner is dead, who fired the shot?
(June enters the room, going to Jonah's side.)
June: I can help you there! My daddy checked out the gun. He said there were traces of highly chlorinated water mixed with gun residue around the grip.
Jack: Oh hey, June... didn't see you!
June: I'm playing hide-n-seek with Uncle Jonah! I'm a great hider! Try to find me, <Rank> <Name>!
(June leaves.)
Jonah: As "Uncle Jonah" was saying, in Japan, the best place to find highly chlorinated water like that is at a public bath. My guess is your killer takes sento baths!
(June enters again, holding a grenade.)
June: Ooh... I love baths! I also love... grenades!
Jonah: Where'd you find that?! Whatever you do... don't throw it!
Jack: You've got your hands full, Jonah. We'll come back later. Til then, <Name>, we're hunting a killer who bathes in steaming hot murder!

Examine Bloody Pocketknife.
Jack: <Name>, now that we've got the blood sample from the pocketknife, let's go to the lab and put it under a microscope!

Examine Blood Sample.
Jack: <Name>, the blood on that pocketknife doesn't belong to our victim. It belongs to Sanjay!
Jack: How did Sanjay's blood get on this knife?! I don't like the looks of this!
Jack: Sanjay could be in danger, <Name>! We've got to find him now!

Ask Sanjay about his blood on the pocketknife.
Jack: Sanjay! Where are you? Are you okay?!
Sanjay (holding tokens): <Rank> <Name>, why all the commotion? I'm just preparing the tokens for the day.
Jack: We found this pocketknife with your blood on it. We thought something bad had happened to you!
Sanjay: That knife was given to me by Watanabe san so I could protect myself. This can be a dangerous place.
Sanjay: But... one night I found some leftover sake... and finished the bottle...
Sanjay (showing off bandaged pinkie): Then I decided to cut off my finger! See!
Jack: You did what?! Why would you do that?!
Sanjay: To prove my worth and show them I'm not weak!
Jack: I'm sorry, Sanjay, but <Rank> <Name> and I can't let you do this to yourself! We're taking you into custody where we can keep you safe!

Examine Cellphone.
Jack: <Name>, you've unlocked that sparkly flip phone, but whose is it?
Jack: There's a text conversation between Sakura and Yuto. This must be Sakura's.
Jack: I don't know what Yuto's saying, but Sakura seems angry with her message, "Leave me alone!"
Jack: Seeing that paper star hanging on that phone, we can also guess Sakura's into origami. And we know how that folds into our investigation.
Jack: <Name>, let's go question Sakura as to why she was angry at the victim!

Question Sakura about her text conversation with the victim.
Jack: Sakura, we want to know about the text conversation you had with Yuto before he died.
Sakura: Oh! You found my cellphone, <Rank> <Name>! Domo arigato! I have all my selfies in that phone!
Jack: Right... but what about those messages you sent to the guy who's now dead?
Sakura (clutching bag strap): Yuto had convinced me to go to a party with him and some friends. I didn't want to go, but he promised he'd leave me alone if I went.
Sakura: It was a dark place with people in leather clothing. Yuto kept giving me sake shots so I could relax, but I just wanted to go home.
Jack (blushing): Uhm... okay. That doesn't sound good.
Sakura: When I asked to leave, Yuto tried to put drugs in my drink! I saw him do it! I barely made it out of there before something bad happened to me!
Jack: I see how that could be frightening, but if you killed Yuto to get him to leave you alone for good, you'll go to jail... Where the only photo you'll be taking is your mug shot!

Bureau headquarters, later...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, what's Sanjay doing in the station?
Jack: We need to keep a close eye on him, Chief, and the Bureau's the best place for that!
Chief Ripley: I feel for him, but we're not a babysitting service, Archer. Now, what's the status of the investigation?
Jack: We're making progress, Chief. <Name> found the murder weapon and our suspect list is tightening up.
Jack: Chieko's on a hunt to find her brother and will stop at nothing until she does... including possibly axing the head yakuza.
Jack: Sakura's clearly shaken up by the dangerous advances made by Yuto. She was angry, but was she angry enough to murder him?
Jack: There's also the English teacher, Emily. Could something have gone wrong during one of their classes that ended in Yuto's death?
Carmen: Hey, Archer. Aren't you supposed to be watching Sanjay?
Jack: Yeah, Carmen... why do you ask?
Carmen: Because he's gone!
Jack: What?!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: Hey, Archer. I know you're busy with the investigation of Yuto Watanabe's death, but aren't you supposed to be watching Sanjay?
Jack: Yeah, Carmen... why do you ask?
Carmen: Because he's gone!
Jack: What?! What do you mean Sanjay's gone?!
Carmen: Elliot saw him go into the bathroom but he never came out. When he went in to check, he noticed the bathroom window was open. Sanjay must've climbed out and run away.
Carmen: But you should know all this, 'cause you were supposed to be watching him!
Jack: Darnit! That kid... always getting us in trouble! <Name>, we need to find him and fast!
Jack: I bet you he's going back to the arcade! <Name>, let's hit the streets and intercept him!

