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On the airship...
Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, I must say I find the real estate activities of the Italians here in Coyote Gorge to be quite upsetting...
Isaac: Not only are they forcing local people away from their land, but they've even killed to seize it!
Isaac: And now we know it has to do with the train tracks being extended through Coyote Gorge. Clearly the Italians are freeing up the land for the railroad to be built!
Isaac: Whether this means the Italians own the Concordia Railroad Company is left to be determined, but one thing is clear: we need to stop them from unlawfully driving people away from their lands!
Constable Ramirez: Bad news, <Name>! We just got word of a train derailment that happened earlier! Someone sabotaged the tracks!
Isaac: <Name>, we'd better go to the site of this derailment and see how we can be of service!

Chapter 1

Investigate Derailed Train.
Isaac Bontemps: Sakes alive! This man certainly didn't die as a result of the train derailment! He's shot through with arrows!
Isaac: And thanks to the dog tags on his body, we have a name! Our dead man is one Daniel Dedalus...
Isaac: So we have the victim's name... and that must be the quiver the killer used to carry their arrows! How foolish to leave it behind!
Isaac: What are these little red bits all over the quiver? They don't look like dirt. We'll need a sample!
Erica: Thank goodness you're here! You ARE with the Concordian Flying Squad, aren't you?
Isaac: Yes, madam. Were you driving the train? Are you alright?
Erica: I've been better! I was indeed driving the train!
Erica: I saw that man putting boulders on the tracks! I put all my effort into stopping the train, but the cargo shifted suddenly and the train derailed!
Isaac: You're telling us our victim derailed this train?! Madam, <Rank> <Name> will need to have a word with you about this unfortunate incident!

Ask Miss Erica Dupri about the train derailment.
Isaac: Miss Dupri, you're telling us the victim made the train derail?
Erica: Yes! He put those boulders on the tracks, no doubt to stop the train and get at the gold in the cargo car!
Isaac: So this train was carrying gold?
Erica: It was, before that man started carting the gold away! I tried to stop him when he came back for a second load, but he punched me and I passed out...
Erica: When I came to and looked around, I saw that half the gold was gone and he was lying there with arrows sticking out of him! I wish the railroad company had been willing to supply security guards...
Erica: My bosses at Concordia Railroad Company will have my hide now that so much of the cargo is gone with the wind!
Isaac: Well, if the Italian mob has a hand in the Concordia Railroad Company, as we suspect, I cannot imagine they'd be thrilled by what has transpired...
Erica: The Italian mob doesn't own the railroad! The Concordia Railroad Company is a legitimate enterprise!
Isaac: They must be involved in some way, however... Still, the cargo could have been the motive for the victim's demise... We must look inside this train for clues!
Erica: Be my guest! Look all around that cargo hold. I certainly have nothing to hide. Besides, I can't get in much more trouble than I already am!

Investigate Gold Wagon.
Isaac: Look at all this gold, <Name>! Clearly the victim was killed before he could cart most of it away...
Isaac: I agree, something important must be hidden in that locked safe. I'll let you open it!
Isaac: And this bag looks full of personal belongings. It is indeed out of place! You might find something of note inside when you rummage through!

Examine Locked Safe.
Isaac: This paper was all that was in that safe! I appears to be the manifest of goods to be transported... and the letterhead says that it's from Bull Mine!
Isaac: You're right! That's the mining company run by Dorothy McBain. You've met her before, she uses convicts as mine workers.
Isaac: We ought to alert Miss McBain to the loss of her property. Who knows, she might also know our victim!

Tell Miss Dorothy McBain about the train robbery.
Isaac: Miss McBain, we are here to inform you a train carrying gold from your mine was robbed earlier.
Dorothy: No! Not my gold!
Dorothy: Who did this? Where are they? I'll kill them!
Isaac: Madam, the robber in question has already been murdered.
Dorothy: Well, so much the better! Now you two can go find my gold!
Isaac: Miss McBain, the victim, Danny Dedalus, may have been a criminal, but we must still find his killer and bring them to justice!
Dorothy: I don't give a javelina's tusk about that man, I've never even heard his name! You just better get my gold back by the end of your little murder investigation!

Examine Burlap Bag.
Isaac: If you piece together the torn card from that burlap bag, we could have an excellent clue!

