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Previously on Criminal Case...
David Jones: Stuart Huckabee?! We've been looking everywhere for you!
Stuart: I suspected you would. I can help you understand what's really been happening.
Jones: Are you talking about Chief King's suicide?
Stuart: Not just that! Have you ever wondered why there are so many murders in Grimsborough? This isn't just bad luck. But you will have to dig to get to the truth.
Stuart: And I do mean "dig". <Rank> <Name>, if you want answers, go the harbor. And bring a shovel!

At the natural harbor...
Jones: ....We need to get to the bottom of this... Just keep... Digging...

Five hours later...
Jones: "Just keep digging"! It's easy for Stuart to say...
Jones: Huh, who does Stuart think he is anyway: He's just left us to dig alone and he didn't even tell us where he's gone. I've had it, and...
Jones: ...Oh my God, <Name>! You've dug something up! Quick, you need to investigate before the tide comes up. I'll call Nathan in the meantime, we might need him.

Chapter 1

Investigate Estuary.
David Jones: I can't believe you've just dug up a skeleton, <Name>! And it looks super old... What do you make of it, Nathan?
Nathan: Judging by the teeth, I'd say this was the skeleton of a boy. And looking at the bones, I'd say this child was murdered roughly 400 years ago.
Jones: Who on Earth would murder an innocent child?!
Nathan: Well.. Whoever was here 400 years ago... <Name>, could you do a facial reconstruction of the skull to identify the boy's ethnicity?
Jones: Stuart wanted us to find this skeleton so it must be important... But where is he when we need him?
Jones: Ah, of course, I'd forgotten about this scroll you found, <Name>! It's faded, but would you mind recovering it?

Examine Human Skull.
Jones: You're now a bona fide cold case investigator, <Name>! You managed to reconstruct the face of the boy who got killed 400 years ago...
Jones: ...And the boy was a Pilgrim?!
Jones: Stuart told us we were going to unearth Grimsborough's most darkest, deepest secrets. Do you think he was talking about this Pilgrim boy's murder?
Jones: I guess you're right, <Rank> <Name>: the only way to find out is to continue with the investigation!

Examine Faded Scroll.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You recovered this faded scroll in no time!
Jones: It looks like a riddle: "When the sun shines at night, your answers will be revealed..."
Jones: Oh my God, you're right! "Where the sun shines at night": that's obviously the lighthouse!
Jones: Let's head there. Hopefully this riddle will lead us to some answers.

Investigate Lighthouse.
(Before investigating Lighthouse)
Jones: Well, <Name>, the riddle suggested that we come to this lighthouse. Let's have a look around, shall we?
(After investigating Lighthouse)
Jones: Argh, I can't believe this: just hours ago, Stuart had promised to answer all our questions about Chief King's death... and now his tongue is protruding from his neck!!!
Jones: Just think: first we dig up a 400 year old skeleton... and now the guy who told us where to dig is dead! That's like a mystery upon a mystery!
Jones: Good point, <Name>, we should start by sending the body to autopsy: it might offer up some answers.
Jones: Now, about this smashed painting: it was right next to Stuart's body... so maybe it's of importance. Do you think you can piece it back together?
Jones: Oh, you're right: this seems to be some kind of cipher, just like in those spy movies! Sadly, the secret message is faded... Would you mind using your spy skills to recover it?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: I've finished the autopsy on your victim. Basically, the method in which your victim was murdered is called a "Colombian necktie".
Jones: Our victim was killed with a necktie?
Nathan: No, Jones. A "Colombian necktie" is when the killer slashes the victim's throat open, and then pulls the tongue out through the open wound.
Nathan: I believe the message is pretty clear: your killer thought your victim talked too much.
Nathan: Now, I found shellfish molecules on your victim's tongue...
Nathan: ...Which turned out to be oyster molecules.
Nathan: Interesting thing is, your victim was allergic to shellfish!
Nathan: I'm guessing the traces of oysters were on your killer's hands when they pulled your victim's tongue out of his throat.
Jones: So our killer eats oysters... Ugh, do you think that's what turned them into such a bloodthirsty monster?

Examine Broken Painting.
Jones: Amazing work, <Name>! I hope you enjoyed restoring that broken painting: it looked like a real jigsaw puzzle!
Jones: That said, even though we found this painting next to our victim's body, I have no idea what it has got to do with our investigation--
Herman: What are ye scurvy sea monsters doing on my property?! Can't you read the sign? It says NO TRESPASSING!
Herman: And what's that in your hands? THIEVES! Scum of the Earth! You've stolen my painting!
Jones: Calm down: your painting is connected to a murder... which happened on YOUR land! So <Rank> <Name> is going to have to ask you a few questions!