Investigate Sidewalk.
Jack: Sanjay's nowhere in sight, <Name>! Are there any indications of where he went?
Jack: That torn thing you found looks like an envelope. Could it be a clue? Let's put it back together!
Jack: Isn't that Ronin in that crumpled newspaper article you picked up? He's standing next to Yuto. Too bad the headline's in Japanese...
Jack: You're right! Those are some impressive tattoos. I wonder if they mean anything. Let's see if our database can help us find a match for them.
Jack: You think that locket can help, <Name>?
Jack: Good catch! On the back of the locket is an engraving, but it's faded. All you can read is the name Watanabe.
Jack: Watanabe? Like our victim, Yuto Watanabe? Was this his? Let's dust it to see if we can retrieve the faded message!
Jack: <Name>, we may not've found Sanjay yet, but you've dug up a bunch of clues, so let's get to work!

Examine Newspaper.
Jack: <Name>, the database search on the tattoos all over Ronin's body are a match with those traditionally worn by the yakuza.
Jack: Wait... so Ronin is yakuza?!
Jack: We knew something was up! Ronin's both a SOMBRA agent and a yakuza! But why are these two groups working together?
Jack: <Name>, Ronin's going to have a lot of explaining to do when we get our hands on him!

Question Ronin about being a yakuza.
Jack: Ronin, we know the truth about you! You're both SOMBRA and yakuza! What do you have to say about that?!
Ronin: Yes, I'm yakuza. There's nothing shameful about that. We do more than drink sake, soak in sento baths... and kill people.
Ronin: We're an organization built on honor and pride, ready to help our community in times of need. That's more than I can say for your Bureau.
Jack: Really? The Bureau doesn't work with known terrorist organizations in the brainwashing of innocent children. Why's the yakuza working with SOMBRA?
Ronin: Before he died, Yuto made a strategic alliance with SOMBRA. It involved children... and money.
Ronin: And the deal was going well before Yuto became greedy. That's probably what got him killed...
Jack: What were you doing with those children? We want answers!
Ronin: Me? All I did was teach them origami.
Jack: If <Rank> <Name> finds out you harmed these children in any way, we'll throw you in jail faster than you can say yakuza!

Examine Faded Locket.
Jack: The inscription on the locket reads, "With love, to the future Mrs Watanabe." To the future Mrs Watanabe? Was Yuto engaged to marry someone?
Jack: Good eye, <Name>! That does look like a serial number: "YJL187420." Let's get this locket over to Elliot to see if he can dig up any info on it!

Analyze Locket Inscription.
Elliot: <Name>, any luck finding Sanjay?
Jack: Not yet, but we're on it. Any news on that locket we sent you?
Elliot: I do have some info... but it's not about Sanjay. It's actually about another one of your suspects...
Elliot: I researched the serial number on the locket. It was commissioned to a jeweler as a gift to one Emily Wallace.
Jack: Emily? The English teacher? Are you telling me she was the one engaged to Yuto?!
Elliot: Not exactly... you see, it wasn't Yuto Emily was engaged to. It was his nephew, Shiro.
Jack: Emily was engaged to Yuto's nephew?! Why didn't she tell us that? We need to find this Shiro guy and ask him some questions.
Elliot: That's not possible. Shiro's dead. Died before he and Emily got married.
Jack: Well, Emily's fiancé might be dead, but Emily isn't. And we need to get some answers from her now!