Examine Torn Card.
Isaac: This postcard you pieced together says "Erin Go Bragh" on it! That means "Ireland Forever" - I heard people saying it all the time in Sinner's End...
Isaac: So what is a postcard proclaiming "Ireland Forever" doing in the heart of Italian territory? Let's flip it over and see!
Isaac: Well, well! This postcard was sent to a dear friend of ours, Seamus O'Neill, delivery man turned Irish gang member!
Isaac: His mother wrote to warn him, "Mind how you go in the Wild East"!
Isaac: It seems Seamus O'Neill was stowing away on a train full of gold! We'd better ask him what his plans are in Coyote Gorge!

Ask Seamus O'Neill what he is doing in Coyote Gorge.
Isaac: Seamus, after we put you in custody for helping Fiona Flanagan escape justice, we thought you'd have the common sense to lay low...
Seamus: I am laying low! Ye can't get much lower than Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: Yet, we found your belongings on this derailed train, which was carrying gold. So you must be up to something!
Seamus: I stowed away to leave Sinner's End! Without the Flanagans, I didn't have any more work...
Seamus: And ye know how all the posters say, "Go East, young man!" So I did!
Isaac: Another Irishman decided to "go East" as well. Danny Dedalus was robbing the train on which you had stowed away... before he got murdered, that is.
Seamus: Danny Dedalus?! He was with the Flanagans, too! Guess he decided to become a train robber!
Isaac: So you didn't help him steal gold from the train after the derailment?
Seamus: Of course I didn't! I ran for the hills as soon as I could! I didn't want to get caught as a stowaway!
Isaac: That's convenient. Well, just as long as you don't go running for any hills until we find his killer!

Examine Quiver.
Isaac: You've got a sample of the dried red bits from the killer's quiver. Viola will be able to tell us what they are, I am certain!

Analyze Dried Red Bits.
Viola: <Name>, did you know that the expression "full of beans" has two different meanings?
Isaac: Of course, Viola. In British English, it means that a person is full of energy. In American English, it means a person is full of nonsense. Which one are you today?
Viola: Not the latter, but the former! I tested the sample you retrieved from the killer's quiver and it was a dried variant of Phaseolus vulgaris, or beans!
Viola: There were also traces of onion and bay leaf, so my guess is that the killer spilled some cooked beans on their quiver at some point.
Isaac: So the killer is full of beans, but literally! Pardon me, <Name>, but perhaps we will hear them before we see them!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Dick (with an arrow through his head): Oh hello, <Name>, just finishing up with the victim!
Isaac: What on earth have you got - there's a... there's an arrow running right through your head, Richard!
Dick (holding a trick arrow): Oh, this silly thing! It's a joke item I got last Christmas!
Isaac: Do you really think that it is appropriate to be wearing such a head garment given how the victim was murdered?
Dick: I suppose not, but I hardly think he minds...
Dick: At any rate... You are quite right that he was shot through with arrows. If you find the bow, you'll have the complete murder weapon!
Dick: The arrows were shot in rapid succession. The killer never could have shot those arrows so accurately with luck alone. They are clearly highly skilled!
Isaac: So it's safe to say that the killer has practiced their archery! Well, <Name> will get a bullseye when the killer is caught!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, so far we have a derailed train and a train robber shot to death with arrows... and not much more!
Isaac: Dorothy McBain's gold was on board the train, and the cargo seems to have been the object of the victim's affections.
Isaac: Seamus O'Neill is back among our suspects. He claims not to have been involved in the robbery, but how could that be? He was in the same gang as the victim and he was stowing away on the derailed train!
Isaac: So far the train driver, Erica Dupri, has the strongest motive. After all, the victim hit her when she tried to protect the cargo!
Constable Ramirez: <Name>, <Name>! I have happy news!
Constable Ramirez: Since you told us that the victim was carting away the gold from the train, me and some other officers set up a perimeter and had a look around!
Constable Ramirez: We found a trail of gold and followed it from the train to a shack! We know where the victim hid his spoils!

Chapter 2

Isaac Bontemps: Let us review the situation, <Name>: a man set up an ambush to derail a train and steal its cargo of gold, only to be later shot to death with arrows.
Isaac: Seamus O'Neill was stowing away on the train, but claims he wasn't involved in the robbery, despite having previously worked with the victim in the Flanagans' gang.
Isaac: Likewise the train driver, Erica Dupri, claims not to have seen the murder because the victim knocked her out when she attempted to curtail his thieving...
Constable Ramirez: <Name>, <Name>! I have happy news!
Constable Ramirez: Since you told us that the victim was carting away the gold from the train, me and some other officers set up a perimeter and had a look around!
Constable Ramirez: We found a trail of gold and followed it to a shack. There are piles of gold inside!
Isaac: You have found the victim's hideout? <Name>, we need to go there straight away!