Talk to Herman about the murder.
Herman: There's been a murder on my land?! By Zeus' thunder, when you catch the killer, be sure to charge him with first degree trespassing!
Jones: Er, okay... Now about this painting of yours, Herman. We found it near Stuart Huckabee's body.
Herman: I don't know what the painting has got to do with your investigation, but it's my family's pride and joy, yes Sir!
Herman: You see, it's the painting of my ancestor, Captain Ishmael Cavendish' ship. He's the one who safely sailed the Pilgrims to Grimsborough in 1642.
Herman: Ar, what a story: it was during the winter of 1642, and after months at sea, the ship finally docked in the natural harbor. And let me tell you--
Jones: Er, it's a really nice story, Herman. But <Rank> <Name> and I have a murder to investigate.

Jones: I didn't mean to be rude, <Name>, but that crazy old man could have continued telling that story for hours.
Jones: That's true: Herman did say that the Pilgrim ship docked in the natural harbor 400 years ago...
Jones: ...And that's also where you dug up that skeleton!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: we should head back to the natural harbor for a closer look!

Examine Faded Cipher.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You managed to recover the faded text from that cipher in no time...
Jones: So what does it say? "Tkeyx Zkvwc..."
Jones: Huh, I think the easiest option would be to just send this headache over to Alex for translation.

Analyze Coded Message.
Alex: I was hoping Cathy would help me decrypt this cipher... we normally always do these things together... but with her grandfather's death, it's just...
Jones: We understand, Alex. We're all dealing with it the best we can. And we're hoping this investigation will offer us some answers.
Alex: I know... About this cipher, I used the key to translate it and it now reads: "Jason Palms, you were right, they're after me and want me dead", signed Stuart.
Jones: So Stuart was fearing for his life... and with good reason, too!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we need to speak to this Jason Palms. If this cipher is anything to go by, he won't be too surprised by Stuart's murder!

Interrogate Jason about the victim's cipher.
Jones: Jason Palms, we found a coded message Stuart wrote to you shortly before his death in which he said that "You were right, they're after me and want me dead."
Jason: Of course I was right: I told him to stop digging into the past or the Crimson Order would kill him. And now he's dead, I alone must continue the pursuit of truth!
Jones: Slow down a second: who wanted Stuart dead?
Jason: The Crimson Order! They're a secret society who live in the shadows of this city. They make sure the truth never gets out, by any means necessary!
Jones: Ah, come on, you really expect us to believe a secret order killed Stuart?
Jason: Of course they did, man! Eek, I've already said too much! I need to return to my top secret lair and engage protocol 5!

Jones: Great, so according to that loon, it's a secret society called the Crimson Order that killed Stuart. Yeah, right. What next? Aliens run the world?

Investigate Estuary.
Jones: Oh my God, you're right, <Name>! The lid of this coffin was whole when we dug up the skeleton... but now it's been smashed to pieces!
Jones: It's becoming clear that our killer murdered Stuart to silence him...
Jones: ... And now they're trying to destroy all the evidence from the past murder too!
Jones: Good point, <Name>: With a bit of luck, the killer has left a tale-tell clue behind. Let's sift through the wreckage!
Jones: And look at this letter: it's addressed to Stuart: "I urge you to stop digging into the past. No good will come of it.
Jones: The letter almost sounds like a threat. It's not signed, but maybe you could use that wax seal to identify the person who wrote it?

Examine Smashed Coffin.
Jones: What's an electrical device like this doing in a 400 year old coffin, <Name>?
Jones: ...Oh my God, you're right! The killer must have left this behind when they smashed the ancient coffin to bits!
Jones: Quick, let's send this gift from the killer over to Alex, and see what he makes of it!

Analyze Circuit Board.
Alex: I analyzed that circuit board you found among the wreckage of that 400 year old coffin, <Name>...
Alex: And given that the circuit board is a piece of modern day technology, it was left behind by your killer!
Alex: The circuit board in question is from a metal detector, which I'm guessing your killer used to destroy all evidence from the coffin!
Alex: The circuit board have gotten detached from the metal detector after one too many blows: even though that coffin's old, it's still made of solid wood!
Jones: Huh, so our killer uses a metal detector... to smash things. When we catch them, we should probably explain to them what it's really for!

Examine Wax Seal.
Jones: You're a superstar, <Name>! Even though this letter you found wasn't signed, you still managed to identify the writer thanks to their wax seal!
Jones: So it's a certain Ashton Cooper who wrote this letter: "Stuart, I urge you to stop digging into the past. No good will come of it."
Jones: I still don't know if it's a threat or a friendly message to our victim, but you're right, we should talk to this Cooper just to make sure.

Quiz Ashton about his letter to the victim.
Jones: Ashton Cooper, <Rank> <Name> found a letter you wrote to Stuart Huckabee, in which you were warning him to stop digging up the past.
Ashton: A warning he didn't listen to! That little rat couldn't help himself: he always had to dig deeper and deeper for more and more filth!
Jones: Okay... But why would you care anyway?
Ashton: You mean you don't know who I am?! My family built this city in 1845. Before that, it was only the leftovers of a small Pilgrim settlement.
Ashton: This city is my family's lifelong work, and it is my duty to protect its image and its history. A history which has nothing to do with the Pilgrims!
Ashton: Stuart hated this city: he only saw the bad in it... and yet now he will remain here for all of eternity. So I hope he finally gets to like it.