Ask Emily about the locket.
Jack: We're sorry for your loss, Ms Wallace, but why didn't you tell us you were engaged to Yuto's nephew? We found the locket he gave you.
Emily: Shiro was working for yakuza, working for Yuto. He was killed trying to protect his uncle.
Jack: So you weren't JUST Yuto's English teacher. You were his nephew's bride-to-be... but your fiancé got killed in the line of duty. Gives you a solid motive for murder!
Emily: I've made peace with Shiro's death. It's life... nowadays, I fill my time teaching English and learning origami from the elderly.
Emily (putting down files): <Rank> <Name>, why aren't you investigating that Suzuki girl? Yuto never left her alone, I even saw him follow her into the women's side of the sento baths. She was very upset.
Jack: <Rank> <Name> will decide who's the suspect here. And you've just made it to the top of our list! Make peace with that.

Examine Torn Pieces.
Jack: I'm still confused as to what this envelope you taped together is...
Jack: But on the back, there's a message: "Sanjay, if you ever need help, you know where to find me."
Jack: And it's signed by Chieko!
Jack: Chieko?! How does she know Sanjay?
Jack: If Chieko gave this to Sanjay, she MUST know where he is! We need to talk to her NOW!

Interrogate Chieko about Sanjay's whereabouts.
Jack: Chieko, we found the message you left for Sanjay on an envelope. Where is he?
Chieko: That's not an envelope, <Rank> <Name>. It's an omamori, a good luck charm.
Jack: Well, whatever it is, you need to tell us where he is! We're trying to help him.
Chieko: No! I won't tell you where he is! I couldn't protect my brother, but I can protect him!
Jack: You think you're tough, but you're just a teenage girl. And it'll take more than a good luck charm to keep Sanjay safe!
Chieko: I can protect Sanjay better than you can, <Rank> <Name>! He doesn't want you to know where he is and I won't betray him!
Jack: Listen up, Chieko, <Rank> <Name> is the one in charge here! One more outburst and we'll take you into custody for obstructing a criminal investigation!

A little later...
Jack: <Name>, I'm worried about Sanjay, but we're so close to catching Yuto's killer... We've got so soldier on!
Jack: Good thinking! Considering Yuto's blood was on that sake set in his office, he must've first met his assassin there.
Jack: And we need to find any last clues before the yakuza make them all disappear. Let's head back to the dragon's nest ASAP!

Investigate Yuto's Desk.
Jack: <Name>, I wonder what that crystal powder on the arcade poster you found is. Knowing the various "ventures" of the yakuza, I wouldn't be surprised if this was something illegal...
Jack: That intricate Japanese box is packed with all kinds of yakuza stuff. Let's dig through it for clues... quickly!

Examine Arcade Poster.
Jack: <Name>, let's get that crystal powder we found on the arcade poster over to Lars STAT!

Analyze Crystal Powder.
Lars: <Name>, you're nearing the finish line of this case! Let's see if I can help you cross it!
Lars: The powder sample you sent me was not what I expected. Surprisingly, the sample was white quartz crystal... mixed with the victim's blood.
Jack: White quartz crystal... What's that? Some kind of drug?
Lars: Nope. It's a common yet powerful stone known for purifying and cleansing and purifying the energy of the chakras.
Lars: When worn, it helps protect the wearer from negative outside influences. It also allows for increased confidence and power.
Jack: So you're saying whoever killed Yuto was somehow wearing this crystal?
Lars: Yep! In Japan, the trend is to wear the power crystals as functional jewelry. My guess is your killer wears a power crystal bracelet!
Jack: <Name>, our killer will face a long fall from power once we lock them up for murder!

Examine Japanese Trickbox.
Jack: I'd say that's just a katana keychain you found in the box, <Name>...
Jack: But with the small origami crane dangling from it, this has to be the killer's! We need to get this keychain over to Lars now!