Investigate Hideout.
Isaac: <Name>, it appears that the killer also found this hideout! This bow is clearly our murder weapon!
Isaac: There's a substance on the handle of the bow. A collection of the sample would be most helpful, I agree!
Isaac: And perhaps the killer also left something in that box of sundries. A rummage around could unveil a clue!
Isaac: We know that both the victim and his killer came to this hideout, so there is bound to be a serious lead here!

Examine Box of Sundries.
Isaac: I see that you found a newspaper clipping in that jumble of sundries. It warns people to beware of an "authentic frontier drunk and madman!"
Isaac: Why would someone keep a newspaper clipping like that? Is the man from this clipping living here? Who could he be?
Isaac: There is only one way to be sure, <Name>, I agree! We must compare his face to our files on the airship!

Examine Newspaper Clipping.
Isaac: This so-called "authentic frontier drunk and madman" is a certain Gibby Hayes...
Isaac: It says that he used to be an innkeeper near the docks. But then he got gold fever and left for Coyote Gorge about ten years ago.
Isaac: Considering we found this newspaper clipping in the hideout, Mr Hayes might know something about our victim's trip there, I agree! Let's just hope he's not too drunk or too wild to answer our questions!

Ask Mr Gibby Hayes about the hideout.
Isaac: Mr Hayes, we found this newspaper article about you and-
Gibby (holding a moonshine bottle): Hooo-weeee! I'm famous now! Looky here, you already even found my house!
Isaac: So this hide - I mean - home is yours?
Gibby: Sure 'nuff is! Though I do have many visitors! People are always in and out of here. I do try to make it hospitable!
Gibby: Hey! Y'all want some of my cactus moonshine? Goes great with my beans! Had 'em cookin' on the stove fer days!
Gibby: I can add a little prairie dog to 'em iffn you want. Shot my last one with a bow and arrow at 100 yards and I was skunk as a drunk!
Isaac: Eating prairie dog?! No... thank you, Mr Hayes... You say you have many "visitors"... have any of them been from Sinner's End?
Gibby: Well, there was this one feller... Danny something... Barely saw him much, though. That darn ritafratz left a heap of gold here then never came back!
Isaac: I don't believe he'll be returning for it, Mr Hayes. Do stay close to your home, will you? We may need to drop by again.

Examine Bow.
Isaac: A more perfect sample of that substance could not have been taken from the murder weapon, <Name>! Viola will want to have a look at it at once!

Analyze Greasy Substance.
Viola: So I had a look at the substance you collected from the bow, <Name>. It was something I didn't expect to find in Coyote Gorge!
Viola: Of course, in the city, the more dapper sort of person is sure to gleam from top to bottom. But out here in the Wild East? It doesn't make any sense to me...
Isaac: What made no sense to you, Viola?
Viola: Well, the substance the killer left on their bow was a sort of oil treatment for cowboy boots!
Viola: I didn't think keeping your boots shiny in such a dusty place would be anyone's priority... but it seems to be common practice.
Isaac: So the killer wears cowboy boots, eh? Well, they'll be quaking in those very boots when <Name> catches up to them!
Isaac: Good point, <Name>! Since we know that the victim took gold from the train, we may catch the killer more quickly if we take another look at the train car!

Investigate Gold Crates.
Isaac: The train car must have shifted, otherwise you would've already found this replica of Michelangelo's "David"! What on earth is it doing here?
Isaac: I see something was engraved on the base, but I can't make it out. Perhaps you oculd try, <Name>?
Isaac: And something was written on this cow skull, but I have no clue what. Your dusting kit will elucidate the matter, I am quite sure!
Isaac: As for this locked journal, your considerable skills will get us to the contents in no time at all!

Examine Statue.
Isaac: This could be a serial number on the statue. Evie will help us know for sure!

Analyze Statue.
Evie: Hello, <Name>! When I tell you which paragon of sophistication owns this pale imitation of a classic work of art, you will not be at all surprised...
Evie: The number your found on the statue was indeed a serial number and I traced it to an auction house in Concordia.
Evie: The auction house had the courtesy to inform me that the statue was sold to Vittorio Capecchi!
Isaac: Hmmm... This statue does have all the signs of the "classy" Vittorio Capecchi...
Isaac: <Name>, it seems we finally have a reason to talk to Mr Capecchi! There are many questions I'd like to ask him, but I know we will have to focus on Danny's murder for now.