Later on, at the Police Station...
Jones: Phew, <Name>, we've got one big mystery on our hands. First Stuart comes to us and promises he's got all the answers to King's suicide...
Jones: ...And then he tells us to dig up the 400 year old skeleton of a Pilgrim child in the natural harbor...
Jones: And before we can meet up with him, he gets murdered! It's just like in the conspiracy movies: he got killed before he could explain the big reveal!
Jones: You're right, somehow the unearthing of the skeleton triggered his murder. So both cases are obviously linked, but how?
Nathan: <Rank> <Name>, you're never going to believe this but I've just discovered the missing link between both your victims!
Jones: What is it, Nathan?
Nathan: The link is in the DNA: it turns out both your victims are from the same family!

Chapter 2

Nathan Pandit: <Name>, I've just discovered that both your victims are from the same family! The skeleton is that of Pip Huckabee: Stuart's ancestral cousin!
Jones: So Stuart is the descendant of that Pilgrim child?! You're right, <Name>: that means both cases are connected!
Jones: It's likely Stuart got murdered because the killer didn't want him to solve his ancestor's death...
Jones: ...Which means, if we solve the child's death, we'll be able to solve Stuart's murder!
Jones: I agree, <Name>, the child arrived with the Pilgrim ship: chances are, that's where the murder happened too!
Jones: But we're cops, not historians, so how could we ever solve a murder that happened 400 years ago on a ship, <Name>?
Jones: Good point, Herman told us his ancestor was the captain of the ship. Maybe he'll be able to solve some answers!

At Herman's place...
Herman: Ar, are you here to buy some oysters? Fresh from the sea they are! Or what about some fine treasures I dug up with my metal detector, hey?
Jones: Actually, Herman, we're here about your ancestor who was the captain of that ship that sailed into Grimsborough all those centuries ago.
Herman: Indeed, my ancestor Ishmael Cavendish remains the most famous man in my family's history! But what do you want to know, exactly?
Jones: We believe the ship may have been the scene of a murder back in 1642. A murder which might help solve our current investigation...
Jones: ...But sadly, we can't investigate the ship ourselves because we can't travel back in time to 1642.
Herman: You don't need to travel back in time: through the power of storytelling, I can describe every detail of that ship! Then you can just tell me which objects you want to know more about.
Jones: Do you really think that would work, Herman?
Herman: Haha, obviously you've never heard a sailor's tale before, Jones?
Jones: How about it, <Name>? If we listen closely to Herman's story, we'll be able to experience life aboard his ancestor's ship!

Investigate Sailing Ship, 1642.
(Before investigating Sailing Ship, 1642)
Herman: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, let me tell you the story of my ancestor's ship back in 1642. Believe me, it will be as if you were truly there!
Herman: Then, all you have to do is tell me which objects you want from the ship, and I'll go see if I have them in the attic.
Herman: Now, just close your eyes and focus on my voice... as my story transports you back through time...
Herman: You find yourself aboard the Pilgrim ship in the winter of 1642. You haven't seen land for months...
Herman: ...When finally, you spot it: the New World!
Herman: Land! Land at last! You join Captain Cavendish as you watch the ship getting closer and closer to it...
Herman: ...And finally, the Pilgrim ship sails into the natural harbor...

Aboard the Pilgrim Ship, 1642...
Ishmael: Ar, me matey, we've arrived in the New World. Stow away the cannons, roll up the masts and prepare for landing!

Investigate Sailing Ship, 1642.
(After investigating Sailing Ship, 1642.)
...And with that, our tale ends...
Herman: Open your eyes, <Rank>, and come back to reality...
Jones: Wow, that was a really vivid story: it really felt like we were on the ship!
Jones: Captain Cavendish... I mean, Herman! That golden chalice and broken sculpture caught <Rank> <Name>'s attention: do you have them in your collection?
Herman: Here you go! But please, handle them carefully: they're almost 400 years old!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, there seems to be an engraving on this ancient chalice... but time has faded it! Can you get it to reveal its secret?
Jones: And this sculpture has been badly damaged with time... but if you restored it, it might help!

Examine Chalice.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>! You managed to recover this inscription on this 400 year old chalice in mere seconds!
Jones: I have no idea what this symbol is... but since the chalice was on the Pilgrim ship, it could be important. Time to send it over to Alex!

Analyze Golden Chalice.
Alex: I took a look at that ancient chalice from the Pilgrim ship, and it turns out it's a ritual cup.
Alex: The symbol you recovered from it, <Name>, is the insignia of a secret society called the "Crimson Order".
Jones: The Crimson Order?! Could you be the secret society that Jason Palms told us about, <Name>?
Jones: Well, this chalice definitely proves that the Crimson Order actually existed in 1642! We better go talk to Jason about this!
Jones: And if you want to check out the natural harbor on the way to talking to Jason, I'm not going to stop you, <Name>!