Analyze Keychain.
Lars: I'll cut to the chase, <Name>! I can confirm this keychain you brought me belongs to the killer!
Jack: Just as <Name> suspected! The crane gave it away!
Lars: It did! As well as the Japanese inscription written on the keychain sword. It's a very deliberate one... revenge.
Jack: So our killer was hunting for their revenge mini-sword... and gun... in hand?!
Lars: Absolutely! But one clue gave them away. I found yellow fibers on the key ring!
Lars: I tested the fibers... it's a mix of cotton and other synthetic elements, the type you find in clothing.
Lars: <Name>, from these fibers, I can confirm your killer is wearing yellow clothes!
Jack: I know the killer will be yellow with fear once you get your hands on them, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: <Name>, the time to arrest our killer has come! Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Emily Wallace, you're under arrest for the murder of Yuto Watanabe! But... why did you do it?
Emily: <Rank> <Name>, you've got the wrong person. I had nothing to do with Yuto's death!
Jack: I'd like to believe you, but we found one of your origami cranes stuffed in his pocket! Looks like all those origami classes paid off... in murder!
Emily (putting down files): Nonsense, <Rank> <Name>! Yuto was my fiancé's uncle. He was like family. I valued his time.
Jack: You mean like the time you drank sake together... before you shot him?!
Emily: I'm just an English teacher. I don't have any claims to power, money or glory. You don't have a motive...
Jack: But we do have your power crystal bracelet... and the yellow fibers on your revenge keychain!
Jack: You must've known that being a yakuza was a dangerous lifestyle. Why blame Yuto for your fiancé's choices?
Emily: Yes, I knew that being a yakuza meant he could die at any time... but I didn't think his own uncle would kill him!
Jack: What?! Yuto killed his own nephew?!
Emily: After Shiro and I met, he decided to leave the yakuza, but Yuto didn't approve. Shiro left anyway... taking a lot of his uncle's money in the process.
Emily (crying): On our wedding day, Yuto stormed in with his goons and assassinated Shiro before my very eyes... before we could even say "I do!"
Emily (fighting back tears): And then... Yuto turned his gun on me!
Jack: Yuto tried to kill you too?!
Emily (fighting back tears): He left me for dead next to the corpse of my fiancé. I swore if I made it through, I'd spend every waking moment planning my retaliation!
Emily: I plotted my revenge. Slowly. Patiently. One crane after another. Waiting for the right time to strike!
Emily: You should've seen the look on Yuto's face when he saw my gun, Shiro's old gun... justice was being served!
Emily (fighting back tears): He tried to commit seppuku, but there was no way I was letting him do it! He needed to die by MY hands!
Jack: Wow... that's one heck of a story...
Jack: What Yuto did was cruel, but it doesn't give you just cause to take someone's life. I'm sorry but, Ms Wallace, you're under arrest.

Judge Adaku: Ms Wallace, you stand trial for the murder of Yuto Watanabe, head of the Watanabe-gumi organization in Japan. How do you plead?
Emily: Guilty, your Honor. I did it and I'd do it again if could.
Emily: All Shiro and I wanted was to start a new life together, but Yuto would've rather killed his own nephew than live with the shame Shiro caused him!
Emily: So I set out to honor the memory of my fiancé. Payback is a woman on a mission!
Judge Adaku: You singlehandedly took down the head of one of the most notorious bouryoku in Japan. That's impressive. But I cannot condone vigilantism in any case.
Judge Adaku: Thereby, this Court sentences you to 10 years in prison.
Emily: Revenge is a dish best served cold... and I served mine in heels!

Jack: <Name>, I can't believe Emily managed to take down the head of one of the most violent crime organizations in the world... all by herself. Now that's dedication!
Jack: But you're right! If people start taking justice into their own hands, there'll never be any real justice!
Jack: And now this case is closed, we can continue our search for Sanjay! We need to find him before it's too late!
Jack: We've also got to get to the bottom of SOMBRA's child brainwashing scheme! Something foul is at play!
Jack: <Name>, our work's cut out for us! Let's do this!

Innocence Lost (5/6)

Jack Archer: <Name>, we've solved Yuto's murder, but we're still far from knowing what SOMBRA wants with the children they're recruiting!
Jack: And Sanjay's Houdini-esque disappearance act didn't help! He's in serious danger! SOMBRA doesn't joke around!
Angela: <Name>, this whole SOMBRA brainwashing thing is unsettling. With everything going on, I need to keep a close eye on the triplets.
Angela: I just want to protect my children! Speaking of...
Angela: Where are they? Have you seen them, <Name>?
Jack: Sorry, Angela. I haven't seen them in a while. But I'm sure they're fine.
Angela: Archer, take it from a mom, it's never a good sign whenever kids are quiet... or missing!
Jack: Don't worry! We'll find them. Maybe they're just outdoors...
Jack: <Name>, why don't you go with Angela to see if the girls are outside and then join me in the arcade for more clue hunting on Sanjay's whereabouts!

Investigate Game Center.
Jack: <Name>, we're here to find clues that can help track down Sanjay. Are you sure a lost and found box is going to help?
Jack: Okay, I know when you get your hunches, there's no stopping you. Let's look through the box!

Examine Lost and Found Box.
Jack: <Name>, I can't believe all the stuff people leave behind... like that colorful camera you found in that lost and found box. You think this can help us?
Jack: Good point! This camera might've taken pictures of the yakuza... or even better, Sanjay!
Jack: <Name>, no use wasting time browsing through photos! Maybe Elliot can give us a hand with this!