Question Vittorio Capecchi about the train robbery.
Isaac: Mr Capecchi, we have the duty to inform you that a train carrying some of your belongings was derailed and robbed.
Vittorio: Who would dare rob a train in my territory?!
Vittorio: What could have been on that train anyway? I already received my cowboy boots!
Isaac: We aren't sure what may have been taken, but we did find your statue of "David."
Vittorio: Oh, that thing.... Got it for my wife! She insists on having some of Italy out here in the Wild East...
Vittorio: Though, to tell you the truth, I prefer ranch-style beans to her gnocchi! At least beans HELP my digestion!
Vittorio: Still, I don't like this robbery. Makes the Italians look weak in our own territory! If I find the guy who did this...
Isaac: That man is already dead. Which is how you tend to solve your problems, isn't it? Such as when farmers refuse to vacate their lands?
Vittorio: I have no idea what you're talking about. And unless you have a written testimony, I suggest that you take care not to accuse me further...

Examine Cow Skull.
Isaac: Look at what's written on that cow skull: "Dotty, I'll have your hide!"
Isaac: That's a clear threat from our victim! And it's made out to a certain "Dotty"...
Isaac: You're right, <Name>! "Dotty" is short for Dorothy! And Dorothy McBain's mine was the provenance of all the gold on the train!
Isaac: He probably meant for Miss McBain to find this threat after he'd taken all her gold.
Isaac: I bet there's more to this threat than meets the eye, <Name>! And Dorothy McBain had better tell us all about it!

Interrogate Miss McBain about the threat from the victim.
Isaac: Miss McBain, <Rank> <Name> discovered a threat the victim left for you on the train! He mentioned he would "have your hide."
Dorothy: Yet another threat, huh? I get a dozen a day! You'll remember that convicts work in my mines... threats are an occupational hazard!
Dorothy: They don't get that I'm a simple girl at heart. I'm more like them than they know! I eat beans for dinner, I put my cowboy boots on one at a time.
Dorothy: Heck, I even take care of pest control in the mines myself with my own dang bow and arrow! And we haven't seen a rat in the mines for one month now!
Isaac: And was Danny Dedalus ever one of the convicts who so woefully failed to understand you?
Dorothy: He might've been! How the heck should I know! All I know is he sure sounds like vermin to me!
Isaac: Very well. Let's hope for your sake that none of your arrows found its way into the victim's body!

Examine Locked Journal.
Isaac: That journal belongs to Erica Dupri! That's a fancy diary for a train driver!
Isaac: She did seem worked up when she wrote this entry, "No one will stop my train, or my name isn't Erica Dupri!"
Isaac: This statement makes the man who tried to stop her train a target! Let's ask Miss Dupri for some clarification!

Ask Miss Dupri about her journal entry.
Isaac: Miss Dupri, we found your journal on the train and we read that-
Erica: What right do you have to read people's private musings?! You ought to be ashamed!
Isaac: It's all part of our investigation into the murder of Danny Dedalus, Miss Dupri. You wrote that "no one will stop your train-"
Erica: <Rank> <Name>, this train is my life. It's the very pride of my being! Driving the train was my way out of Sinner's End!
Erica: When my uncle and auntie kicked me out of their house, the only place left for me was one of the brothels...
Erica: But I broke free and came out East to live by my own rules, under a great big sky!
Erica: And I don't care if I have to eat beans for the rest of my life out here, I will never go back to being a whore!
Erica: And I'll be damned if a train robber or anyone else will keep me from driving this here train!

Later, outside the train...
Isaac: <Name>, it would appear that more than one person had a reason to hunt down Danny Dedalus, but who really did it?
Isaac: It seems, once again, that Miss Dupri has the strongest motive. Danny Dedalus caused her to derail the train, which could lead to her losing her job as a train driver!
Isaac: But the presence of Vittorio Capecchi's belongings on that train changes the matter substantially. He does not like to look weak! Especially in his own territory!
Gibby: Blast the fladderap! <Rank> <Name>, come quick! I need yer help!
Gibby: There's some Italian feller in my home! I'm being invaded, gawl durnit!

Chapter 3

Outside the train...
Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, it would appear that more than one person had a reason to hunt down Danny Dedalus, but who really did it?
Isaac: He WAS a former Irish gang member in Italian territory... That might have something to do with his demise...
Gibby: Blast the fladderap! There's some Italian feller in my home! I'm being invaded, gawl durnit!
Isaac: Mr Hayes! Where on earth did you come from?!
Gibby: Never you mind! But I'll tell you what I mind! City slikcers bustin' into my home without so much as a how-do-you-do!
Isaac: Italian city slicker, you say? Does this man happen to wear a straw boater hat?
Gibby: He sure does! Do you know him? Can you tell him to leave?
Isaac: Oh, we know him alright... and Vittorio Cappechi could be trying to destroy evidence! We'd better stop him at once, <Name>!