Ask Jason about the Crimson Order.
Jones: Jason, <Rank> <Name> has just discovered that the Crimson Order you were talking about actually existed in 1642 and--
Jason: Ha, I told you so! Sweet aliens from Mars, it's a shame Stuart had to die to prove it, but the Crimson Order really does exist!
Jones: You really think the Crimson Order murdered Stuart?
Jason: You don't know the Crimson Order like I do! They control the whole of Grimsborough. They make all the important decisions in this city!
Jason: Stuart decided it was time to expose them. And for that, he started at their roots in 1642...
Jason: But the Crimson Order makes sure the truth never gets out by murdering anybody who gets in their way!

Jones: So there's a possibly a secret society that was created in 1642... and that STILL rules over Grimsborough?!
Jones: But you're right, <Name>: it's possible that crazy loon actually killed Stuart just to make the world believe such a secret society existed!

Examine Broken Sculpture.
Jones: Excellent job, <Name>! You put all the museum curators to shame: you just restored this 400 year old sculpture like a pro!
Jones: Huh, there's something carved into it: "The Huckabees will forever be the sworn enemies of the McCoys"... Ouch.
Jones: Is it referring to the Huckabee we know... as in Stuart Huckabee? Oh, it's talking about his ancestors...
Jones: And this sculpture has survived 400 years... so I wonder if these McCoys are still around too. Let's have Alex look them up.

Analyze Sculpture.
Alex: I took a look at the carving on that ancient sculpture from the Pilgrim ship. "The Huckabees will forever be the sworn enemies of the McCoys".
Alex: The carving was made by Duncan McCoy. I did a quick name search in the database, and it turns out Duncan was the Pilgrim Ship's carpenter.
Alex: But I have no idea why Duncan hated the Huckabee family so much...
Alex: ...And the worst thing is, the family feud between the McCoys and the Huckabees is still going strong today!
Alex: Duncan McCoy's descendant, Chris McCoy still lives in this area if you want to talk to him, <Name>.
Jones: A family feud that dates back to 1642... If this is true, it makes this Chris one hell of a suspect!

Ask Chris about the Huckabees.
Jones: Chris, we wanted to know about your family's history with the Huckabees...
Chris: Ha, those idiots have been ruining our lives for centuries! Especially Stuart, who liked nothing more than to mock my family's history!
Chris: So I'm sure you can understand that when I found out about Stuart's death, I was over the moon!
Jones: Well, I'm sure you can understand that you've now become our suspect number one!
Chris: What do I care?! Look at me: I pick up garbage for a living! My life couldn't get any worse than this!
Chris: It sucks! Garbage picking doesn't pay enough so I'm forced to search for small change with my metal detector!

Investigate Water's Edge.
Jones: You're right <Name>: from experience, these piles of flotsam often conceal many a treasure! Are you ready to search through it?
Jones: And about this broken object... Would you mind piecing it back together?

Examine Flotsam.
Jones: Unbelievable, <Name>: the knife you found in that pile of flotsam is covered in blood! Quick, let's send it over to Grace!

Analyze Knife.
Grace: That knife you found in that pile of flotsam in the natural harbor is in fact an oyster knife... and it was covered in your victim's blood.
Jones: We already knew our killer eats oysters... but apparently they have no problem using an oyster knife to open up our victim like on too!
Grace: I found molecules on the handle of the knife, but... I haven't yet been able to find out what they're from.
Grace: It's just... Since the Chief's death, I've been having problems concentrating...
Jones: I know, Grace, but this investigation could lead to answers, and that is what's keeping <Name> and I going.
Jones: But I tell you what, why don't you give us those molecules you found on the murder weapon, and <Name> will take it from there.

Examine Mysterious Substance.
Jones: I knew I could count on you, <Name>! So these molecules that Grace found on the murder weapon are from tea!
Jones: Tea, oysters, and a Colombian necktie... Huh, our killer definitely likes to mix and match!

Examine Broken Object.
Jones: Ace as always, <Name>! You restored this broken object from the natural harbor before I could even say the word "Go!"
Jones: It's a beautiful astrolabe! My grandfather was somewhat of an astrologer and had one to determine the position of the stars for his horoscope!
Jones: There seems to be a faded engraving on this one. Would you mind using your awesome skills to recover it?

Examine Engraved Astrolabe.
Jones: Jackpot, <Name>! Now the inscription on this astrolabe is as clear as day: "To Stuart, from your loving sister, Susan".
Jones: So our victim had a sister... You're right, <Name>, we should go talk to her: we might learn more about Stuart.

Check up on Susan after her brother's death.
Susan: I don't mean to be rude, but I was just about to go oyster picking while the little ones played around with my metal detector: it's a family tradition.
Susan: I suppose you're here about my brother. Oh Stuart, he was always buried in his history books instead of being with his family.
Jones: Actually, we believe Stuart got killed because he wanted to solve the murder of your ancestor: a Pilgrim child.
Susan: Stuart spent years researching the murder of Pip Huckabee... But it was a waste of time looking for a killer who died centuries ago.
Susan: Please, <Rank> <Name>, I'm counting on you to find my brother's killer.
Jones: Don't worry, Susan, <Rank> <Name> is the best there is!