Analyze Cute Camera.
Jack: Hey buddy, sorry to interrupt your online game thing, but <Name> sent you a camera and we need to know what's on it now!
Elliot: Almost.... there... and... SCORE!
Elliot: Okay... about the camera... It's your standard bunny-eared video camera. Big with the Japanese girls, like Sakura. It's her camera.
Elliot: Apparently Sakura has a vlog about photobooths, mostly random stuff, but I did find something you might want to watch...

Beginning of footage...
Sakura: Yaho, friends! Welcome to Sakura's Snapshot Adventures! Today, I'm going to talk about-
Sakura (clutching bag strap): What's that noise?
(Sakura points the camera away from her to Ronin and Sanjay.)
Ronin: Listen, kid. Don't be weak. If you want to show you're contributing, you WILL do this!
Sanjay (holding tokens): But... but... I'm just the token attendant...
Ronin: Now, go to that guy and MAKE him pay what he owes... or else.
Sanjay: You're right, Ozawa san. I'm not weak! I can do this!
Ronin (handing over gun): And here, take this... It's for protection.
(Sakura points the camera to herself again.)
Sakura: Oh... sorry, viewers. I think I'll film my video somewhere else...

End of recording...
Jack: What the...! <Name>, did Ronin give Sanjay a gun with direct orders to go shake someone down?!
Jack: Is THIS what SOMBRA's been doing with the orphans?! Making them into little yakuza gansters?!
Jack: This is horrible! We've got to shut down this operation before these kids get hurt, especially Sanjay!
Jack: <Name>, we need answers... and Ronin is going to give them to us whether he likes it or not!

Question Ronin about the orders he gave Sanjay.
Jack: Ronin, we knew you're no good! But now we have the proof!
Jack: Using children to do your dirty work?! That's despicable! The yakuzas aren't about honor, they're about violence and shame!
Ronin: As I said before, <Rank> <Name>, we made a deal with SOMBRA. We train the children, they give us money.
Jack: "Train" the children?! What kind of training would require guns and intimidation?
Ronin: I couldn't tell you. We were just instructed to prepare the kids for the next phase.
Jack: Next phase? What's that? And where's Sanjay? Was he done training and then sent off for HIS "next phase?!"
Ronin: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>. That's all I know... but you look fatigued. Have some of my meal. It'll give you a boost!
(After talking to Ronin Ozawa)
Jack: <Name>, Sanjay's on the run... armed and headed to treacherous water! The race is on to find him alive and safe!
Jack: Great thinking, <Name>! The yakuza were in charge of this SOMBRA-orphan training... and we know Sanjay's SOMBRA. I'm sure we can find some clue as to Sanjay's whereabouts in Yuto's office!

Investigate Yakuza Office.
Jack: <Name>, we're looking for any clues of where Sanjay could've run off to. Let's see what you got!
Jack: You think that cellphone box has something to do with SOMBRA? Are they giving away free phone plans?
Jack: You're right! Sanjay's name is written on the box! And there's a message for him, but it's difficult to read.
Jack: Someone must've given Sanjay this phone! <Name>, let's dust this note to see what it says!

Examine Cellphone Box.
Jack: The message on the cellphone box reads: "Call me when you get there." And it's signed by Chieko!
Jack: Not only does Chieko know where Sanjay is, she gave him this phone so they could stay in touch!
Jack: <Name>, it's time Chieko started telling us the truth!

Ask Chieko about the phone she gave Sanjay.
Jack: Chieko, we know you gave Sanjay a phone! You can't keep lying to us! Where is he?
Chieko: I don't know, Sanjay just said he was leaving Tokyo. I gave him the phone in case he got into trouble and needed help.
Jack: On the box, you specifically tell him to "call you when he gets there." Where's "there", Chieko?!
Chieko: I got news my brother was last seen in the South. I told Sanjay. He said he was heading in that direction so he offered to help find him!
Jack: Do you know exactly where south he went? You know Sanjay's SOMBRA now! Wherever he's going, he's in serious danger!
Chieko: <Rank> <Name>, I don't know! He was supposed to call me but I haven't heard from him now!
Jack: I hope you're telling the truth... for your sake and Sanjay's!
Chieko: I wish I could do more... but I did find this antique warrior kimono in Yuto's office. Perhaps it can help you along your journey, <Rank> <Name>. Kouun!
(After talking to Tsukada Chieko)
Jack: <Name>, Chieko mentioned Sanjay was heading south, but that could be anywhere. And we don't have much time to spare!
Jack: You're right! Maybe Elliot can track down Sanjay's cellphone somehow to get a more precise location. It's worth a shot!