Confront Mr Cappechi at the victim's hideout.
Isaac: Stop right where you are, Mr Capecchi! What are you doing here?
Vittorio: I heard the guy who tried to rob me is Irish, I got curious.
Vittorio: I wanted to see his hideout with my own eyes... I might convert it into a hunting lodge for my bow hunting trips!
Isaac: You can't do that. The property is currently occupied.
Vittorio: And we Italians are the main occupants of Coyote Gorge! There's always a way...
Vittorio: I need to be sure there aren't any more Irish rats sneaking into our territory. We don't need any Irish in Coyote Gorge!
Isaac: No Irish at all? Did you apply this policy to Danny Dedalus on one of your "hunting" trips? Vacate this property immediately!
(Vittorio leaves.)
Isaac: You're right, <Name>, we had better have another look around the hideout before someone else tampers with this scene!

Investigate Shack's Fireplace.
Isaac: I wonder why this small bag of gold is sitting apart from the rest of the haul from the train...
Isaac: This bag has a message attached, "Take this and keep yer mouth shut!" And it was signed by the victim!
Isaac: There's no other name, but that green substance on the bag might tell us who the victim was bribing! Let's get a sample!
Isaac: And that coded message was also sent by our victim, through the Corgi Express postal service! I've heard they've trained dogs to carry messages around Coyote Gorge...
Isaac: But you're right! The coded message is addressed to Seamus! Please decipher it as quickly as possible! This could be a major lead!

Examine Bag of Gold.
Isaac: Let's put the sample you collected from that bag under the microscope, <Name>! We'll have the results straight away!

Examine Green Droplets.
Isaac: The substance you collected from the bag was alcohol made from cactus. Who do we know that drinks that?
Isaac: That's right! Gibby Hayes drinks cactus moonshine! He was rather insistent that we try some!
Isaac: Well, Mr Hayes had better explain why the victim was bribing him with gold! It appears he knows more than he let on!

Question Mr Hayes about the bribe he received from the victim.
Gibby: <Rank> <Name>, I'm much obliged to you for getting that Italian feller off my property! I had half a mind to give him a taste of my cowboy boots!
Isaac: Mr Hayes, you said that you barely saw Danny Dedalus while he stayed here. But you must have seen something. Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried to bribe you...
Gibby: ......
Gibby: That crackincroakin' galoot! I knew he was up to no good, but I didn't know he'd robbed a train!
Gibby: I asked Danny where the gold was coming from... He wouldn't say. Then, when he was gone, I found that sack of gold with the message to shut my mouth!
Isaac: So you say... but when you saw all this other gold, perhaps you decided to keep HIM quiet and take all you could! We'll be keeping an eye on you...

Examine Coded Message.
Isaac: You deciphered the code from that Corgi Express message the victim sent to Seamus! Let's get these numbers to Evie! She'll know what they mean!

Analyze Set of Numbers.
Evie: <Name>, I have excellent news! The numbers that your brought me? I know exactly what they are!
Evie: Those numbers were coordinates for the hideout!
Isaac: So the victim sent Seamus the coordinates for his hideout... And Seamus obviously went there, since he left the message behind!
Isaac: <Name>, I always knew Seamus stowing away on the very train that the victim robbed couldn't have been a coincidence! He was in on the heist!
Isaac: There's only one way to know for certain! We must confront Seamus immediately!

Interrogate Seamus about the message from the victim.
Isaac: Seamus, you've been holding out on us. We know that you visited the hideout of the victim! Admit it, you were his accomplice!
Seamus: No, no... I was just stowing away on the train, remember?
Isaac: Do not take us for fools. <Rank> <Name> found the message that the victim sent you! You were in cahoots!
Seamus: I wasn't! I promise! I didn't help Danny set up the robbery!
Seamus: I was trying to stop him! That's why I decided to pull on some cowboy boots and come out to the Wild East!
Isaac: A likely story... Having a cut of this robbery's haul could only help you and your former gang buddy set yourselves up quite nicely in Coyote Gorge!
Seamus: I swear, I'm telling ye the truth! Danny wanted to show the Italians a thing or two, but I told him that this wasn't the way forward for the Irish of Concordia!
Seamus: Ye have to believe me, <Rank> <Name>! My gang days are behind me!