Back at the station...
Jones: Gee, <Name>, we've covered the span of 400 years with the arrival of the Pilgrims on this land...
Jones: We've discovered McCoy's family have hated the Huckabees since that time...
Jones: And now we've learnt about the existence of a secret society called the Crimson Order... which apparently controls the whole city!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, come quick! I've just caught a thief trying to break into the evidence room: they wanted to steal the Crimson Order chalice!
Jones: What?! Who?!
Ramirez: When I locked him up, he kept saying he was the famous Ashton Cooper!

Chapter 3

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, come quick! I've just caught a thief trying to break into the evidence room: they wanted to steal the Crimson Order chalice!
Jones: What?! Who?!
Ramirez: When I locked him up, he kept saying he was the famous Ashton Cooper!
Jones: Huh, now why would Ashton be so interested in the Crimson Order's ritual cup?!
Ramirez: I don't know... But I also confiscated Ashton's metal detector. It looked suspicious!
Jones: Well, let's go question him! And you're right, <Name>, we also need to re-canvas the crime scene to make sure we haven't missed anything important!

Quiz Ashton about his attempt to steal a piece of evidence.
Ashton: I realize I shouldn't have tried to steal the Crimson Order chalice... but is it at least possible to get a cup of tea?
Jones: Why don't you start by telling us why you wanted the Crimson Order chalice in the first place?
Ashton: I simply wanted to destroy it. If the truth got out that the Crimson Order existed, it would overshadow the beautiful history of this city!
Ashton: Not to mention that they're dangerous: just look at what happened to Stuart when he tried to expose them.
Jones: Or maybe you decided to kill Stuart before his discovery about the Crimson Order became the talk of the town!
Ashton: Absurd! I'm one of the most famous people in this city and beloved by many for organizing the Grimsborough Oyster Festival: I wouldn't throw ALL that away just for ONE trivial murder!

Jones: Good idea, <Name>: we should probably gather all vital objects from the Pilgrim ship before Ashton destroys them all!
Jones: And you're right to remind us that Pip Huckabee got murdered on that ship. Now's our chance to solve this cold case once and for all!

Investigate Main Deck, 1642.
(Before investigating Main Deck, 1642)
Herman: Ar, so I see my story left you wanting more, hey? Well, the tale of my ancestor and his Pilgrim ship is an ageless one!
Herman: Let's pick up where we left off then... Ah yes, this is my favorite part of the story, <Rank> <Name>! Just close your eyes as we travel back...
Herman: ...To the Pilgrim ship, in the winter of 1642...

Aboard the Pilgrim Ship, 1642.
Ishmael: Ar, there's been a crime most foul... You, join the others on deck. We'll find that scurvy leech in no time!

Investigate Main Deck, 1642.
(After investigating Main Deck, 1642)
Open your eyes...
Herman: ...And come back to reality, <Rank>...
Jones: Brr, what a story: I could almost feel the biting cold on that ship!
Jones: Herman, <Rank> <Name> is interested in that treasure chest and that parchment you described. Would you happen to have them in your attic?
Herman: You're in luck, <Rank> <Name>: you can have them, but they won't reveal their secrets so easily!
Jones: Wow, look at the complicated lock mechanism on this ancient treasure chest!
Jones: Just imagine, <Name>, this treasure chest has been waiting for four centuries for you to come along and finally break it's code!
Jones: And what about this faded parchment? It's known better days for sure, but do you think you could recover some of it?

Examine Ancient Chest.
Jones: Wow, I'm beyond impressed, <Name>! You managed to crack the 400 year old on that ancient treasure chest without even breaking a sweat!
Jones: There seems to be a lot of things inside. Will you do the honors of searching through it, <Name>?

Examine Unlocked Chest.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! So what is this crimson robe doing inside that ancient treasure chest?
Jones: ...Oh my God, you're right: that's the Crimson Order symbol on it?
Jones: Do you think this robe is what all the Crimson Order members wore?!
Jones: Even though this robe is four centuries old, we should still send it over to Grace. She might be able to tell us more about it!

Analyze Crimson Order Robe.
Grace: I studied the Crimson Order robe you found in that treasure chest, and it dates back to 1642!
Grace: Because the treasure chest was hermetically sealed, the Crimson Order robe hadn't aged a day since! This allowed me to find some salvageable specks of blood on it...
Grace: ... Blood which matches the DNA of Pip Huckabee!
Jones: That means that whoever murdered Pip was wearing this robe... and was a member of the Crimson Order!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it all adds up: we already know the Crimson Order held their secret rituals aboard the ship...
Jones: What if the child surprised them during their ritual?!
Jones: Thanks for your work, Grace! And sadly we can't arrest this past killer...
Jones: But we can offer some answer to the child's descendants. What do you say we go tell Susan about our discovery, <Name>?