Investigate Tokyo Street.
Angela: I don't see the girls around here anywhere!
Angela: Huh... that looks like broken doll pieces you have, <Name>.
Angela: <Name> can you help me put these pieces together? Maybe it can help us find the girls...

Examine Broken Doll.
Angela: <Name>, this doll you put together is Dollie Doll! It's the girls' favorite doll! How did it end up broken?
Angela: You're right! A sample of these smudges can tell us what happened to Dollie Doll... and the girls!

Examine Dirty Doll.
Angela: <Name>, now that you have a sample of the smudges on the doll, let's see if Lars can tell us what it is!

Analyze Dark Smudges.
Lars: <Name>, the girls aren't missing! They've been at the station the whole time... playing hide-n-seek in Elliot's lab.
Angela: They're safe! What a relief!
Angela: Then... how did Dollie Doll end up on the street? And what are those smudges all over it?
Lars: Well, I ran the sample under the microscope. Turns out the smudges are chocolate!
Angela: Chocolate? All over Dollie? How did that happen?
Lars: Good question, Muffin! I extracted DNA from the chocolate and found a match. It's our daughter, April.
Lars: Knowing that April could never tear this doll apart by herself, I tested the DNA sample further... and just as I suspected...
Lars: The DNA in the smudges actually came from all three girls!
Angela: They tore up Dollie?! <Name>, those girls need a talking to at once!

Ask the Triplets why Dollie Doll was torn apart.
(June's face and shirt are smudged with chocolate.)
Angela: April. May. June. What's this nonsense about ripping up Dollie? I thought you girls loved her.
June: I do, Mommy! But April was hogging her. I wanted to play with her!
April: Oh, yeah? Well, you were hogging all the chocolate May stole from Elliot's office! You weren't contributing! You big chocolate head!
May: I didn't steal it! It was your stupid idea! And I'm not stupid!
Angela: Girls! Stop this right now! You will behave like young ladies. Not like some savage beasts!
April: We're not being beasts, we're just not being weak. Just like Chieko taught us!
Angela: Chieko?! You will stop this nonsense immediately! Stealing chocolates. Tearing apart Dollie. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
Angela: Now... apologize to <Rank> <Name> for taking up valuable time with your shenanigans.
April, May and June (in unison): Alright, mommy...
April: We're sorry, <Rank> <Name>. We didn't mean it.
May (offering piggy bank): Here, take this, <Rank> <Name>. It's all of our tooth fairy money. You can use it to find the bad people!
(After talking to the Triplets)
Angela: Honey, I'm really concerned for the girls. They're not acting like themselves. They've been around this orphan case for too long.
Lars: My little mother hen... Don't worry. The girls are fine.
Angela: We should send them back to your parents. As far away from here as possible.
Angela: I keep having these terrible nightmares where the girls end up with SOMBRA doing horrible things!
Lars: Baby, relax. They're safe with us. We'd never let anything like that happen.
Angela: I don't know... I've got the feeling something terrible's going to happen. I hope I'm wrong...

Later, at Bureau headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, we know Sanjay's no longer in Tokyo. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly where he is...
Carmen: This wouldn't have had happened if you hadn't let him out of your sight, Archer! Don't you realize the danger Sanjay's in?!
Jack: Geez, Carmen! Relax! We'll find him. I didn't peg you for the maternal type...
Elliot: Hey, guys. I could hear you arguing all the way down the hall... it's a miracle <Name> continues to work with you two!
Elliot: Anyway, I take it you're wondering where Sanjay is. Fear not, I've found him...
Elliot: Using the serial number on the cellphone box, I located Sanjay's phone.
Elliot: I just called up the cellphone number, gave them the serial number, and voila, they triangulated the phone signal.
Jack: See, Carmen? We've found Sanjay! Elliot, please tell us you've got the exact location...
Elliot: Of course, I did. Sanjay's in Southern Japan... on Kyushu Island.
Jack: <Name>, we're back on track! You heard the kid... Sanjay's on Kyushu Island!
Carmen: We're not off the hook yet, <Name>! We have to find Sanjay AND put an end to SOMBRA's evil scheme! Let's hope Kyushu Island has the answers we're looking for!

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