Later, on the airship...
Isaac: <Name>, there are far too many suspects with a motive to kill Danny Dedalus!
Isaac: Could greed have cut Gibby Hayes's hospitality short?
Isaac: And if Seamus's story is true, could he have killed the victim to stop him from robbing the train?
Isaac: Quite right, <Name>! Another trip to the crime scene will help us narrow down the suspect list to one person! Let's go!

Investigate Train Wreck.
Isaac: Would weeds normally pile up like that? You're right, <Name>! That is suspicious! A dig through them could uncover a clue!
Isaac: And you found a leather arm guard! Archers use these to protect their arms from the string of the bow!
Isaac: The killer must have used this arm guard when they shot arrows at the victim! And they left a substance on it! A sample could yield evidence!
Isaac: We're closer than ever, <Name>! We shall catch this killer before the sun goes down!

Examine Pile of Weeds.
Isaac: <Name>, these feathers you found in the weeds are clearly broken off an arrow! We must get this to Viola post-haste!

Analyze Arrow Fletching.
Viola: <Name>, the feathers you found at the crime scene were most instructive!
Viola: As you had guessed, they were broken off the end of one of the killer's arrows...
Viola: But what you may not know is that sometimes an archer will use their spit to ensure that the feathers of the fletching hasn't separated and remains stable.
Viola: And, sure enough, there was spit on this fletching!
Viola: With this knowledge, I decided to use the DNA machine to get more information on the killer.
Viola: The bird DNA from the feathers interfered somewhat, but I can tell you that the killer has green eyes!
Isaac: So the killer's eyes are green, eh? Well, <Name>, those green eyes saw red when they looked at Danny Dedalus!

Examine Arm Guard.
Isaac: You have a sample of the substance from the killer's arm guard! Good show! Viola will want a look at that!

Analyze Greasy Substance.
Viola: Excellent work finding the killer's arm guard, <Name>! And even better work collecting a sample of the substance that was on it!
Viola: The substance in question contains Symphytum officinale, otherwise known as knitbone or comfrey...
Viola: When mixed with beeswax, comfrey makes an excellent salve to treat bruises!
Viola: It is likely that the killer transferred the salve to the arm guard after using comfrey salve to treat a hematoma!
Isaac: The killer has a bruise... Well, <Name>, that should narrow down the list of suspects!

After completing all the tasks...
Isaac: <Name>, I believe we have all we need to apprehend and arrest Danny Dedalus' killer! Let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Isaac: Miss McBain, you are under arrest for the murder of Danny Dedalus!
Dorothy: You cannot be serious! Why would I kill him?
Isaac: You mean besides the fact that he tried to steal your gold? Well, we know you're a crack shot with a bow and arrow.
Dorothy: I'm not the only one! That's a useful skill out here in the Wild East!
Isaac: I'm not surprised... but you might be surprised that we know the killer has green eyes! Thanks to evidence they left on their arrow fletching!
Dorothy: Again, there could be another green-eyed archer on the loose out here!
Isaac: But the only other one we've come across in our investigation is lacking one little flaw: a bruise! You left comfrey salve on your arm guard, Miss McBain!
Dorothy: ......
Dorothy: Fine. Your sleuthing is far too good, <Rank> <Name>. I DID kill Danny Dedalus!
Isaac: Do you make a habit of killing every person who tries to steal from you? The police should have handled it!
Dorothy: This was personal. Perhaps I should explain. I lied when I said I did not know Danny. He was my ex-husband.
Isaac: That's usually not grounds for murder, Miss-
Dorothy: Usually not grounds, certainly. But he was a cur. A money-grabbing louse! He married me for my name, my riches!
Dorothy: But once we were married, he thought he could do anything he liked! Drinking, gambling, carousing with floozies! You name it!
Dorothy: When I threw him out, Danny sent me threats for years. He swore up and down that he would get money out of me if it was the last thing he did.
Dorothy: And, as it turns out, it WAS the last thing he did!
Dorothy: I always knew he'd try to get at my gold one day, especially when he up and joined that gang!
Dorothy: When one of my underlings told me that the train carrying the gold had derailed, I took my bow and arrow and ran out there to stop Danny once and for all!
Dorothy: Though, to be fair, I only shot him once I knew for certain that he was carting off the gold!
Isaac: That will make no difference at all to the judge, Miss McBain. You're under arrest for the murder of Danny Dedalus!