Inform Susan about her ancestor's cold case.
Susan: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, why don't you come in for a cup of tea and a piece of pie?
Jones: Susan, <Rank> <Name> has discovered that Pip Huckabee was murdered by the Crimson Order, and we thought you deserved to know the truth.
Susan: I was hoping you'd never find out, <Rank> <Name>: some past events are best left forgotten.
Jones: Wait a second: you knew and yet you decided not to tell us?!
Susan: Our whole family has known for generations... Because Pip's mum, Elma Huckabee, quickly found out the truth...
Jones: Well if she knew, why didn't she do anything about her boy's murder?
Susan: She tried... and that's when the Crimson Order turned up at Elma's doorstep... all those years ago, in 1642...

At Elma's Huckabee's, 1642...
Elma: You! You killed my son! You monsters!
Crimson Order Member: Your son returned to the ship and disobeyed the rules. He had to be punished!
Elma: But you killed him! You won't get away with this!
Crimson Order Member: Let this be a warning, Elma: if a Huckabee EVER spills our secret, you will ALL die!

Back in the present...
Susan: ...Elma didn't have a choice: she swallowed the secret like a bitter pill to protect her family.
Susan: And from one protective mother to the other, we've always kept the secret safe within the Huckabee family...
Susan: ...Until Stuart started to dig this whole Crimson Order story up again...

Jones: Brr, what a chilling story. And even that cup of tea Susan gave us didn't help warm my insides.
Jones: Susan said that the Crimson Order would always keep an eye on the Huckabees: so what if they killed Stuart to silence them?!

Examine Faded Parchment.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>: you recovered the text from that ancient parchment as if it was written just yesterday!
Jones: All that text is quite a mouthful, but it seems that Duncan McCoy was put on trial in 1642 for...
Jones: ...CANNIBALISM?! You're telling me Duncan McCoy ate another human being?! Ugh!
Jones: And you're right, <Name>: our victim's ancestor, Reginald Huckabee, was acting as judge...
Jones: ...And sentenced the whole McCoy family to a life of poverty.
Jones: Do you think that's how the 400 year fight between the Huckabees and McCoys started?
Jones: I agree, <Name>: we should question Chris McCoy about this whole cannibalism story... I just hope the taste for human flesh doesn't run in the family!

Question Chris about his ancestor's cannibalism.
Jones: Chris, <Rank> <Name> found out that the Huckabees charged your ancestor with cannibalism back in 1642...
Chris: For f**k's sake: you're not gonna start with that too! The whole city knows about it thanks to Stuart!
Chris: Hell, because of that story, I don't even eat meat or fish! ... Though, okay, I do eat oysters from time to time but still!
Chris: It was freezing cold in 1642 and people were dying of hunger! It was eat or die and all Duncan did was try to survive!
Jones: Please tell me it wasn't a child that Duncan ate... was it?
Chris: A CHILD?! Don't be sick! Duncan ate an old man... who was going to die anyway! That's like the circle of life stuff right there!
Chris: Now leave me alone, my tea break's coming up, and I don't wanna waste it by talking about the past.

Later, at the station...
Jones: Well, thanks to your great skills we now know that the Pilgrim child was killed by the Crimson Order...
Jones: And now all that's left is to find out who murdered Stuart!
Jones: I agree, <Name>: since we know both murders are connected, it sounds like a good idea to return to the natural harbor to look for the evidence we're missing!

Investigate Estuary.
Jones: So, <Name>, what did you find on the natural harbor this time? A tea flask... Ooh, and it looks like it's hardly been used. Dibs!
Jones: Oh, you're right: we know our killer was here... and that they drink tea! Can you take a closer look at it, <Name>?

Examine Tea Flask.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! I'm sure Grace will be able to tell us what this substance from the killer's flask is!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Grace: I took a look at the unknown substance you collected from the tea flask you found in the natural harbor, <Name>, and it turns out it's saliva.
Grace: It's your killer's saliva, to be exact. I know this because I also found microscopic blood particles from your victim on the edges of the flask.
Grace: Sadly, it wasn't easy to extract usable DNA from that saliva sample... and the only thing I can be certain about is that your killer has blue eyes.
Jones: Ah, I can't wait to stare into the killer's deep blue eyes and listen to <Name> read them their Miranda rights?

Investigate Hut.
Jones: Oh my God, these glasses you found belonged to our victim! And there seems to be something stuck in them. <Name>, your forensic skills are called upon!

Examine Cracked Glasses.
Jones: Your forensic skills are out of this world, <Name>! So what did you find stuck in our victim's glasses? Fibers? C'mon, let's pack this off to Grace!

Analyze Fibers.
Grace: I analyzed those fibers you found stuck in the victim's glasses, <Name>. And I can assure you they're not from your victim's clothes.
Grace: Your killer must have hit your victim during the attack, and that's when the fibers got stuck in the glasses.
Grace: After placing these fibers under the microscope, it turns out they are from the classic striped T-shirt!
Jones: It's an ageless style, so we can't fault the killer for wearing that. But with <Name> hot on their heels, they'll soon have to swap it for an orange tracksuit!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Okay, <Name>, after having solved the cold case, are you ready to make the arrest of the 21st century?