Judge Lawson: Miss McBain, you stand before this Court accused of the murder of Danny Dedalus.
Dorothy: Danny was robbing a train full of MY gold. I did Coyote Gorge a great service!
Judge Lawson: You may believe that to be the case, Miss McBain...
Judge Lawson: But the real service is that the railroad is bringing modernity to Coyote Gorge. The Wild East laws will soon be a thing of the past!
Judge Lawson: As a result of your vigilante justice, the Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison!
Dorothy: You're making a big mistake! Without me running my mine, criminals'll be crawling all over the Wild East!

Isaac: My word, <Name>! What Dorothy McBain wouldn't do to protect her gold! Good job catching her and putting her behind bars!
Isaac: But we still have loose ends about the Italians and their involvement in the railroad...
Isaac: All we can be sure of is that Vittorio Capecchi is wrapped up in all this somehow... <Name>, we need to find solid proof of his nefarious activities once and for all!

Once Upon a Time in the East (4/6)

Isaac Bontemps: <Name>, we cannot let the Italian gang systematically evict people whose land stands in the railroad's path.
Isaac: And while they do not actually own the Concordia Railroad Company, they clearly are involved with them in some capacity. I agree, we should speak with Erica Dupri again, there must be something she could tell us.
Isaac: Miss Dupri is probably still at the site of the derailment. I'll meet up with you to question her there!
(Isaac leaves.)
Maddie: I'm sorry, <Name>, could I have a minute of your time? I heard that Seamus stowed away on the train... I know he claims not to be working for the Irish anymore, but I'd feel safer if we made sure, wouldn't you?
Maddie: After all, an Irishman wouldn't come to Vittorio's territory without a good reason!
Maddie: Good point, <Name>! We can look for clues in the train car in which he was stowed away! That is, unless you wish to speak to Miss Dupri first!

Ask Miss Dupri for more information about the Concordia Railroad Company.
Isaac: Miss Dupri, we were hoping that you could tell us more about the dealings of the Concordia Railroad Company in Coyote Gorge.
Erica: I just drive the train on the railroad! I'm not one of the big bosses involved in building it!
Erica: But I can tell you that I was told to always keep a locked box with me in the locomotive. I have no idea what was inside!
Erica: When the train was derailed, it flew out of the locomotive and I haven't seen it since!
Isaac: You're right, <Name>! Whatever is in that box must be important! We'd better search around the tracks!

Investigate Derailed Train.
Isaac: Do you think that this locked box could be the one Miss Dupri mentioned? If you open it, we'll know for certain!

Examine Locked Box.
Isaac: Once again, a container only yields one document... What could all these numbers mean?
Isaac: There's the logo from the Concordia Railroad Company... but there's also a note: "V.C drives a hard bargain!"
Isaac: You're right, <Name>! V.C could stand for Vittorio Capecchi!
Isaac: Evie should be able to tell us to what this document pertains! And that should tell us how the Italians are involved in the railroad! Let us deliver it post-haste!

Analyze Document.
Evie: Hello, <Name>! That document from the railroad company that you sent me tells a very interesting story...
Isaac: Does it? It just looked like a bunch of numbers to us!
Evie: Well, those numbers are money transfers and coordinates for plots of land!
Evie: And those plots of land correspond to houses in Devil's Ridge and the Galls Farm!
Isaac: That explains this message about Vittorio! Those are the lands he's forcefully emptied!
Evie: It appears Vittorio Capecchi is selling the newly empty plots of land to the Concordia Railroad Company for a small fortune!
Isaac: So that's what the Italians are up to! They're evicting people to sell their lands!
Isaac: The Italians may not own the Railroad Company, but they're making money from it! We need to confront Mr Capecchi at once, <Name>!

Confront Mr Capecchi about selling land to the Concordia Railroad Company.
Isaac: Vittorio, we know you're making money by selling the lands you've forcibly removed people from to the Concordia Railroad Company! Admit it!
Vittorio: Stiamo facendo un sacco di soldi...
Isaac: In English, if you please!
Vittorio: So we're making tons of money! Is that against the law all of a sudden?!
Vittorio: If people want to give me their houses and leave, I should be free to sell them! I've got the deeds! Everything's legal!
Isaac: There's nothing legal about any of this! People aren't giving anything to you! We know you had Vinnie Costa threaten and kill Mr Galls!
Vittorio: Davvero? Where's your proof?
Vittorio: ... I didn't think so... Maybe you're feeling a little stanchi from being out here in the desert, eh? It's the sun... Maybe you need a pick-me-up?

Isaac: Vittorio Capecchi must think we are total idiots! We already know that his gang has killed to get land!
Isaac: But it's true that this document doesn't prove that anything illegal is going on!
Isaac: We need one of his mobster palls to turn on him, someone who can testify against him in Court!
Isaac: You're right, <Name>! Vinnie Costa was the man who was sent to evict Mr Galls! Maybe he'll talk to us if he thinks he'll get a lighter sentence!