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Susan, you're under arrest for the gruesome murder of your brother, Stuart Huckabee!
Susan: I did what I had to do to protect my family...
Jones: How on Earth would killing Stuart protect your family?!
Susan: Recently Stuart became obsessed with proving to the world that the Crimson Order killed Pip. But that secret was meant to stay in the family!
Susan: I begged Stuart to stop, but he didn't listen... And that's when I started seeing the Crimson Order everywhere I looked! It was obviously a warning!
Jones: You mean just as they had warned Elma Huckabee, they were now warning you to keep the secret or die?
Susan: Exactly! I'm a mother, I couldn't risk putting my whole family in danger... So I killed Stuart before the Crimson Order killed my ENTIRE family!
Jones: You slashed his throat and pulled his tongue out!
Susan: It was a message to the Crimson Order: I was promising them that we would talk no more!
Susan: My family's safe: that's all that counts. Now take me to prison.

Judge Hall: Susan Huckabee, you are being charged with the horrific murder of your only brother, Stuart.
Judge Hall: However, we've agreed to reduce your sentence if you'll cooperate with <Rank> <Name> and tell us everything you know about the Crimson Order.
Susan: I can't talk! The Crimson Order will kill all of my family if I do!
Jones: Susan, we will protect your family and keep you all safe. We promise.
Susan: You just don't get it, do you? NOBODY is safe from the Crimson Order! The only way I can protect my family is by not talking!
Judge Hall: Very well, since you refuse to cooperate, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment! Court adjourned!

Jones: Brr, I still can't believe Susan was ready to kill her own brother just to appease a secret society called the Crimson Order.
Jones: We know for a fact that the Crimson Order existed back in 1642... and used violence and intimidation to ensure no one would ever reveal their secret...
Jones: ...But do you think Stuart and Susan were right, and the Crimson Order really does control this city, <Name>?

Additional Investigation

David Jones: I know, <Name>, I still can't believe that our Chief killed himself... It just feels like we're in a bad dream and haven't woken up yet.
Cathy: <Rank> <Name>, please, I need your help!
Cathy: My Grandfather's become such a mystery since his death... and I've been trying to find out more about his past as a policeman to better understand him...
Cathy: ...So I've been going through all the newspaper articles about his past cases... and there was one that caught my attention because it happened at the natural harbor.
Cathy: I'm not sure why... but I took the article with me and went to check out the harbor. And that's when a gust of wind ripped it from my hands... and now my Grandfather's past is lost for ever!
Jones: No, no! Don't cry, Cathy: I'm sure <Name> can find this article. We'll go to the harbor and have a look around.
Jones: And, you're right, <Name>: since we'll be near the lighthouse, it'd we worth looking through Herman's old artifacts. He's got loads of objects which could tell us more about the city and its past!

Investigate Estuary.
Jones: Well done! This must be the article Cathy lost... though some water smudged the text! Can you do something about it, <Name>?

Examine Wet Newspaper.
Jones: Good job, <Name>, this article is legible thanks to you!
Jones: It reads "Red Caped Killer Escapes"... This rings a bell! Look, you can even see the Crimson Order's symbol on the cape of the guy in the picture!
Jones: And Chief King was in charge of the investigation... But there isn't much information on this case, nor any date mentioned... Yes, <Name>, we should have Alex look into this!

Analyze Newspaper Article.
Alex: I'm impressed, <Name>, that article you found holds a lot of secrets! This seems big!
Jones: Great! What did you find about this mysterious investigation, then?
Alex: Nothing, actually! No information in the police archives, nor in the media database, I even went through Chief King's file... Officially, nothing in this article happened!
Jones: But wait a second: you just told us that this was big?!
Alex: It's huge, Jones! Don't you get it? It means somebody wiped any mention about this "red caped killer" from our files! It's just one huge cover-up!
Alex: And here's where it really gets crazy, but the only person who had enough clearance to do this unnoticed would have been Chief King!
Jones: Are you saying the Chief covered this up on purpose?! That's impossible... He'd never try and protect the Crimson Order!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the Crimson Order must have managed to erase all the information themselves... They'll do anything to remain secret.
Jones: Maybe Jason Palms can tell us more about this. After all, he knows a lot about the Crimson Order!

Talk to Jason Palms about the mysterious caped murderer.
Jason: This article you found, your archives empty... Don't tell anyone I said it, <Rank> <Name>, but the Crimson Order is behind this!
Jason: The Order is everywhere! They've infiltrated every administration of this city! I bet this isn't even the only murder erased from your files!
Jason: Hell, even your ex-police chief... King! He was a member of the Crimson Order! It's how they kept their murders secret!
Jones: What? No! That's impossible! Chief King wasn't a member of this crazy Order!
Jason: Face it, this isn't the only investigation King led against the Crimson Order... But all of them were silenced!
Jason: I must start Protocol 42B now! I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, but this confirms my theory! Let me buy you a snack at least, you'll need it!