Offer a sentencing deal to Mr Vinnie Costa in exchange for his help in prosecuting Vittorio Cappechi.
Isaac: Mr Costa, we have a proposition for you, something to shorten your time behind bars.
Vinnie: What can I do? I'm going pazzo in here! Nothing but time to think of what I did!
Isaac: We know that the Italians are kicking people off their land, only to sell that very same land to the Concordia Railroad Company for a fortune.
Isaac: We need proof that Vittorio is using illegal means to get this land. We already know you went to the Galls farm on Vittorio's orders, and we want you to testify against him in Court!
Vinnie: Oof, Maronna! I wanna help, but I don't wanna end up dead!
Isaac: You could be out of prison early and move far, far away from Concordia. Think about it! You'd be free!
Vinnie: ... Guarda, I'll consider it IF you do something for me... Can you go to that shack where that crazy drunk guy lives? I hid money there.
Vinnie: I need to make sure that Vittorio doesn't get that money. It's for my family back in Italy, my mother, my little sister!
Isaac: Unconventional times call for unconventional favors... But how will we know what to look for? Where did you hide the money?
Vinnie: One word: taxidermy! That's all I'm gonna say! You'll know when you get to the hideout, <Rank> <Name>!

Investigate Shack's Fireplace.
Isaac: Well, <Name>, I would imagine that this stuffed wolverine could be what Vinnie was talking about.
Isaac: And you're right, there seems to be a secret compartment built into the wolverine! We know how much gangs like secret compartments... Do you think you could unlock it?

Examine Stuffed Wolverine.
Isaac: You did it, <Name>! You found Vinnie's money! It was stashed inside the wolverine!
Isaac: We can go tell Vinnie Costa that we have it! He's sure to help us nab Vittorio Capecchi now!

Tell Mr Costa that we have the money.
Isaac: Mr Costa, we found your money. Have you had enough time to think about our offer?
Vinnie: Yeah, I thought long and hard about it...
Vinnie: I want to stop Vittorio before he ruins more lives... If endangering my life is what it takes to atone, so be it!
Vinnie: I will testify to whoever you want about everything illegal Vittorio's done to get the lands he's selling to the railroad company.
Vinnie: And thank you for finding the money. You keep a share of what you found. You deserve it for helping me keep it our of his hands! I won't take no for an answer!

Investigate Gold Wagon.
Maddie: There's no trace of Seamus, but this locket has a photo of Giulietta Capecchi in it! Why would that be on this train?
Maddie: <Name>, you'll have to uncover what is engraved on the other half of the locket to find out!

Examine Faded Locket.
Maddie: The engraving in the locket reads, "My Seamus, I am yours forever!"
Maddie: Giulietta Capecchi is in love with Seamus O'Neill?!
Maddie: But she's Italian and he's Irish! Their families would never agree to this!
Maddie: I agree, <Name>. We must confront Seamus about this new information at once!

Question Seamus about the locket from Giulietta.
Maddie: Come on, Seamus, how about you tell us why you're really in Coyote Gorge?
Seamus: I don't know what yer talking about...
Maddie: Seamus, <Rank> <Name> found the locket Giulietta gave you. You two are in love...
Maddie: I have to admit we didn't expect two people from warring factions to fall in love. It's quite romantic... and quite dangerous.
Seamus: So ye know... Yes, I was stowing away on the train to get to Giulietta.
Seamus: Do ye remember that time in Sinner's End? She's helped you dismantle the Flanagan distillery...
Seamus: As soon as our eyes met, I knew she was the one! I can't be parted from her!
Maddie: Well, let's hope that doesn't get you into trouble.
Seamus: I was always more of a lover than a fighter, <Rank> <Name>. But Giulietta has changed my life completely.
Seamus: And I never would have met her if it hadn't been for ye and yer investigating, <Rank> <Name>. Please, take this gift of thanks!

Later, in the airship...
Maddie: <Name>, I still can't believe that Seamus and Giulietta are in love! I can't see it ending well...
Maddie: Vittorio Capecchi will never give his blessing to the union of his daughter with an Irishman!
Isaac: Actually, hat will not be a problem for much longer. We now know exactly what Vittorio has been up to in Coyote Gorge... and we have a witness to prove it!
Isaac: We've let Vinnie out of prison under guard, and we'll keep him safe in the town of Providence until Vittorio's trial! We're finally going to put Capecchi behind bars, <Name>!

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