Jones: How can this be possible? Our very own Chief... a member of the Crimson Order?! Do you really believe it, <Name>?

Investigate Lighthouse.
(Before investigating Lighthouse)
Herman: Ar, <Rank> <Name>, you want to go through my collection again? Go ahead, it's a pleasure, as long as you don't dig up another corpse!
(After investigating Lighthouse)
Jones: Well spotted, <Name>, the tools in this box seem really old, I wouldn't be surprised if it had belonged to Herman's ancestor! If you want to go through it, be my guest!

Examine Antique Navigation Tools.
Jones: <Name>, you're an ace! This gold coin you found among the navigation tools is very nice, look at these engravings!
Jones: Wait! This is a compass rose! It's really similar to the Crimson Order's symbol! What if this coin belonged to them?
Jones: The engraving on the other side looks like the Pilgrim's ship! This is too much of a coincidence, let's ask Herman how he got a hold of this coin!

Question Herman Cavendish about the gold coin.
Jones: So, Herman, we've found this intriguing coin in your old navigation tools, with this compass rose engraved on one side! Can you explain what the Crimson Order's symbol doing on it?
Herman: What? My family has never been related to that nefarious Crimson Order in any way! This coin has nothing to do with them!
Herman: The Pilgrims didn't have much, but they still offered this beautiful coin to my ancestor to thank him. The compass rose was a navigational symbol, and a reminder of their gratitude!
Herman: You'd find that a lot of families in Grimsborough have forgotten about their roots, and wouldn't even recognize the ship that brought their ancestors here!
Jones: Well, actually, <Rank> <Name> is right, we need to know more about the Pilgrim's arrival in Grimsborough... Everything seems to point back to that time!
Herman: Ar, perfect! It'd be a pleasure to bring you back to my ancestor's ship, <Rank> <Name>! When they arrived in the New World, the Pilgrims went through harsh times...

Investigate Sailing Ship, 1642.
(Before investigating Sailing Ship, 1642)
Herman: Ar, my ancestor was a good man, he ruled life on the ship. He knew everybody onboard, every deckhand and Pilgrim. Just close your eyes...
Herman: ...And picture yourself on the Pilgrim ship again, in the winter of 1642...

Aboard the Pilgrim Ship, 1642...
Ishmael: Ar me matey, the New World is finally in front of us!

Investigate Sailing Ship, 1642.
(After investigating Sailing Ship, 1642)
Open your eyes...
Herman: ...And that's all for this story. Come back to reality, <Rank>...

Back to reality...
Jones: I'll never get tired of that feeling, you tell the most vivid stories Capt-... I mean, Herman! I can still feel the swirl of the deck under my feet!
Jones: <Rank> <Name> has you noticed you mentioned a passenger list in your story! Do you have it somewhere in your impressive collection of antiques?
Herman: By Poseidon's daughters, I had forgotten that! My ancestor kept a precise register of his passengers... Alas, the years haven't been kind to this manuscript! Here, I hope you can mend it, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Torn Book.
Jones: You really are the best, <Name>! The passenger list of Captain Ishmael Cavendish is legible thanks to you!
Jones: Oh, look! Here is the page listing the Pilgrims aboard... Here are the Cavendish, the Huckabees, the McCoys... There are some unfamiliar names too, like this Kingsley family!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should give this list back to Herman. He may have more information about those names!

Give the passengers list back to Herman Cavendish.
Herman: So, <Rank> <Name>, did you find any interesting names in my ancestor's register?
Jones: We found a few families we already knew... Like yours, and the Huckabee family... But most of the names in this list, such as Kingsley, are unknown to us!
Herman: But you know the Kingsley, <Rank> <Name>, they're the Pilgrim ancestors of the King family! Shiver my timbers! Your previous police chief was one of their descendants!
Herman: It's a common occurrence for names to evolve like this! It was 400 years ago, and some Pilgrims' names changed during those centuries... Hence the Kingsleys becoming the Kings!
Herman: Now, you should quickly tell the Kingsley's descendants they're children of the families who braved the sea to discover the New World! But take these trinkets first, I have too many of them here!

Later, at the police station...
Cathy: So, <Name>, what did you discover about my Grandfather?
Jones: Well... First, we've discovered you're a descendant of the Kingsley family. They were part of the very first Pilgrims who settled in Grimsborough!
Cathy: Oh! That's pretty nice to know, but do you think this is related to my Grandfather's death?
Jones: No, it doesn't explain anything, but... We owe you the truth: it seems Chief King was a member of the Crimson Order.
Cathy: What? You're wrong, <Name>! My Grandfather wasn't a member of that secret organization crap! This has to be a lie! I'll prove it, just wait and see!
Jones: Whoa! I knew it wouldn't be easy for her to hear this, but I didn't expect her to literally storm off... I hope she won't be reckless, the Crimson Order is dangerous!
Jones: You're right, we can't let her search answers alone. We've only discovered the tip of the iceberg... Crimson Order or not, we won't let Chief King's death go unexplained!

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